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Cataclysm of the Primordial Orders

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Cartographer’s Tools

  • RAW Cost: 15gp
  • RAW Weight: 6lbs
  • Items: Compass, Ruler, Triangle, Pen, Parchment, Calipers
  • Crafting Restrictions: Must follow rules detailed in the “Creating Detailed Maps” section.
  • Mundane Item Crafting: None
  • Magic Item Crafting: None
  • Artwork Creation: Can create high quality maps that can be modified and sold as artwork.
  • QA Artwork Bonus: None
  • Structure Building: None
  • Adventuring Utility: Cannot get lost in a mapped area and can be granted additional bonuses whilst navigating a mapped area.

Default Recipes

Cartographers are a particular breed.  Either they are holed up in a small room copying maps or combining them or wandering the world putting together something fantastic.  They can make the following:

  • Accurate maps

Skill Usage

  • Arcana, History, Religion: You can use your knowledge of maps and locations to unearth more detailed information when you use these skills. For instance, you might spot hidden messages in a map, identify when the map was made to determine if geographical features have changed since then, and so forth.
  • Nature: Your familiarity with physical geography makes it easier for you to answer questions or solve issues relating to the terrain around you.
  • Survival: Your understanding of geography makes it easier to find paths to civilization, to predict areas where villages or towns might be found, and to avoid becoming lost. You have studied so many maps that common patterns, such as how trade routes evolve and where settlements arise in relation to geographic locations, are familiar to you.
  • Craft a Map: While traveling, you can draw a map as you go in addition to engaging in other activities.

Cartographer’s Tools Basic Skill Use Difficulty Table

Determine a map’s age and origin10
Estimate direction and distance to a landmark15
Discern that a map is fake15
Fill in a missing part of a map20


For much of the crafting for this skill set and tools, just use the Mundane Crafting rules unless there is something specific that the character wishes to create outside of the normal things.

Session 16, Prelude

24th of Mirtul of the year 1492

“You dare to pit yourselves against the Lord of Lance Rock? Death is your reward!”


As the party stared horrified, the hooded figure looked up with its sunken and rotting features and shambled toward them when the two large buckets erupted with a mass of hands and limbs and swarmed to the party.  


Swarm of Limbs

The robed figure in the back with the four skeleton archers waited for the group to move further into the cave before ordering the archers to start firing and he retreated further into the depths of the caves. One interesting point was when Avery ran to the front of the combat to unleash his burning hands on the undead and incidentally included Vladimir within the area of effect. Vladimir was able to enjoy the pinching swarm of hands all over himself.  It seems that he is becoming more comfortable being swarmed by creatures and chewed upon. The rest of the combat did not take very long for the party to finish off the dead creatures and make their way to the end of the large cave.  Waiting for them at the end of the cave was a large armored ogre skeleton.

Armored Ogre Skeleton

It did not seem inclined to move from its guarding position and seemed like it was waiting for the party to make the first move.  While this was going on, some of the others explored the remainder of the cave.  There was a long set of stairs to the east that led up a wall to a peephole and a lever.  Behind that peephole was a small room that contained a pair of stone boxes.  Not being able to resist the urge, Avery pulled the lever which turned out to completely collapse the room behind the peephole.  There was some concern that the little girls might have been hidden in the boxes and that their mission might have already ended in failure.

Deciding to not worry about it, they moved forward and Fogo engaged the giant skeleton without much preparation which caused a lengthy and almost deadly combat since the large skeleton was one of the toughest foes they had faced and was able to do tremendous damage knocking our Angelica bounding her away from it.  But once again, once the party was fully engaged, they were able to take it out suffering only a little more than normal.

Before heading deeper into the tunnels, a tremor started shaking the grounds, nothing severe, but enough to make everyone concerned. Worried the lever at the peephole might have done something to the cavern, everyone prepared for the worst, but nothing more occurred.  Finally moving forward down the corridor to pursue the necromancer, they finally arrived at a room.  It contained a couch, several chairs, a bed, and what appeared to be a dining room table and chair.  The necromancer was pacing back and forth muttering expletives about the intruders and how they did not give him his proper reverence.

