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A visit to one of the great cities in the worlds of Dungeons and Dragons – Waterdeep, the Free City of Greyhawk, or even uncanny Sigil, the City of Doors – overwhelms the senses. Voices chatter in countless different languages. The smells of cooking in dozens of different cuisines mingle with the odors of crowded streets and poor sanitation. Buildings in myriad architectural styles display the diverse origins of their inhabitants.

And the people themselves – people of varying size, shape, and color dressed in a dazzling spectrum of styles and hues – represent many different races, from diminutive halflings and stout dwarves to majestically beautiful elves, mingling among a variety of human ethnicities.

Scattered among the members of these more common races are the true exotics: a hulking dragonborn here, pushing his way through the crowd, and a sly tiefling there, lurking in the shadows with mischief in her eyes. A group of gnomes laughs as one of them activates a clever wooden toy that moves of its own accord. Half- elves and half-orcs live and work alongside humans, without fully belonging to the races of either of their parents. And there, well out of the sunlight, is a lone drow – a fugitive from the subterranean expanse of the Underdark, trying to make his way in a world that fears his kind.

Choose a Race

Humans are the most common people in the worlds of Dungeons and Dragon, but they live and work alongside dwarves, elves, halflings, and countless other fantastic species. Your character belongs to one of these peoples.

Not every intelligent race of the multiverse is appropriate for a player-controlled adventurer. Dwarves, elves, halflings, and humans are the most common races to produce the sort of adventurers who make up typical parties. Dragonborn, gnomes, half-elves, half- orcs, and tieflings are less common as adventurers. Drow, a subrace of elves, are also uncommon.

Your choice of race affects many different aspects of your character. It establishes fundamental qualities that exist throughout your character’s adventuring career. When making this decision, keep in mind the kind of character you want to play.

For example:

A halfling could be a good choice for a sneaky rogue, a dwarf makes a lough warrior, and an elf can be a master of arcane magic.

Your character race not only affects your ability scores and traits but also provides the cues for building your character’s story. Each race’s description in the chapter in the Player’s Handbook includes information to help you roleplay a character of that race, including personality, physical appearance, features of society, and racial alignment tendencies. These details are suggestions to help you think about your character; adventurers can deviate widely from the norm for their race. It’s worthwhile to consider why your character is different, as a helpful way to think about your character’s background and personally.

Race Availability

Each campaign will have different limitations and requirements for what races might be made available.  The reasoning might be for ambiance or just mechanical reasons.  No matter what the reasoning might be, these limitations must be followed.

Allowed Races

The following races are explicitly allowed:

  • Dragonborn
  • Dwarf
  • Elf
  • Firbolg
  • Gnome
  • Goblin
  • Goliath
  • Half-Elf
  • Half-Orc
  • Halfling
  • Human
  • Kalashtar
  • Kenku
  • Tabaxi
  • Tiefling

Disallowed Races

The following races are explicitly not allowed:

  • Aarakroca
  • Bugbear
  • Centaur
  • Changling
  • Custom Lineage
  • Eladrin
  • Fairy
  • Gith
  • Githyanki
  • Githzerai
  • Grung
  • Hobgoblin
  • Kender
  • Kobold
  • Lineages
  • Lizardfolk
  • Locathah
  • Loxodon
  • Minotaur
  • Orc
  • Owlin
  • Satyr
  • Shadar-Kai
  • Simic Hybrid
  • Triton
  • Vedalken
  • Verdan
  • Yuan-ti

Open to Negotiation Races

The following races might be allowed if a sufficiently good reasoning was offered to the DM:

  • Aasimar
  • Gnome (Deep)
  • Deurgar
  • Elf (Drow)
  • Elf (Sea)
  • Genasi
  • Harengon
  • Leonin
  • Shifter
  • Tortle
  • Warforged

Homebrew Races

At this time there are not any Homebrew races, but that does not mean that it will be that way forever.

Session 42 – Chapter One

1st of Flamerule of the year 1492

With the fresh singeing they decided that finding a place to rest would be the best choice and not explore too far right now. They also talked about how to move forward, and that fire seemed to be a valuable resource, but perhaps not using Fireball every time. Moving slowly to the old bandit room, they made their way through the great room and were able to see that the previously smashed door and ransacked room was still the same as it was before.

The previous entry to the secret door and ladder downward had been smashed and filled with rubble and mud, assumably by the ghouls to keep the spiders from the underground.  With a gaping hole in the wall, they were able to see a mass of spider webs outside.  They thought themselves safer than the great hall, since this room had been part of a stone tower and had stone ceilings whereas the rest of the ruins all had wooden ceilings.  Hoping ti was safe for a short rest, the party huddled together in a corner away from the hole leading to the outside.

While trying to recover, a huge swarm of spiders came into the tower room from the spider webs outside. It occupied a huge space and while it did not move that quickly, it was able to engage and start swarming many members of the party quickly and easily.  Dancer and Fwoosh retreated to the hall again knowing that they were limited in any damage they could apply, although Fwoosh did cover part of the swarm with some oil from his lantern.  With some judicious fire and magic and a lot of weapons swinging they were able to finally kill off all the spiders in the swarm. The party was further wounded from the wounds they had been carrying already.

Deciding that the staircase might be the safest, the moved slowly back toward the stairs leading down. Vladimir suggested that they move quickly to limit the giant spider from being able to attack them and ISAC concurred, but Dancer scoffed at the need to move quickly since the distance was so short. It was then that as they were moving through without much of a care, a gigantic spider leg stabbed through the wooden ceiling hitting Yllanys knocking him out.  The party started running with a couple of them grabbing Yllanys on the way.  Moving down the stairs to where they had stone between them and what appeared to be a gargantuan spider in the ruined upper floor. This assumption proved to be correct.  The spiders did not come down, and the ghouls did not come up.  It seems that they found a somewhat safe place, although fairly uncomfortable to rest in.

With a short rest behind them, they sent Fwoosh out invisibly to see if he could find the Dwarves, and if they were still alive after the burst of flame from the fireball having ignited all the webs in the keep. Moving from room to room he found more remains of spiders from the fire, and in the last room where the giant lizard had been he found a large pile of what appeared to be dead Dwarves.  While moving invisible in the halls and rooms Fwoosh was able to see the gargantuan spider moving above him and occasionally looking through the holes in the floor apparently searching for the intrudres.As he appeared within, he found seven of the Dwarves had been dragged and leaned against the walls on the fair side.  Guarding the Dwarves against the wall was a small bulldog.

Bulldog Guarding Dwarves

Feeding one of the Dwarves a healing pill he was able to get one conscious and aware.  Fwoosh was able to whisper and discuss the situation with the Dwarf while having him calm the guard dog whose named turned out to be Gruff.  Bringing the dog back to the party to introduce him to the rest Fwoosh then ran around exploring the remainder of the spaces to ensure there are not any other Dwarves in the ground floor of the Moathouse.

Now that they knew that there were several Dwarves still alive and needed to be rescued, they began their planning.  Realizing that the Dwarves were very wounded and would not be able to sustain any additional damage, especially from a gigantic spider, they planned on having the most of the party move to the great room and act as a diversion for the spider while ISAC moved quietly to the Dwarves, heal them sufficiently to have them be able to move, and then attempt to have them follow him back to the stairs while not being detected by the spider.

Most of the party ran out to the great room making noise and shining lights to attract the spider, ISAC made his way to the Dwarves.  Their plan was very successful as the spider above them focused on whomever was carrying a light as well as those making noises.  Attacking the stabbing legs when they could they chipped away at the health of the spider while it was successful in causing a fair amount of damage to those attempting to be a diversion.

Once the Dwarves were successfully moved to the staircase, the party moved the combat to the open courtyard to allow them to attack the spider more easily.  While it did provide easier access to attack the spider, it also allowed it to attack them as it leaped into the middle of the courtyard allowing it to engage everyone. While no one died, many members were knocked unconscious, and Angelica poisoned and paralyzed at one point.  As their attacks continued, it eventually was damage enough to cause it to flee from the keep.  With its gargantuan size it was easily able to climb the walls and escape quickly.

Gargantuan Spider

Disappointed that they were not able to kill it, the party was also relieved that it was gone, and their survival guaranteed once again. With the spiders seemingly gone, they spent the next hour collecting the Dwarves’ gear and buried the dead ones under rock.  Leaving the armor and shields, they took the weapons and personal items from the dead Dwarves to bring back to Red Larch.

And that is where the session ended.

Session 43 – Chapter One

With a new group of Dwarves to chat with the party had questions.

“There’s an infinite seeming number of ghouls, We have cleared out quite a number of them.”

“So, you are saying that it is a big warren. Was there a ghoul king or some kind of lord ghoul?”

“There’s a queen. A queen ghoul.”

“That’s not so good.”

We slayed that one.”

“That’s fairly good. How long ago?”

“Yesterday. So, about a day ago. Oh, It feels like a month ago.”

“Because she has like, I don’t know, call it pheromones or something that basically keeps the other ghouls away from her and also forced to obey her and after she dies it fade aways within a day.”

“We got to get down there quickly then.”

“And yeah, I mean we only saw some bigger ghouls here but, I mean yeah if our guys are down there somewhere then if they’re near her body instead of keeping ghouls away it’ll start attracting ghouls.”

“So, we should go right now and get out of here.”

With the group somewhat rested, they rusted back down the rest of the stairs and through the larger hallways of the underground to get to the rest of the Dwarves.  Once again, all the bodies of the dead ghouls had been moved somewhere else.  Concerned about the presence of the ravening ghouls, the party sped up.  As they crossed through the larder room of the ghouls Yllanys was easily able to notice that almost all the bodies that had been piled up in the middle of the room had been moved to the edges of the room, as if to make room for something.  

Concerned about the other Dwarves the party and accompanying Dwarves ran into the ghoul queen’s chamber. They found the second fingerless Dwarves exhausted and their sanctuary, the cage they had been imprisoned within surrounded by piles of dead ravening ghouls.  Whatever had been keeping the ghouls away was no longer affected and the little toothy ghouls had found a new source of food, the Dwarves hidden within. The cage. The defenders had managed to kill more than twice their number using nothing, but the daggers strapped to their fingerless arms.

Clearing the bodies out of the way, Yllanys looked forlorn at his missed opportunity with the ghoul queen, but he like the rest needed to move on. Vladimir was still interested in possibly using the ruined Moathouse as a base, but the Dwarves were not at all interested.  It was in the middle of a horrible swamp, there were overly large monsters running around it, and there was still most of a huge ghoul warren below. When the party was wondering why there were so many larger creatures, the Dwarves postulated that some large catastrophic event covered the entire killing all the small creatures.  Something like freezing temperatures over several days.

“All right is there any history? Do y’all know any history to this place or, is it just as much of history to y’all?”

“We were hoping something would be here. I mean there’s some I mean we don’t even know the name of it. I mean it’s like four or five hundred years old. So, there’s just an old form. There are old fortresses all over the valley. Dwarven and other ones.”

“To finish my sentence, an old fortress with a seemingly endless supply of corpses underneath.”

“Well, ghouls can replicate from more than just corpses.


“They can set up incubation things where they basically get women, and they hold them hostage while they pump them full of the kind of ghoul stuff, not quite killing them off. They can then pump out babies. They usually make these horrible teethy things first and then they eventually grow up into the older larger ones. So, I mean, if you didn’t come across a birthing chamber, that must mean it’s somewhere in the warren. You can suppress the numbers for a while, but eventually the birthing chambers will build up the numbers within another week or two. Since you killed the Queen they might go another direction who knows unless another  Lord Ghoul comes out and takes over The warrens lead all the way to the Underdark Many of these warrens go down all the way particularly if they’re large warrens You can get small warrens with small groups,  that break off and you can find five ten or maybe fifty of them in a place but,  if you encounter more than 50 or 60 then then you have a big warren. Once you have a very big warren. there’s definitely a birthing room somewhere.”

There was a very short discussion about seeking out the birthing chamber, but when warned that it would be guarded by from ghoul lords, and that there might even be a ghoul king nearby, the party thought it best that they brought the Dwarves back to Red Larch since that should be there priority. With that decision in place, the group moved quickly to the exit tunnel hoping to avoid any additional ghouls.  Toward the end of the 500-foot tunnel, they could hear the sounds of a couple of large creatures moving around, and apparently dragging something large. With dawn only an hour away, they could dimly see a pair of huge ghouls.  In fact, they were clearly ghoul ogres and they had been dragging a lizard larger than they were back to the warren.

With many of the party members almost out of ammo, they tried to keep the giant ghouls out of range, but the ghoul ogres were hardy and were able to close.  The combat while short was brutal with Ace once again being knocked unconscious for probably the 20th time since they went into the ruined Moathouse.  With the ghouls dispatch, they knew they should not stay too close to the tunnel exit, especially with such a large dead reptile nearby.  Moving a little deeper into the swamp, the party and Dwarves set up camp and tried to get some much-needed rest.

It was during Dancer’s rest that something made the fur on the back of his neck stand up.  Something malicious was watching them, but he was not able to determine from what direction.  The rest of the watches were made more tense because of Dancer’s warning. The morning, while everyone was able to get a full rest, there was an air of nervousness surrounding them.  Once the camp was put away, their fears were realized as a shadowy ghostly figure flew out from the swamp and attacked.

Shadowy Figure

This creature proved to be one of the most difficult battles they have had.  Even with the 14 Dwarves and bulldog assisting, the mental attacks wreaked havoc on this party.  It seemed to be able to frighten people, force them to attack others, with its intangibility it could pass through people and cause damage, and finally it had a frightening scream containing some sort of knowledge that would cause your ears to bleed.  The worst attacks were when it hit with one of its spectral arms which seemed to suck away at the wisdom of anyone hit. Each time it touched anyone, some sort of insidious whispers went into the mind of the one touched causing pain and confusion.  Some of the whispers were as follows:

“The key to unraveling the universe lies hidden in the chaos of the mind. Search within your madness; there you will find the answers you dread. The lock awaits, will you turn the key?”

“The void calls to you, a deep, resonant drone that vibrates within your soul. It is not a sound but a presence, enveloping, consuming, inevitable. Why resist what you cannot escape?”

“In the heart of the void, where light dies and chaos reigns, true power lies hidden. It calls to you, a siren song of ancient might. Will you heed its call?”

“The chains that bind are not forged of iron but of stars and shadows. They wrap around the cosmos, holding it tight in an endless embrace. Feel their weight upon you, heavy with ancient secrets.”

“Every secret told feeds the void, every truth uncovered strengthens the chains. Are you a keeper of secrets or their unwitting pawn?”

“Do you hear the eternal scream echoing from the void between stars? It resonates through the silent cosmos, a lullaby for the damned. Listen, and its despair will fill your heart.”

“Shadows gather where light fears to tread, and in those shadows, he waits. His patience is infinite, his scheme inscrutable. Do you feel the darkness deepen?”

They were finally able to kill it and the Dwarves proved to be the most effective with their heavy crossbows and a few of the fingerless ones stabbing with daggers attached to their arms. Not wanting to attract any additional attention the party rushed to the edge of the swamp.  Even though this was Dancer’s first time in the swamp, he seemed to be a natural in being able to find the shortest path to the exit. With night already upon then they moved about an hour outside of the swamp and set up camp once again.  This provided some more time to ask the Dwarves questions that the party had been seeking answers to.

“I think we’ve asked this to some other dwarves before, but maybe you might have more insight. Does Koganusân have a library?”

“Aye, the lord there has a library.”

“Would you happen to know if it’s primarily dwarven history?”

“We wouldn’t know that. We’re in the fortified keep inside. Koganusân’s inside the hills. It’s a fortified town, basically, in the hills themselves. It was a refuge from one of the last wars. Basically, it got formed a couple hundred years ago from basically all of the remnants, of everywhere else from the wars four or five hundred years ago.”

“What wars do you speak of?”

“The last wars. There’s been orcs and ogres and trolls coming through this valley for the last thousand years. I’m not a historian so it’s not something that I’m educated for. I’m educated for someone who points a finger in a direction and that’s the direction I go. If something is in my way I step on it. There had been a sage that came through a while back. You know you might be able to find out more if you could find him.”

“Do you think that would be the sage that you guys were traveling with?”

“Could be.”

“What was that sage’s name?”

“It seems like it was months ago that I… I love that guy. He was… I’m sure he was really nice, and I learned a lot from him, including his name.”

It proved to be a completely uneventful evening and morning arrived safely.

Knowing that traveling by road was faster than the wilderness, they moved northeast to meet up with the Cairn road and started their trek to Red Larch.  Marching a bit faster than they would normally they were able to make to their town as dusk was upon them. With Dancer heading to the bakery for a refill of bear claws and then to the Blackbutter Inn to acquire rooms for the party, while all the rest went to see Banmin.  The guards seeing the party and the Dwarves with them were quick to bring Banmin up to the quarry where everyone was waiting. He was very happy to see the Dwarves and gave one of them a big hug welcoming him back. Seeing the condition of the half the Dwarves he seemed saddened but declared that he would have them all fixed up in the next week. He had the guards take them down to the barracks leaving him alone with the party.


“Now, we appreciate what you’ve done for us. You had mentioned before that you wanted to borrow some of the dwarves and some of the cultist things that you said you’ve encountered. Is that still the case?”

“It would certainly be helpful if we could potentially have some assistance. On our way here, through some of the encounters that we had, those dwarves were quite handy.”

“They are soldiers. With the unit pretty much decimated, they don’t really have anything else to do. I can have them assigned here off an attachment and then you can borrow them, but it’ll take a 10 day for them to rest and get healed, so if you want, to come back in a 10 day. You can march them off, you can use them for different, things, I’d just tell you not to kill them off. “

“Our main priority is, of course, them getting rehabilitated and back up to full health.”

“Well, like I said, that’ll take about a week. Is there something you’d like from us as a reward?”

“We did this out of… Responsibility? Responsibility. We felt bad that we had lured your men to the boathouse that had not been fully cleared. They went there on our word and found only death and chaos. So, for that we are sorry and we’re glad that we were able to bring some of them back.”

“We appreciate that. I’ll get more of their story later as well. I’m sure they’ve got some adventure stories to tell, but I’m pretty sure they’re going to be wanting to hit the Helm later and drinking their fill as much as possible.”

“I offered them to fight them in the first round. Because it is four, almost five o’clock.”

“Well, I can get one started on the healing tonight and then they’ll probably be there within, actually probably tonight. They’ll probably hang out in the barracks here with the other dwarven soldier. We’ve got some guarding the tomb, and all of them are old friends. Tomorrow is probably the best time to see them at the Helm.”

They proceeded to tell Banmin about the things they had encountered, especially the scary spectral figure in the swamp. He also told them about his great-nephew that had moved to town as the new Dwarven blacksmith, Craig Ironjaw.  Who had brought his entire family as well as several apprentices. With the drop off concluded the group made their way to the Blackbutter Inn and broken into groups heading to their rooms except Yllanys, who felt he still had enough energy to Flirt with Gwendolyn, but not enough charisma to carry the conversation very far.