Moving in to start the attack, Fogo placed a spike growth in the room to attempt to lock down the necromancer and allow everyone else to attack.  Most of the group moved into the room preparing to engage, when their opponent cast a spell.  A spell that created a spinning jagged crown on top of Vladimir’s head.  As everyone tried to get some sort of advantage on their foe, Vladimir started attacking and pursuing Fwoosh. Shortly afterwards, the necromancer pulled back the curtain at his back and misty stepped away from the fray leaving the party to deal with the charmed Vladimir.

It only took a few rounds before everything was sorted and Vladimir came back to his senses.  Chasing after the wizard, they found a secret door with a corridor that headed down and south of their location.  It led to another larger room which had a huge stone slab as a table with what appeared to be a dragon skeleton upon it.  Once the necromancer saw the party he yelled.


Incomplete Dragon Skeleton

Which caused the skeleton to stand up and begin to attack the party.  ISAC and Vladimir moved into to attack the dragon while everyone else stuck to the north side of the room to continue chasing the wizard into the last room. The wizard gave them another point to consider.

“Can’t you see it? It’s the Eye! It sees your every move! Don’t you fear it?”

Within the room at the center stands stone covered in runes and a pedestal fashioned of severed arms arranged to clutch one another in a cone. Cradled in the uppermost hands is a glowing crystal sphere. A dark sigil with an eyelike slit floats above the sphere.  Bloody script covers one wall.  It is messy and difficult to read.

Evil Sigil

Again, combat was quick, the necromancer was a wizard, wizards are like tissue paper, he died quickly, but when he died, he burst into a black flame completely consuming him causing his to scream in great agony as he vanished. Fwoosh being ever inquisitive and no longer having a target, poked the eye with his rapier. This immediately caused the entire party to fall into darkness and all saw the following dream.

You see before you a bountiful field rich with wheat. A Bird’s cry startles you then is silent, the bubbling of a nearby brook babbles secrets you do not understand, the earth beneath your feet groans in protest and gives way. You fall deep beneath the field, the rich warmth of flame reaching out to embrace you.

You are standing on a hilltop staring at the clear night sky, a cool breeze nipping at your bare chest. There is a thunderous roar as the sky rips itself apart and the stars fall to the ground. In the skyless night the stars plummet into a nearby ocean and its water turns scarlet and still. Other stars fall on an unsuspecting town, but no one notices. The mountain erupts in black fire and silver smoke, but no one notices. A Voice calls out for them to flee, to seek shelter, to fend for their lives, but no one notices.

A Feather. A Scale. A Golden Mask. A Wicker Doll.

The village is silent and still, smoldering in the skyless night sky.

Laughter. Unrestrained laughter echoes across the silent scene, pure and guttural. A single lidless eye stretches across the sky from horizon to horizon, staring down at you as the laughter builds on itself, as though you are part of a great cosmic joke.

Once the sequence was complete everyone awakened stunned briefly, but not sufficiently to stop the destruction of the dragon skeleton.  With all immediate danger gone, they moved back to the room where the eye had been, and all that was left was some sort of floating blue globe.  It was stashed in Angelica’s vault shield and everyone started reading the bloody writing on the wall.  It read.

In the realm wh’re destiny int’rtwines,

a bodement f’retold, through ancient signs,

of elemental l’rds and prophets four,

at which hour chaos awakens, the w’rld to expl’re.

The elemental l’rds, fi’rce and unbound,

earth, air, fireth, and wat’r, profound,

with allies by their side, prophets of might,

seeking dominion, to vanquish the lighteth.

Air l’rd’s prophet, with partisan hath raised high,

earth l’rd’s prophet, war picketh to defy,

fireth l’rd’s prophet, dagg’r ablaze,

wat’r l’rd’s prophet, trident’s gentle gazeth.

Togeth’r those gents gath’r, darkness their guideth,

their weapons, unknowing, holdeth secrets inside,

keys to the gateways, wh’re chaos is b’rn,

to saveth the w’rld, a quest might not but beest sw’rn.

But h’roes shalt riseth, their spirits untamed,

to visage the prophets, their destiny unclaimed,

with courage and val’r, those gents’ll hurlyburly the odds,

to reclaim the keys and confronteth the gods.