He was able to learn about the new Dwarven smithy, a new Dwarven ale-maker, and that the replacement priest had arrived to relieve Imdarr. With his flirting not having gotten the response he was hoping for, he too headed off to bed and a bath much like how the rest of the party had already been into their winding down mode now that they were once again in a safe place. And without an exception, they all headed to bed for a good night’s sleep.

3rd of Flamerule of the year 1492

Morning arrived, and this is where the session ended.



Woodcarver’s Tools

  • RAW Cost: 1gp
  • RAW Weight: 5lbs
  • Items: Carving Knife, Chisel, Mallet, Saw, Gouge
  • Crafting Restrictions: None
  • Mundane Item Crafting: All non-slashing weapons, Laminar Armor**, several pieces of adventuring gear.
  • Magic Item Crafting: Wide list of wooden items
  • Artwork Creation: Can create carved wooden artwork such as statuettes.
  • QA Artwork Bonus: None
  • Structure Building: None
  • Adventuring Utility: Can create simple ad-hoc weaponry out of just wood.

Default Blueprints

If a woodcarver has a sharp object, they are useful in creating many different common items.  They can make the following at start:

  • Wooden weapons
  • Laminar armor
  • Common adventuring gear

Skill Usage

  • Arcana, History: Your expertise lends you additional insight when you examine wooden objects, such as figurines or arrows.
  • Nature: Your knowledge of wooden objects gives you some added insight when you examine trees.
  • Repair: As part of a short rest, you can repair a single damaged wooden object.
  • Craft Arrows: As part of a short rest, you can craft up to five arrows. As part of a long rest, you can craft up to twenty. You must have enough wood on hand to produce them.

Woodcarver’s Tools Basic Use Difficulty Table

Craft a small wooden figurine10
Carve an intricate pattern in wood15


For much of the crafting for this skill set and tools, just use the Mundane Crafting rules unless there is something specific that the character wishes to create outside of the normal things.

Session 27 – Chapter One

13th of Kythorn of the year 1492

With the morning started, Fogo start everyone off with a wonderful large breakfast for everyone. Fwoosh was disappointed with all the holes in his new tent, but as he was putting it away, Avery Mended the holes. While everyone was settling the camp, Dancer hunted down the bandit tracks.  The tracks were easily found and led west. Not wanting to attract too many predators, Fogo buried all bandits in a large pile using his Mold Earth magic.

The party then got the camp put away, the wagon and horses ready, and headed out to where they were told the graves had been found. They now had to decide which direction to go, continue heading to the graves and backtrack and find the bandit hideout.  Fogo pushed heavily for the graves concerned that there might be captive lives at risk while Dancer pushed for the hideout noting that there could be evidence as well as captives there.  The group chose Fogo’s path this time.

The rest of the distance was uneventful as they continued to head east and eventually a bit north to get to where they were told the graves had been found.  As they approached, they could see the silhouette of three very large birds that appeared to be eating something on the ground.  As the continued to get closer they could see that they were three giant vultures and there were three humans standing next to them, all watching closely. One of them in a fine set of plate stepped forward and motioned to the party to stop.

“Please wait a moment while we finish performing a sacred sky burial for our fallen brother-at-arms.”

Giant Vultures

Treyton Glemitsk (Feathergale Knight)

Those that were outside the wagon could see that the birds were eating something from inside two of the graves.  The loud crunching noises made it clear that they were consuming flesh and bones completely. The knight moved a bit closer to put himself between the graves and the party.

“Excuse me sir.”

“Just give us a moment, we are almost finished. Once we are finished you can do what you want here. Let us finish what we started.”

“The problem is that we are looking for some of these dead bodies and we are fine with them getting their food here but…”

“These are members of our knighthood that died here so we are taking care of the proper burial.”

It did not take long for the birds to finish eating what was assumed to be bodies from two of the graves.

Feathergale Initiate

“I appreciate you honoring our ritual.  We were surprised that our knights had been killed, and it took us some time to find out where they had been killed.  Their vultures had come back to the Spire, and we did not know where they were.”

“Which Spire would that be?”

“It is the knights of the Feathergale, our Spire is slightly to the west and north of here.  We patrol the area for brigands and other evil doers, and it seems that our knights got involved in what appears to be some sort of kidnapping by some sort of evil earth cult.”

“Are you a paladin order?”

“Why yes.”

“Then you might be able to help us.  We are looking for a trade caravan that was last seen in Beliard.”

“That might have been what happened here. When we see brigands, we attack when we can. From what we know from information we had gotten, that there was an ambush further north of here and that they had been traveling via the river.  Our knights had somehow thought they had them here, but there were more than they thought and were killed.”

The conversation continued with the party still wanting to explore the graves. More information was shared, but there was still one nagging point.

“I wonder who made the graves? This does seem to be out of the ordinary.”

“If it were the earth cultists, they are form believers that things should be put back into the earth, and even for foes they hated, they would still bury them.”


“There is the pirate base, and then there is the earth cult.  You are welcome to come back to the Spire with us, or just investigate here.”

Deciding to investigate at the graves first and then head to Spire for more information and possible allies.  When asked about other cultist, the knight claimed to only know about the evil earth cultists.  He knew about brigands, pirates, orcs, and the Uthgardt barbarians in the area, but not much about cultists. He knots that it was their 10th anniversary of their society and invited the group to the Spire to enjoy celebration.

When asked about the hippogriffs they had seen, he told them that the Feathergale knights do patrols over the entire value and regularly help save formers and merchants from bandits and orc raids. When asked about why they had not heard of the knighthood, the party was told that their knight-commander came from Waterdeep and because what they used for mounts it was very difficult to go to any of the small towns since the mounts would eat horses and most other beasts of burden.  Helping those in the more rural areas was more in line with the knighthood. He expressed his concern about the Iceshield orcs that continue to encroach into the eastern side of the hills and knew that they had built several war lodges on the western side of the High Forest.

As the questions continued, he pushed them to speak to his knight-commander Thurl Merosska back at the Spire and attend the party that they will be having. When mentioned they their mission seemed to be looking for trouble.  He warned them about the ogres, trolls, and even hill giants.  He mentioned that there are a lot of evil flying creatures to including manticores. The group explained a lot of what they had been doing and what different missions they had accomplished. The three then flew off on their vultures heading in the direction of where they had said the Spire was.

Once the knights were gone, the group went over to the remaining six graves to look.  The two open graves were mostly empty except for a few pieces of lingering flesh and bone that the vultures missed. After digging out the rest of the graves they found two people dressed in the livery of Mirabar, a tradesman of some type, and three people unusually dressed in some sort of unique stone armor. It was not an armor type they had seen before, and none of them were even sure how one would wear it properly. No weapons were found in any of the graves.  Looking around the area further, Avery was able to find a confusing collection of tracks, a broken arrow, and discarded javelin and the tatters of a grey cloak. He was also able to find some tracks going north as well as east from the grave location. Dancer decided to dig in deeper and look for tattoos on the bodies.  One of the ones in stony armor had a tattoo of the Drow Earth symbol over his heart. Dancer tried to convince them to take the piece of skin he had peeled off, but they just had Fwoosh make a copy and left the piece of skin back in the grave.

Drow Earth Symbol

The topic of the pirates and bandits were brought up that maybe they were both related to the cults and that is how some of the delegation evidence showed up in Womford. They were hoping to be able to find out more about from the knights once they get to the Spire. They traveled for a few hours and decided to camp for the night instead of continuing in the dark. After setting up camp they had their regular watches and were able to pass the night without incident.

14th of Kythorn of the year 1492

After hearing tales of manticores and other large flying creatures, Vladimir made sure he counted four horses in the morning, and they were all still there.  Nothing had bothered them all night long. It did not take long for them to put away the camp and get the wagon ready.  It only took a few hours before they found the mouth of the valley leading to the Spire.  They saw a giant vulture in the air above them.  It had just chased away a pair of antlered birds that seemed to be stalking their wagon.

The vulture rider indicated for them to follow the western side of the valley to get to the Spire.  They could see the tall Spire.  The very top was about 500 feet from the bottom of the valley.  The tower itself was over 100 feet tall itself. They could see that there was a drawbridge attached to the Spire that separated it from the side of the valley.  The entry to the valley was narrow and without the directions they had received, they would probably never have found it.  There were constant gusts of heavy winds filling the valley making travel unpleasant with the air always pushing against you.

Another surprise was that while there was a drawbridge to the tower, there was not much of a trail leading away from it.  It seemed that there was little ground traffic to the Spire. There were a pair of hippogriff riders that were flying high patrolling the area.  The two flew over briefly to look at the wagon and then flew off somewhere else. The drawbridge was down as they approached. Their wagon would not fit on it, and they would need to decide who went into the Spire, and who stayed behind guarding the wagon and horses.

Avery, Fwoosh, and Vladimir headed in while the rest stayed behind to stay with the wagon.  They were met by a female knight Savra Belabranta. When asked about what threats they might face by staying at the end of the drawbridge she told them that it was unlikely that anything overground or in the air probably would not approach them, but they suspected that there was an ankheg nest somewhere in the valley, and if there was, then there is also probably an ankheg queen as well.

Savra Belabranta

With Savra leading the way, the three of them went up the spiral staircase until they got to the banquet hall.  She explained that she had only been a member for about a year and had been recruited in Waterdeep.  She told them that she was told that the knighthood had built the tower at some point in the past. The room was filled with knights and initiates.  Food was piled high on the tables, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves at the feast. A heavily armed and armored man was sitting at the head of a large table. Savra introduced them to the knight-commander Thurl Merosska.

Thurl Merosska

“Welcome to Feathergale Spire, retreat of the Feathergale Society. I am Thurl Merosska, the lord commander. How can I help you and enjoy the food.”

“We heard you are celebrating your tenth year?”

“It is.”

Looking around, there also seemed to be a couple of priests and some men that were not armored but seemed to be militant in their movements. In a corner the group could see a half elf playing the flute with a small group accompanying him. It was less music and more noise, but it seemed that everyone just ignored them and the noise they were making. Avery approached one of the unarmored men.

Half-Elf Flute Player

“Pardon me good sir, do you mind if I ask your vocation?”

“I am part of the Feathergale Society.”

“Do you work magic?”

“Just being alive is magic. Being part of the air is magic.”

Unarmored Feathergale Man

While that was happening, Vladimir spoke with Thurl.  Asking about some food for his friends, Thurl ordered a feast to be brought out for the others outside. When asked about the aerial patrols, he explained that they were well known among the more rural people such as farmers and such. He expressed his favorable impression of the Paladins of Samular.

“We have heard that you have been engaged with the earth cultists.”

“Ah, evil men, evil men.  We know where their main camp is, well it is a ruined temple more than anything else. There are not enough of us to really take care of it.  We are airborne knights, not ground troops.”

“That does post some complications.”

They are earth people, they are ground troops, counter to us.”

“As it so happens, that we fancy ourselves a group of a particular thorn in the sides of the earth cultists.”

“I am glad to hear that.  I would be happy to tell you exactly where they are and if you could get rid of them, I would reward greatly.”

“That sounds great.”

The discussion went further on about their concerns and that they were looking for a trade delegation that they suspect had been ambushed.  Thurl revealed that they had captured one of the earth cultists and were able to get information out of him.  Which is how they knew where the knights had been killed.  He gave them the location of where they thought the ambush took place as well as the location of the earth cultist temple. He also brought up that there were also the pirates that seemed to have been involved and was also concerned about the pirate base on the River Dessarin in the foothills of the Sumber Hills. He did mention that only some of them were handed over to the earth cultist whereas the rest the pirates kept and brought those to their keep on the river.

The knight-commander also asked the three of them to explain more about what they have been doing.  He seemed fascinated with the stories and all that they had accomplished. When asked about the Bleeding Eye, he did not seem to know anything about them, or that organization? They also brought up the water cultists they had found and that there might be some relationship between the groups. Thurl kept asking questions since the stories they were telling was not very sequential, nor did it make sense many times. He also was interested in why they were pursuing the missing delegation.

Outside a feast for a dozen was brought out to the three guarding the wagon. The initiates that dropped off the food were interested in the three, especially since all three of them were from unusual races. Fogo was happy to oblige and told the initiates about the group. They continued to ask the rest about their past and more about them. Fogo was fascinated with the ritual that he had seen to which the initiates explained more about it. When asked about how they were involved, they explained that there are recruiters in many large towns and some of the process they went through. Dancer seemed confused about how militant orders worked and keep asking odd questions that confused the initiates a fair amount. Angelica impressed them by her ability to sprout wings and fly around for a minute. With the discussions completed, the Initiates head back in leaving the food behind.

“If you take out either location, it would be nice if you brought some prisoners back.”

“It has not been a priority yet, but we will see what we can do.”

“Cultists are kind of like ant nests.  If you kick one, many more hiding will come out. So, if you could bring some back that would be great.”

Thurl explained about having survived in storm which changed his life and combined with the politics in Waterdeep are complex, and many times hostile, he moved here with a few of his knights.

“I just mentioned your coming from Waterdeep because it seems like you have taken a very moral stance against the cultists.”

“Someone needs to. We also take a strong moral stance against all evil.”

“Would you describe yourselves as paladins?”

‘We say knights. Paladin implies some sort of religious order.  We are not religious.”

“You do not follow a god?”

“No necessarily.  We worship the knighthood.  We are just here to do what we feel is right.”

Vladimir kept looking into their possible religious connections, but Thurl kept denying it. When asked about their funding and the fact that they were able to build the Spire, he explained that the nobles of Waterdeep were very wealthy. Fwoosh was enamored with the large windows and the height that they were at. It was then that Fwoosh asked about going to the top of the tower. Thurl agreed but needed a few minutes to prepare. It was not long when they were able to start the trek upwards followed by the half-elf and one of the priests.  The top was a large green space with four small platforms that jutted out, each one in an ordinal direction.

“We have a test of courage here.  It is part of becoming an initiate.”

“Is it to jump off?”

“You must have a leap of faith and if the knights will save you before you hit the ground.  Would you like to take the test of courage?”


Vladimir walked to the edge and jumped off.  Back at the wagon the shrill whistle from above the tower caused the three there to look up and were horrified as they saw someone fall from the top.  When looking closer, Angelica realized that it was Vladimir. The three panicked running to the drawbridge.  Dancer began ring the bell at the end of the drawbridge with a lot of vigor. They saw Vladimir’s limp and possibly dead body get carried back up to the top by a Giant Vulture and its rider. Dancer set up with his bow while Fogo and Angelica ran across the drawbridge where they were met by a knight.

“Woah, what is going on?”

“We just saw our friend fall of the top of the tower and saw what looked like his limp body being carried back to the top.”

“It is a test of courage, and he failed.”

Explaining more about the ritual he seemed to persuade Fogo that Vladimir was probably okay.  It was then that Fwoosh jumped off.  It was now that the others could see that has the jumper got close to the ground a knight would fly by and cast some sort of magic on them which slows their fall almost completely. Avery did not want to be left out but mentioned that he could handle it but could cheat.  

“That would not be much of a test of courage then would it be?”

Handing his spell focus, Avery walked off as well, but was not able to remain conscious either and had to be saved by a knight.  Thurl welcomed them to come back at any time but warned them they might consider walking so that they would all be able to stay inside the tower next time.  He warned them about the ankhegs as well. On the wat down, Vladimir tried having a conversation with the priest that had accompanied them.

Feathergale Priest

“So, you did not want to jump off as well?”

“I do not need the test of courage.”

“I thought everyone had to go through it.”

“Some of us do not need to.”

“You are just that courageous?”

“When you are already one with the air, it has no meaning to leap off.  There is no meaning for a leap of faith such as that when you already have your faith.”

“What faith gives you the wings to allow you to be in the air so confidently?”

“There are many ways of flying, relying on someone else to save you is not real courage. Leaping off knowing that someone will save is not courage.”

“You must be a lot of fun at parties.”

“I am not here to have fun, nor party.”

Finally, back at the entrance the group was back together again. Fogo was still in a bit of a panic, but they were able to convince him that everything was okay. Vladimir shared a lot of the details that he learned, and the group began strategizing on what they should do next. Deciding that camping in front of the Spire might be the safest place for them since getting to the edge of the valley before the sun sets would be impossible. Setting up camp and watches they got ready for the evening.  Dancer suggested that in the morning that they attempt to get the knights to carry them to their next location instead of taking the wagon everywhere. It was also suggested that they send a message to the Dwarves back in Red Larch to see if they can assist them or at least add in reinforcements somewhere. Fogo brought up that he could send an Animal Messenger in the morning to get a message to Red Larch and the Dwarves.

With night having arrived, the completed their dinner and started their watches and waited for the morning.

15th of Kythorn of the year 1492

It was during Angelica’s watch early in the morning before first light that she was startled by a sudden rush of sound and air as many large flying creatures seemed to have departed out of the Spire.  As she looked over, she could see that most of the windows had light in them which slowly flickered out. It was not much after that that morning arrived and the rest got up.  With the drawbridge up, Vladimir rang the bell.  It took a while, and someone finally yelled across the chasm at Vladmir. It was the priest that Vladimir had words with yesterday.

“What do you want?”

“We were hoping to get some assistance before we leave.  We were hoping to get a message of rather high importance back to Red Larch.”

“How are we supposed to do that?”

“We were hoping you might be able to send someone on a mount to get fly close enough to the town that they could deliver it.”

“All the knights left first thing this morning.  They got word of an orc raid on a farm east of the hills.  There are no knights here right now.”

“There are no knights to send a message?”

“There are no mounts left here. Even the patrol left.  There are no patrols right now in the valley.”

“Well, okay.  Then we will find another way to send our message.”

“Sounds good.”

With that path cut off for messages, they now had to rely on Fog’s Animal Messenger. Taking the camp down and moving to the entrance of the valley their day got started.  While on the trail, Fogo crafted his message that he was going to send.  Once it was ready, he cast his magic repeatedly until he had four identical messages being sent to Theldor Darkaxe.

“Delegation found. Earth cultists. Send soldiers and healers. Hug southern hills until x. Path goes north. Will mark terrain. We arrive Kythorn 16. From Vlad”

And this is where the session ended.


Founding and fall: Although the dwarfs of Besilmer had, in −4420 DR, settled overground under the leadership of Torhild Flametongue, they suffered constant attack from trolls and giants, which led to the construction of the underground fortress city of Tyar-Besil around −4320 DR.

Torhild Flametongue was killed in combat against a hill giant at Stone Bridge, and this led to the fleeing of the dwarves in the area, and later, to the complete abandonment of Tyar-Besil by −4160 DR.

Drow History: While much of the Drow history is shrouded in shadows, many times manipulated and even deleted, we do know that they were a large city under the Sumber Hills occupied by the Drow.  It is said that it sat somewhere between the Underdark and the surface, but still hundreds of feet below the surface. Because of its location, we are not sure of its purpose, and some devious purpose it would have had.  Drow is meticulous in their planning, and rarely do anything that is not to their benefit.  When and why, it was abandoned is unknown, but the Drow themselves have little recorded history of that excursion and city.  It is almost as if a division of the Drow moved there for some separate purpose, either driven away, or for some other nefarious plan.  Any location where they were Drow, there will also be multiple entrances to the Underdark.