Through treach’rous battles, those gents’ll striveth to succeedeth,

to slayeth the prophets and fulfill the decree,

to seize the weapons, the keys those gents conceal,

unlocking the pow’r to mendeth and to healeth.

With each fallen prophet, a key is revealed,

a grise clos’r to vict’ry, the darkness repealed,

sealing the gateways, wh’re chaos runs deep,

rest’ring the w’rld from et’rnal catch but a wink.

The h’roes, chosen, their hearts int’rtwined,

unit’d those gents standeth, their purpose defined,

harnessing the weapons, the keys yond ignite,

those gents sealeth the gateways, rest’ring the lighteth.

And so, the bodement shalt cometh to passeth,

a testament to the h’roes’ val’r and class,

f’r those gents possesseth the strength to defy,

to safeguard our w’rld, until the endeth of timeth.

Rememb’r this bodement, etch’d in l’re,

a tale of triumph ‘gainst the elemental roar,

embrace the h’ro within, alloweth thy spirit ignite,

to protecteth our w’rld, pres’rving its lighteth

Blue Floating Globe

As they pondered the meaning of these words, ISAC reminded them that they were here to rescues some little girl, not ponder the odd things written in blood on a wall by a necromancer madman. Moving on to the last hallway to the west, they came to the prison.  There were four men chained to the wall, and they could see the two girls huddling and tightly gripping a bundle of fur.  Within the room, was a half-elf ranger, a human merchant, a human guard, and an Iceshield Orc.

The half-elf was named Grafaerd Ulamoira, the merchant Alfred, the Mirabaran Guard Gef Rilisk, and no one cared about the orc.

Grafaerd Ulamoira


Iceshield Orc

Gef Rilisk

It turns out that the guard had been part of a caravan coming from Mirabar and he had gotten separated some place to the north of Red Larch.  The merchant had been kidnapped by zombies, and no one really cared how the orc got there.  The child clutched bundle of fur turned out to be Dancer, a Tabaxi.  All the prisoner’s gear was in a large box near the entrance where everyone except the orc gathered up their stuff.  The orc?  Vladimir had private business with him with his weapons.  A quick one-sided duel had Vladimir coming out of the prison area covered in orc blood.

Wanting to get the girls back home, the larger group retraced their steps back to the entrance where they realized there was a short corridor that they had no yet explored.  Fogo and ISAC went forward leaving the rest in the bloodstained front room.  There was a combination of over 20 corpses in both skeleton and full body condition.  Not satisfied with their state, Fogo decided it was best to start poking dead bodies in a necromancer’s cave complex. Several of them stood up and started engaging the two in the room.

And this is where the session ended.

Campaign Notes

The Lord of Lance Rock has been killed, the girls rescued, the new party member Dancer has joined the party, and not willing to leave anything behind, a small beehive of undead have been awakened on the way out.  The Prelude is quickly coming to an end, but not quite yet.

Map of Lance Rock

Session 6, Prelude

10th of Mirtul of the year 1492

The group slowly awakened in their two rooms, mostly rested, except for Fogo who had been plagued by upsetting dreams and uncomfortableness all night.  It was noticeable enough for Avery, Fwoosh, and Sky to wonder if there were any issues that they should be concerned about. Fogo described his dreams about the earth and stone and believes that it points to the quarries as a possible source.  He did quote something he remembered from the dream.  He heard from a genteel and well-spoken voice say:

“The last war did not wipe the slate clean. You all shall be crushed by the earth, ground into stone, and I shall begin again.

Fwoosh was still concerned about his golden statue, and he felt like it was sucking things from him.  Something unknown, as it was consuming some of his essence. The action of handling it made Avery very uncomfortable, but not for any reason he could articulate, perhaps just fear of the unknown.  Concern about the statue was expressed by Fogo as well.

The other group strategized about their plans for the day and wanted to make sure that they visit the owner of the inn who is known to be a wizard.  Angelica spoke up about how both Imdarr and the constable should be trustworthy and that they should be planning on taking on the bandits soon.