Drow Ruins and the Construction of Tyar-Besil: The Dwarven excavations of their own city, while underground, did not reach the same depths as the Drow city, but there were the occasional connections between the two.  It is said that vaulted chambers with alters worshiping dark and evil gods were found more than once.  When found, these were all sealed off to keep the residents of Tyar-Besil safe from whatever had been found within.

Rediscovery: Tyar-Besil was rediscovered in 893 DR by an adventuring company called the Knights of the Silver Horn. Over the subsequent six years, the adventuring company continued to return to the ruined city and were able to construct strongholds at the hidden entrances to Tyar-Besil to protect it.

When the orc realm of Uruth Ukrypt gained power, leading to the Orcfastings War, the First and Second Trollwars, and drow raids, the human population of the Dessarin Valley was almost wiped out, and the Knights of the Silver Horn had disappeared. Their former strongholds, protecting the hidden entrances to Tyar-Besil, became known as the Haunted Keeps.

Layers: It is interesting to look at the depths of all the ruins.  One top sits the haunted keeps built six hundred years ago, which included many Dwarven settlements and ruins of that period, many of which are being found today. Below there are the mines that are still active by many Dwarven miners, and then Tyar-Besil which dates back over 6,000 years ago, followed by the unnamed Drow city that should be over 10,000 years old, and finally the Underdark.

Campaign Notes

The found the graves, the met the Feathergale Society, and now they are planning an assault on the evil earth cultists base.  What could go wrong?

Session 28-B – Chapter One

15th of Kythorn of the year 1492

After getting the messenger birds sent out the group packed up their camp and began the trip to where they had seen the shallow graves. Exiting the Sighing Valley, they slowly made their way around the foothills of the Sumber Hills.  It was near dark when they finally got to their destination for this day.  Deciding to set up camp near the graves, their travels for the day were over.

As they arrived, Vladimir received a message from Banmin Glehuruhr via magic in his head.

“Received message – already requested troops to ruined Moathouse – no more can be sent – Koganusân is too far away to help – you are on your own.”

Relaying the information to the party, Angelica was able to identify the word as Dwarvish which contained the word fort in it. Understanding he could reply, Vladimir said out loud to reply.

“Thank you. We may have survivors and even a wagon that could meet us may help if possible. Also, what is Koganooson?”

Fogo continued his excellent cooking for the party while everyone huddled around the fire until it was time to go to sleep and start the watches.  Before heading to bed, they discussed what they had learned or figured out about the Feathergale Knights.  While strange, they seemed to be nice except for a priest that as there.  The interesting point was that all of them seemed to have some sort of connection to the concept of air. It was not clear if they were part of the air cult, but minimally they might be influenced by the air cult. Vladimir also noted that they had not seen the air symbol anywhere in the Spire either.

Fogo made it clear that by not warning them before jumping off the Spire had frightened all the party that had not gone in with the rest. Fwoosh excitedly talked about how the knights also seemed to have Kenkus in their ranks.  He had not seen any is almost ten years when he was kidnapped. They started strategizing on how they should handle the upcoming earth monastery encounter, but they were all concerned with it.

The watches passed uneventfully, until Fwoosh was on watch.  While looking up at the sky, he saw the silhouette of a large bird fly by.  Judging by how the stars were blocked by the size of the bird, Fwoosh estimated that it had a wingspan of at least 50 feet.

16th of Kythorn of the year 1492

First thing in the morning, Vladimir received another message from Banmin.

“Koganusân is our city in Dessarin Hills – about a ten-day from Red Larch – it would be at least 20 days before they could there”

“Okay sounds good thank you for the information. We’ll be headed in shortly to the earth temple. Please let us know if there is anything”

It seems that both were not able to properly count to 25, the maximum size of the message. While Vladimir was communicating with the Dwarven priest, Fwoosh was telling his story about the large bird.  Both Avery and Fogo were able to possibly identify the large bird as a Roc, and that it was most likely a young one.  Since they can fly over 100 miles in a day, it could have come from any of the hills or mountains nearby, and that its favorite meal consists of young dragons.

Getting the camp packed up again, they headed to the north in search of the earth monastery.  Their path continued north.  Fog left a huge “x” on the ground in the hopes that if the Dwarves sent someone, they would be able to find them.  Their path continued and after passing a couple of box canyons. The trail narrowed preventing them from bringing the wagon with them.  After find the best sheltered space they could, they continued.  Eventually the trail narrowed to only about five feet, had a sharp turn which led to another large box canyon where they could see a large stone building in the middle of the canyon.

Earth Monastery

Keeping back to not be seen, the party hunkered down and started trying to plan on how to best do some reconnaissance. They agreed with the plan that Fwoosh would go up invisible, sneak around, and try to figure out what they were facing.  Going around clockwise looking into all the windows and trying all the doors he was able to get a fairly good idea of what the monastery was like and what might be in it.  From the number of beds and monks he could see, he estimated there might be as many as 50 earth cultists in the building.  The only interesting area was a tall stone wall that was different than the rest, and whatever was there, also did not have a roof.  There was also an entire side of the monastery that did not have any windows preventing him from seeing what might be there.

Heading back and updating the group, they had concerns about the entire endeavor. He explained that the people in the monastery were organized and fully equipped.  This was nothing like the Moathouse.  This was a fully functional facility. This all led to a lot more discussions around how to best approach in which they finally decided to have Dancer and Fwoosh go back at night to see if they can find an entrance they could sneak in and get more information.  They settled down until dark before he headed out.

Slowly moving around stealthily and hiding every 50 feet or so, they saw something moving near the monastery walls.  Looking closely, they could see six figures moving around.  These people were not stumbling in the dark and were looking around very carefully as if looking for intruders.  They were short, had beards, and were heavily armed.  One odd behavior was that they seemed to avoid the light from the windows and made sure they did not look into the lights at any time.  The two made them around until they were near the stone wall, and then waited in hiding.  It only took about ten minutes before the six guards came around.  They could be seen checking the doors and then moved on.

Moving quickly to the wall, Dancer easily climb the wall and revealed that on the other side was some sort of garden. There were several statues and a fair amount of greenery including several trees.  He was able to see several doors leading into the monastery from the wall’s edge. Deciding that coming back to let the party know what they found, they headed back and updated them all. Many plans were created and thrown away. Because of Angelica still slightly exhaustion and wanting to get a better idea of the guard situation, the group backed up to where their cart was and set up camp.  

While the rest were putting the camp up, Dancer got a little closer to watch the monastery.  He was not able to determine if the six guards were ever replaced, but they continued their rounds taking 15 to 20 minutes per lap which continued until it was about an hour before the start of sunrise.  They were no longer seen as soon as the glow of the sun could be seen at the edge of the horizon.

17th of Kythorn of the year 1492

With morning came another Fogo cooked breakfast and the rest were a slow-moving group.  Dancer was looking forward to getting a good sleep and only managed a cat nap when some visitors came by.  Coming from the monastery, a group of seven arrived at their camp.  The party moved forward to meet them.

“Who is there?”


“Umm, we are here, hi.”

“Hi there travelers, we did not expect to see anyone out here.”

“Neither were we, because it is a one-way canyon.”

“Is it?”

“One-way through?”


“So, there is no way out?”


“Maybe you guys can help us then.  We are trying to get to Belard… Beliard?”

“You are not going to get there from anywhere here unless you catch a boat.  You will have all the way around to the Long Road and back.”

“Can someone pull out the map? Can you come here and help us look at the map? I just fear that we took a wrong turn.”

“We also had to find a place to camp for the night.”

“Show me the map.”

The two groups closed in on each other. Fwoosh handed off the crude map found on the leader of the bandit ambush from a few days ago.  The Earth Priest gave it a close look at had a confused, then concerned look on his face.

Bandit Map

“So, what we did is, we made it to Red Larch, but then we heard that Beliard is around here, and we thought we were coming down this road.  We tried to cut through some of the hills to save some time.  So, we rested here, we got in late last night.”

“You did not pay for this map, did you?”


“Oh, no.”


“We just asked some people at Red Larch.”

“At the bar in Red Larch.”

“So, you drew this? Because you do not have Beliard on here.”

“We did not draw it, one of the town’s people did.”

“But if you are heading to Beliard, why is it not on the map?”

“They just told us the general area; they did not know for sure. The person napping on top of the rock over there is our navigator.”

With that the priest looked in the direction that Fwoosh pointed to but did not see a single hair Dancer hiding there.

“If you follow the map and since it is on the north side of the hills, you should have gone north out of Red Larch, not south.”

You had the map upside down.”

“That probably would have made more sense.”



“What are you guys doing out here?”

“If there is only one way in what is behind you.”

“Yeah, that is a good question.”

“An interesting ‘X’ you have here that says ‘base’.”

“The base of what?”

“The ace of base?”

“I have no idea.  Like I said, out navigator must have been holding the map upside down.”

“Fwoosh, maybe it was on the other map.”

With that, the priest unleashed a Shatter upon the party and got the combat started. It was one of the more difficult fights that the party had with several of them being knocked unconscious.  They had not faced smart enemies much previously and ones that knew how to maneuver and find the best positions made it harder than they expected.

Earth Priest

Earth Knight

Earth Monk

With the combat over and the bodies checked, they did find Drowish Earth symbol on all the people, some on armor, some sewn into clothing, many had it on their weapons.  These were earth cultists. Stashing all the bodies in the wagon to keep them hidden, they had Avery Prestidigitation to clean up any blood spots that might be on the ground with Fogo and Dancer helping spot them. With everyone taking a short rest, Fogo cooked up a wonderfully supportive meal that seemed to allow everyone to heal a little better than they would have alone.  It was fortifying and tasty.

Understanding that staying here was probably not the best idea, they headed out of the hills and parked behind a large rock about an hour away. Once they found a spot in the grasslands, they buried the bodies and set up camp. They then waited for the next day to roll around again.  

18th of Kythorn of the year 1492

It was quiet besides the soft insect noises, but during Fog’s watch something interesting happened.  While he was keeping watch and looking to the south a voice came from behind him.

“You seemed to have lost something.”

Looking around he saw a shadowy figure disappear but leaving behind an armored person wearing nothing but a small tattered green cloak.  Fogo saw a somewhat familiar figure.

Shadowy Figure

And that is where the session ended.

Campaign Notes

The found the earth cultist base.  They expected it to be something closer to the Ruined Moathouse, but this was a full base with many people, and they were on guard for intruders.  The group managed some sneaky time, but never made it inside. Their final face off with a patrol almost went badly for them, but they survived.  Who is that figure that appeared at the end?

Sumber Hills


Covering an area of some 2,600 square miles, the Dessarin Hills are lightly settled by remote, walled farmsteads, armed mining camps, and small trade posts supported by villages nestled in fertile valleys and trade along the Dessarin River. Thick woodland cloaks much of the hills, crisscrossed with old drover trails leading between higher moorland and hay meadows. Hundreds of small streams have carved valleys through the hills, supporting many fertile farms.

The Sumber Hills were a range of hills in the middle of the Dessarin Valley. The River Dessarin flowed through the hills, providing a source of water travel between Yartar and downstream communities such as Beliard, Bargewright Inn, and Womford. The Larch Path and the Dessarin Road provided passage through the hills.

  • Area: 2,600 square miles (53% woodland, 24% moorland, 13% meadows, 6% farmland, 4% other)
  • Population: 9,800 (59% human, 8% halfling, 6% half-orc, 6% dwarf, 4% half-elf, 3% elf, 14% other)
  • Allies: The Emerald Enclave is represented in this region by the Greywood Circle, a group of druids who are named for their place of meeting amid a tall stand of grey weirwood trees near the village of Three Waters. The Lord’s Alliance is represented by Mayor Cassandra Thorne of Three Waters, owner of the Three Waters Trading Coster. Sigrun Greyshield leads her dwarven clan, who have become wealthy from iron and silver mines throughout the hills. Various other leaders can be found amid the region’s other settlements.
  • Threats: Several goblin clans lair in caves up in the foothills, mostly serving a small tribe of hill giants that lack the tactical acumen to mount an effective attack against the folk of the valleys. A roc claims the tallest peak in the hills, occasionally swooping from the sky to snatch a cow or sheep in each of its mighty talons, but otherwise leaving humanoids alone. A few ettins also have their dens in the hills.


One of the first settlements in the Sumber Hills was the underground city of Tyar-Besil, a part of the shield dwarf kingdom of Besilmer. Tyar-Besil was abandoned and fell into ruin in −4190 DR, after the king of Besilmer died in battle. The Sumber Hills were left alone until the Knights of the Silver Horn started clearing the area of its native inhabitants in the Year of the Raised Sword, 893 DR. The knights attempted to set up fortresses in the hills but were stopped by Uruth Ukrypt. These events eventually played a part in the Orcfastings War, and the First and Second Trollwars. Around the Year of the Wailing Winds, 1000 DR, settlements started springing up around the Sumber Hills, creating roads and trails that bisected the hills.



  • Red Larch
  • Beliard

Points of interest

  • Vale of Dancing Waters
  • Sacred Stone Monastery
  • Feathergale Spire
  • Rivergard Keep
  • Stone Bridge
  • Summit Hall
  • Tyar-Besil

Campaign Details

The Sumber Hills are windswept badlands sparsely covered in dry grass. Many of the hills have exposed rock faces or steep escarpments. While the hills are dry, countless tiny streams rise from hidden springs (usually clean and drinkable), then flow down to join the Dessarin River, which bisects the hills. Most locals only think of the wilder, higher hills west of the river when they hear “Sumber Hills,” because it’s there that once had rich quarries and good hunting. Some hunting lodges and keeps owned by wealthy Waterdhavians or adventurers remain-and in recent times have become homes to bandits and monsters.

Those who quarry the Sumber Hills for building stones and gravel often trade tales of finding gemstones and rich veins of ore in the hills-but for the most part, these persistent tales have never been more than talk. In the last few years, the infamous “Haunted Keeps” in the western Sumber Hills have all been reoccupied. Sightings of strange beasts and menacing figures have increased, too.



A scattered network of spellcasters and spies, the Harpers advocate equality and covertly oppose the abuse of power, magical or otherwise. Agents operate in secret and emphasize stealth and subtlety, or at the very least discretion. Bards and wizards are their most prominent members.

Princes of the Apocalypse, Kind of

I recently started a new campaign. It is all in person with a very large number of players. The age of the players ranged from pretty young, old fogies like me. We all had a round table to figure out what the group would like to see in a campaign, and what their specific interests were. It was fair unanimous to start off with some sort of module with some home brew thrown in. Since this was our first time all playing together, we needed some time to get to know each other to figure how each person ticks.

I dug around and looked at the different “canned” modules. From anything from Wizards of the Coast developed, to third party, to old D&D, anything was on the table. No module is perfect, no matter the vendor. Anything that i was going to run would need to be updated, modified, and corrected in different ways. I have always been a fan of the old Temple of Elemental Evil. There is a revised version of the old module being sold by Goodman Games. It is a massive two volume set. They have several others, and a lot of the material, while interesting, has not aged well. There was also a fully rewritten and revised version now called Princes of the Apocalypse.

I chose that one to start with. After spending more than a week digging into comments as well as reading the book several times, it was evident that there were issues that needed to be worked out. It needed to be massaged, it needed some tender care, and a good beating all at the same time. The new version, my version, is called Cataclysm of the Primordial Orders. Pretentious is it not?

Well, this will be the story of the game we played. I’ll post the player side of things and assuming we finish it, I’ll eventually publish the DM’s side as well. A lot of new material has been carefully curated and imported from just about any source I could grab copies of. The framework of the module is the same, but there are a lot of little updates, story changes, and additional quests that just do not exist in the original. I am looking forward to my new party exploring and adventuring in this new world.

There will be a far amount of borrowed content including notes from other DM’s, artwork (I was very haphazard in my initial grabs of art), maps, and anything else that looked good. Some were taken nearly verbatim, while others took a lot of changes to make usable.

Gods of the Multiverse

Gods of the Multiverse

Religion is an important part of life in the worlds of the Dungeons and Dragons multiverse. When gods walk the world, clerics channel divine power, evil cults perform dark sacrifices in subterranean lairs, and shining paladins stand like beacons against the darkness, it’s hard to be ambivalent about the deities and deny their existence.

Many people have a favorite among the gods, one whose idea is and teachings they make their own. And a few people dedicate themselves entirely to a single god, usually serving as a priest or champion of that god’s ideals.

From among the gods available, you can choose a single deity for your character to serve, worship, or pay lip service to or you can pick a few that your character prays to most often or just make a mental note of the gods who are revered in your DM’s campaign so you can invoke their names when appropriate. ]If you’re playing a cleric or a character with the Acolyte background, decide which god your deity serves or served, and consider the deity’s suggested domains when selecting your character’s domain.

The Pantheon

In the following pages are showing the different Pantheons that exist in the Campaign.  The Pantheons are represented by several columns of Information:

  • Name:  What they are called and worshiped by
  • Rank: At what power level is that deity compared to the others: Greater[G], Intermediate[I], Lesser[L], Demigod[D]
  • Alignment: What alignment the god/goddess themselves have and will act toward
  • Portfolio:  What powers that specific god/goddess is known to have
  • Domain:  What domains of power that the god/goddess covers.  These are the divine domains that clerics focus on.
  • Worshipers:  Who worships this specific god/goddess.


Faerunian Pantheon

AkadiGNElemental air, movement, speed, flying creaturesAir, Illusion, TravelAnimal breeders, elemental archons (air), rangers, rogues, sailors
AsmodeusGLEPower, domination, tyrannyEvilSlavers, tyrants, bureaucrats, lawful evil creatures
AurilLNECold, winterAir, Evil, Storm, WaterDruids, elemental archons (air or water), frost giants, inhabitants of cold climates, rangers
AzuthLLNWizards, mages, spellcasters, monksArcana, Illusion, Knowledge, Magic, Law, SpellPhilosophers, sages, sorcerers, wizards
BaneGLEStrife, hatred, tyranny, fearOrder, Evil, Destruction, Hatred, Law, Tyranny, WarConquerors, evil fighters, evil monks, tyrants, wizards
BeshabaICERandom mischief, misfortune, bad luck, accidentsChaos, Evil, Fate, Luck, TrickeryAssassins, auspicians, capricious individuals, gamblers, rogues, sadists
ChaunteaGNGAgriculture, plants, farmers, gardeners, summerLife, Animal, Earth, Good, Plant, Protection, RenewalPeasants, indentured servants, druids, farmers, gardeners
CyricGCEMurder, lies, intrigue, deception, illusionChaos, Destruction, Evil, IllusionPower-hungry humans (usually young), former worshipers of Bane, Bhaal and Myrkul
DeneirLNGGlyphs, images, literature, scribes, cartographyGood, Knowledge, Protection, RuneHistorians, loremasters, sages, scholars, scribes, seekers of enlightenment, students
EldathLNGQuiet places, springs, pools, peace, waterfallPeace, Nature, Family, Good, Plant, Protection, WaterDruids, pacifists, rangers
ErbinLNEVengeanceDestruction, EvilAssassins, fighters, rogues, beggars
Finder WyvernspurDCNCycle of life, transformation of art, saurialsChaos, Charm, Renewal, ScalykindArtists, bards, saurials
GaragosDCNWar, skill-at-arms, desctruction, plunderChaos, Destruction, StrengthBarbarians, fighters, warriors, rangers, soldiers, spies
GargauthDLEBetrayal, cruelty, political corruption, powerbrokersCharm, Evil, LawCorrupt leaders, corrupt politicians, sorcerers, traitors
GondINArtifice, craft, construction, smithworkForge, Craft, Earth, Fire, Knowledge, Metal, PlanningBlacksmith, crafters, engineers, gnomes, inventors, lantanese, woodworkers
GrumbarGNElemental earth, solidity, changelessness, oathsCavern, Earth, Metal, TimeElemental archons (earth), fighters, monks, rangers
Gwaeron WindstromDNGTracking, rangers of the NorthAnimal, Good, Plant, TravelDruids, rangers, troll hunters
HelmILNGuardians, protectors, protectionLight, Twilight, Law, Planning, Protection, StrengthExplorers, fighters, guards, mercenaries, paladins
HoarDLNRevenge, retribution, poetic justiceFate, TravelAssassins, fighters, rogues, seekers of retribution
IlmaterILGEndurance, suffering, martyrdom, perseveranceLife, Twilight, Good, Law, Strength, SufferingThe lame, oppressed, poor, monks, paladins, serfs, slaves
IstishiaGNElemental water, purificationDestruction, Ocean, Storm, Travel, WaterBards, elemental archons (water), sailors, travelers
JergalDLNFatalism, proper burial, guardian of tombsFate, Law, Repose, Rune, SufferingMonks, necromancers, paladins
KelemvorGLNDeath, the deadGrave, Fate, Law, Protection, Repose, TravelThe dying, families of the dying, grave differs, hunters of the undead, morticians, mourners
KossuthGNElemental fire, purification through fireDestruction, Fire, Renewal, SufferingDruids, elemental anchors, fire creatures, Thayans
LathanderGNGAthletics, birth, creativity, dawn, renewal, self-perfection, spring, vitality, youthLife, Light, Good, Nobility, Protection, Renewal, Strength, SunAristocrats, artists, athletics, merchants, monks, the young
LliiraLCGJoy, happiness, dance, festivals, freedom, libertyChaos, Charm, Family, Good, TravelBards, dancers, entertainers, poets, revelers, singers
LoviatarLLEPain, hurt, agony, torment, suffering, tortureEvil, Law, Retribution, Strength, SufferingBeguilers, torturers, evil warriors, the depraved
LurueDCGTalking beasts, intelligent non-humanoid creaturesAnimal, Chaos, GoodDruids, entertainers, outcasts, rangers, travelers, unicorn riders
MalarLCEBloodlust, evil lycanthropes, hunters, marauding beasts and monsters, stalkingAnimal, Chaos, Evil, Moon, StrengthHunters, evil lycanthropes, sentient carnivores, rangers, druids
MaskLNEShadows, thievery, thievesDarkness, Evil, Luck, TrickeryAssassins, beggars, criminals, rogues, shades, shadowdancers
MielikkiINGAutumn, dryads, forest creatures, forests, rangersAnimal, Good, Plant, TravelDruids, fey, creatures, foresters, rangers
MililLNGPoetry, song, eloquenceCharm, Good, NobilityAdventurers, bards, entertainers
MyrkulQNEDeath, decay, old age, exhaustion, dusk, autumnDeathEvil mages and cultists, necromancers, undertakers, and powerful undead
MystraGNGMagic, spells, the WeaveArcana, Good, Illusion, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, SpellElves, half-elves, incantatrixes, mystic wanderers, sorcerers, spelldancers, spellcasters, spellfire channelers, wizards
NobanionDLGRoyalty, lions, feline beasts, good beastsAnimal, Good, Law, NobilityDruids, fighters, leaders, paladins, rangers, soldiers, teachers, wemics
OghmaGNBard, inspiration, invention, knowledgeCharm, Knowledge, Luck, TravelArtists, bards, cartographers, inventors, lore masters, sages, scholars, scribes, wizards
Red KnightDLNStrategy, planning, tacticsLaw, Nobility, Planning, WarFighters, gamesters, monks, strategists, tacticians
SavrasDLNDivination, fate, truthFate, Magic, SpellDiviners, judges, monks, seekers of truth, spellcasters
SelûneICGGood lycanthropes, neutral lycanthropes, moon, navigation, questers, stars, wanderersTwilight, Chaos, Good, Moon, Protection, TravelFemale spellcasters, good lycanthropes, neutral lycanthropes, navigators, monks, sailors
SharGNECaverns, dark, dungeons, forgetfulness, loss, night, secrets, the UnderdarkCavern, Darkness, EvilAnarchists, assassins, avengers, monks, nihilists, rogues, shadow adepts, shadowdancers
SharessDCGHedonism, sensual fulfillment, festhalls, catsChaos, Charm, Good, TravelBards, hedonists, sensualists
ShaundakulLCNTravel, exploration, portals, miners, caravansAir, Chaos, Portal, Protection, Trade, TravelExplorers, caravaneers, rangers, portal-walkers, planewalkers, half-elves
ShialliaDNGWoodland glades, woodland fertility, growth, the High Forest, Neverwinter WoodAnimal, Good, Plant, RenewalDruids, farmers, foresters, gardeners, nuptial, couples
SiamorpheDLNNobles rightful rule of nobility, human royaltyLaw, Nobility, PlanningLeaders, loremasters, nobles, those with inherited wealth or status
SilvanusGNWild nature, druidsNature, Animal, Plant, Protection, Renewal, WaterDruids, woodsmen, wood elves
SuneGCGBeauty, love, passionChaos, Charm, Good, ProtectionLovers, artists, half-elves, adventurers, bards
TalonaLCEDisease, poisonChaos, Destruction, Evil, SufferingAssassins, druids, healers, rogues, those suffering from disease and illness
TalosGCEStorms, destruction, rebellion, conflagration, earthquakes, vorticesTempest, Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Fire, StormThose who fear the destructive power of nature, barbarians, fighters, druids, half-orcs
TempusGNWar, battle, warriorsChaos, Protection, Strength, WarWarriors, fighters, barbarians, gladiators, rangers, half-orcs
TiamatLLEEvil dragons, evil reptiles, greed, conquestDestruction, Evil, Law, Tyranny, ScalykindEvil dragons, chromatic dragons, Cult of the Dragon, evil reptiles, fighters, sorcerers, thieves, vandals, conquerors
TormLLGDuty, loyalty, honor, obedience, paladinsGood, Law, Protection, Strength, WarPaladins, heroes, good fighters, good warriors, guardians, knights, loyal courtiers
TymoraICGGood fortune, skill, victory, adventurersTrickery, Chaos, Good, Luck, Protection, TravelRogues, gamblers, adventurers, Harpers, lightfoot halflings
TyrGLGJusticeOrder, Good, Law, RetributionPaladins, judges, magistrates, lawyers, police, the oppressed
UbtaoGNCreation, jungles, Chult, the Chultans, dinosaursPlanning, Plant, Protection, ScalykindAdepts, chultans, druids, inhabitants of jungles, rangers
UlutiuDLNGlaciers, polar environments, arctic dwellersAnimal, Law, Ocean, Protection, StrengthArctic dwellers, druids, historians, leaders, teachers, rangers
UmberleeICEOceans, currents, waves, sea windsTempest, Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Ocean, Storm, WaterSailors, weresharks, sentient sea creatures, coastal dwellers
UthgarLCNUthgardt barbarian tribes, physical strengthAnimal, Chaos, Retribution, StrengthThe Uthgardt tribes, barbarians
ValkurDCGSailors, ships, favorable winds, naval combatAir, Chaos, Good, Ocean, ProtectionFighters, rogues, sailors
VelsharoonDNENecromancy, necromancers, liches, undeathMagic, UndeathLiches, necromancers, seekers of immortality through undeath, Cult of the Dragon
WaukeenLNTrade, money, wealthBalance, Envy, Pride, Protection, Sloth, Travel, TradeShopkeepers, merchants, guides, peddlers, moneychangers, smugglers

Drow (Dark Seldarine) Pantheon

EilistraeeLCGSong, beauty, dance, swordwork, hunting, moonlightChaos, Charm, Drow, Elf, Good, Moon, PortalGood-aligned drow, hunters, surface-dwelling elves
GhaunadaurLCEOozes, slimes, jellies, outcasts, ropers, rebelsCavern, Chaos, Drow, Evil, Hatred, SlimeAboleths, drow, fighters, oozes, outcasts, ropers
KiaransaleeDCEUndead, vengeanceChaos, Drow, Evil, Retribution, UndeathDrow, necromancers, undead
LolthICEDrow, spiders, evil, darkness, assassins, chaosChaos, Darkness, Destruction, Drow, Evil, SpiderDrow, depraved elves, sentient spiders
SelvetarmDCEDrow warriorsChaos, Drow, Evil, SpiderBarbarians, drow, fighters, those who like to kill, warriors
VhaeraunLCEThievery, drow males, evil activity on the surfaceChaos, Drow, Evil, TravelAssassins, male drow, half-drow, poisoners, shadowdancers, rogues, thieves

Dwarven (Morndinsamm) Pantheon

AbbathorINEGreedDwarf, Evil, Luck, TradeDwarves, misers, rogues, shadowdancers
Berronar TruesilverILGSafety, honesty, home, healing, the dwarven family, records, marriage, faithfulness, loyalty, oathsPeace, Dwarf, Family, Good, Healing, Law, ProtectionChildren, dwarven defenders, dwarves, fighters, homemakers, husbands, parents, scribes, wives
Clangeddin Silverbeard     
Deep DuerraDLEPsionics, conquest, expansionDwarf, Evil, Law, MentalismDwarves, fighters, psionicists, travelers in the Underdark
Dugmaren Brightmantle     
DumathoinINBuried wealth, ores, gems, mining, exploration, shield, dwarves, guardian of the deadCavern, Craft, Dwarf, Earth, Metal, ProtectionDwarves, gemsmiths, metalsmiths, miners
Gorm GulthynLLGGuardian of all dwarves, defense, watchfulnessDwarf, Good, Law, ProtectionDwarven defenders, dwarves, fighters
Haela BrightaxeDCGLuck in battle, joy of battle, dwarven fightersChaos, Dwarf, Good, LuckBarbarians, dwarves, fighters
LaduguerILEMagic weapon creation, artisan, magic, gray dwarvesCraft, Dwarf, Evil, Law, Magic, Metal, ProtectionDwarves, fighters, loremasters, soldiers
Marthammor DuinLNGGuides, explorers, expatriates, travelers, lightningDwarf, Good, Protection, TravelDwarves, fighters, rangers, travelers
MoradinGLGDwarves, creation, smithing, engineering, metalcraft, stonework, warForge, Knowledge, Craft, Dwarf, Earth, Good, Law, ProtectionDwarves, metalworkers, dwarven defenders, engineers, fighters, miners, smiths
SharindlarICGHealing, mercy, romantic love, fertility, dancing, courtship, the moonChaos, Charm, Dwarf, Good, Healing, MoonBards, dancers, dwarves, healers, lovers
Thard HarrLCGWild dwarves, jungle survival, huntingAnimal, Chaos, Dwarf, Good, PlantDruids, inhabitants of jungles, rangers, wild dwarves
VergadainINWealth, luck, chance, nonevil, thieves, suspicion, trickery, negotiation, sly clevernessDwarf, Luck, TradeDwarves, merchants, traders, rogues, wealthy individuals, rich

Elven (Seldarine) Pantheon

Aerdrie FaenyaICGAir, weather, avians, rain, fertility, avarielsAir, Animal, Chaos, Elf, Good, StormBards, druids, elves, rangers, sorcerers, travelers, winged beings
AngharradhGCGSpring, fertility, planting, birth, defense, wisdomPeace, Chaos, Elf, Good, Plant, RenewalCommunity elders, druids, elves, farmers, fighters, midwives, mothers
Corellon Larethian     
Deep SashelasICGOceans, sea elves, creation, knowledgeChaos, Elf, Good, Ocean, WaterDruids, elves, fishermen, rangers, sages, sailors
Erevan IlesereICNMischief, change, roguesChaos, Elf, Luck, TrickeryBards, elves, revelers, rogues, sorcerers, tricksters
Fenmarel MestarineLCNFeral elves, outcasts, scapegoats, isolationAnimal, Chaos, Elf, PlantDruids, elves, outcasts, rangers, rogues, spies, wild elves
Hanali CelanilICGLove, romance, beauty, enchantment, magic, item artistry, fine art, artistsChaos, Charm, Elf, Good, Magic, ProtectionAesthetes, artists, enchanters, lovers, sorcerers, bards
Labelas EnorethICGTime, longevity, the moment of choice, historyChaos, Elf, Good, TimeBards, divine disciples, elves, loremasters, scholars, teachers
Rillifane RallathilICGWoodlands, nature, wild elves, druidsChaos, Elf, Good, Plant, ProtectionDruids, rangers, wild elves
Sehanine MoonbowICGMysticism, dreams, death, journeys, transcendence, the moon, the stars, the heavens, moon elvesChaos, Elf, Good, Illusion, Moon, TravelDiviners, elves, half-elves, illusionists, opponents of the undead
ShevarashDCNHatred of the drow, vengeance, crusades, loss, arcane archers, archers, elves, fighters, hunters, rangers, soldiers, sorcerersChaos, Elf, RetributionArcane archers, archers, elves, fighters, hunters, rangers, soldiers, sorcerers
Solonor ThelandiraICGArchery, hunting, wilderness, survivalChaos, Elf, Good, PlantArcane archers, archers, druids, elves, rangers

Giant (Ordning) Pantheon

Annam All-FatherGNGiants, creation, learning, philosophy, fertilityMagic, Plant, Rune, SunGiants
DiancastraDCGTrickery, wit, impudence, pleasureFamily, TrickeryGiants
GrolantorICEHunting, combat, hill giantsChaos, Death, Earth, Evil, HatredHill giants
HiateaGNNature, agriculture, hunting, females, childrenAnimal, Family, Good, Moon, Plant, SunGiants, wood giants, firbolg, voadkyn
IallanisLNGLove, forgiveness, beauty, mercyGood, Strength, SunGiants
KarontorLNEDeformity, hatred, beastsAnimal, Cold, Evil, Madness, StrengthFomorians, verbeeg
MemnorINEPride, mental prowess, controlDeath, Evil, Mentalism, RuneGiants, evil cloud giants
OtheaDNMotherhood, fertility, familyNo domain, deadGiants, giant-kin, ogres
Skoraeus StonebonesINStone giants, earth, buried thingsCavern, Earth, Protection, TemperanceStone giants
StronmausGNGSun, sky, weather, seas, joyAir, Good, Protection, Sun, Weather, SkyCloud giants, storm giants
SurtrILEFire, warEvil, Fire, Law, StrengthFire giants, giants
ThrymLCEFrost giants, strength, cold, ice, warChaos, Cold, Destruction, Earth, Evil, StrengthFrost giants

Gnome (Lords of the Golden Hills) Pantheon

Baervan WildwandererINGTravel, nature, forest, gnomesAnimal, Gnome, Good, Plant, TravelDruids, forest gnomes, rangers, rock gnomes, tricksters
Baravar CloakshadowLNGIllusions, deception, traps, wardsGnome, Good, Illusion, Protection, TrickeryAdventurers, deceivers, gnomes, illusionists, rogues, thieves
Callarduran SmoothhandsINStone, the Underdark, mining, the svirfneblinCavern, Craft, Earth, GnomeFighters, gemcutters, hermits, jewelers, illusionists, opponents of drow, svirfneblin
Flandal SteelskinINGMining, physical fitness, smithing, metalworkingCraft, Gnome, Good, MetalArtisans, fighters, gnomes, miners, smiths
Gaerdal IronhandLLGVigilance, combat, martial defensePeace, Gnome, Good, Law, ProtectionAdministrators, fighters, judges, monks, paladins, soldiers, warriors
Garl GlittergoldGLGGnomes, humor, trickery, wit, illusion, gem cutting, jewelry making, protectionTrickery, Craft, Gnome, Good, Law, ProtectionAdventurers, bards, defending soldiers, rogues, gnomes, illusionists, jewelers, gemcutters, smiths, practical jokers
Segojan EarthcallerINGEarth, nature, the deadCavern, Earth, GoodDruids, elemental archons (earth), fighters, gnomes, illusionists, merchants, miners
UrdlenICEGreed, bloodlust, evil, hatred, uncontrolled impulse, spriggansChaos, Earth, Evil, Gnome, HatredAssassins, blackguards, gnomes, rogues, spriggans

Halfling (Yondalla’s Children) Pantheon

ArvoreenILGDefense, war, vigilance, halfling warriors, duty, halflingsGood, Halfling, Law, ProtectionHalflings, fighters, paladins, rangers, soldiers, warriors
BrandorbarisLNStealth, thievery, adventuring, halfling roguesHalfling, Luck, Travel, TrickeryAdventurers, bards, halflings, risk takers, rogues
CyrrollaleeILGFriendship, trust, the hearth, hospitality, craftsPeace, Family, Good, Halfling, LawArtisans, cooks, guards, halflings, hosts, innkeepers
Sheela PeryroylINNature, agriculture, weather, song, dance, beauty, romantic loveAir, Charm, Halfling, PlantBards, druids, farmers, gardeners, halflings, rangers
UrogalanDLNEarth, death, protection from the deadEarth, Halfling, Law, Protection, ReposeGenealogists, grave differs, halflings
YondallaGLGProtection, bounty, halflings, children, security, leadership, wisdom, creation, family, traditionTwilight, Family, Good, Halfling, Law, ProtectionChildren, halflings, leaders, paladins, parents

Orc Pantheon

BahgtruLCELoyalty, stupidity, brute strengthChaos, Evil, Orc, StrengthBarbarians, followers, orcs, physically strong beings, warriors, wrestlers
GruumshGCEOrcs, conquest, survival, strength, territoryCavern, Chaos, Evil, Hatred, Orc, Strength, WarFighters, orcs
IlnevalLNEWar, combat, overwhelming numbers, strategyDestruction, Evil, Orc, Planning, WarBarbarians, fighters, orcs
LuthicLNECaves, orc females, home, wisdom, fertility, healing, servitudeCavern, Earth, Evil, FamilyMonks, orc females, runecasters
ShargaasLCENight, thieves, stealth, darkness, the UnderdarkChaos, Darkness, Evil, OrcOrcs, assassins, thieves
YurtrusLNEDeath, diseaseDeath, Destruction, Evil, Orc, SufferingAssassins, monks, orcs

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