It was at that point that everyone came together and went downstairs for some much-needed breakfast.  Sitting at a large table they all ordered some breakfast and.  All of them enjoyed the main room which were substantially cooler than their rooms, and especially the outside. Fogo related his dream from last night and requoted the voice he heard.  Vladimir described his dream of fire, and said that he too heard a voice:

“You cannot stop the flames. I shall burn all of you down and rule over the ashes of rebirth.”

They also discussed that disturbing dreams had also seemed to have plagued several of the people of Red Larch.  It was pointed out that the dreams were very elemental, perhaps even primordial. In the midst all this, Sky relayed that he too had a dream.  It was of a white fox named Deloris, the Harbinger of Death.  Sky was not sure about if there were any elemental links, but the giant berry he had been eating in the dream was very tasty.

Behind the bar was a short man sitting on a stool.  The party assumed it was Dhelosk Quelbeard, owner of the Blackbutter Inn, and a wizard.

Dhelosk Quelbeard

While the conversation was coming to an end at the table, Avery quietly went to the bar and hopped on a stool to converse with Dhelosk.  It was explained that the party has questions for Dhelosk, whereas Avery was interested in finding a teacher of the arcane arts.  It was implied that instructions might be available for the right price for Avery and his party members.

Vladimir led the party into considering what topics they should discuss and any subjects they should broach with Dhelosk.  The golden statue was brought up several times.  Fogo expressed interest in magic items and others in potions. It was also suggested that they ask him about the weather and any other odd occurrences in and around town.

As usual, the party then split into different groups.  Fogo, Angelica, Avery, ISAC, and Sky went out leaving Vladimir and Fwoosh stayed to speak to Dhelosk.

Vladimir attempted to make a copy of the symbols on the statue, when he realized that all the paper left the building with the other party members.  Attempting to develop a talking strategy Fwoosh and Vladimir concluded that after taking the statue out repeatedly, it was likely that Dhelosk had already seen it. So, they approached the bar.

It started with a little small talk that quickly led to asking about available magical wares that he might have available.  They were told that what he did have, would not be around long, and new stuff would arrive frequently.  Dhelosk expressed his interest in artifacts, old magic, anything that might be interesting for him to research.  Vladimir and Fwoosh were directed to the shrine for healing potions, and pointed to the local smith in town that could make very high-quality arms and armor.  Most of the things that Dhelosk had on hand were much too expensive for the party.

The old wizard was able to identify the unknown potion in their hands that was found in the Amphail Middens.  Something the Wererat had on his possession, it was a potion of cure lycanthropy.  He also explained more about Wererat society and their communal nature and that they do not allow new Wererats to exist unless they are a member of one of the clans.

When prompted for their questions, Vladimir asked about the odd weather and the old man replied:

“What has been going on is more primitive, more like ancient magic, something elemental.”

Dhelosk continued to explain that whatever is happening has been affecting magic in the area as well in odd ways.  Scrying is all but impossible around and in the Sumber Hills, and that most of it has been occurring within the last year.

It was then they brought out the golden statue.  Fwoosh explained a little more:

“It’s taking things from me. It’s warm.  It absorbs elements.”

Golden Statue

With a gesture and a request, they were brought into the back area.  A long hallway with several doors, probably leading to storage and the kitchen, but Dhelosk stopped at a blank wall.  With some sort of arcane gesture, it transformed into a doorway which led into a very large room, at least 50-feet wide and deep.  With the floors, walls, and ceiling all made of stone.  There were a few other exits.  This room should not be able to exist, it was outside of the confines of the walls of the inn.

The room was filled with a magical air with one wall covered in books and a comfortable chair and table nearby.  There were several tables for different arcane purposes.  It was very much a wizard’s research room. Once within the room, he led them to one of the tables and started examining the statue.  He fetched a book and looked over the symbols and seemed to be comparing them to what was within the book.

“It’s hiding itself. If those symbols are true, then it is at least two thousand years old. It’s from an ancient Drow civilization. These are elemental symbols from the old Drow magic.”

He then explained each of the symbols:


Dhelosk asked about purchasing said statue but was quickly shown that it was attached to Fwoosh and if brought more than ten feet away, it would automatically return to Fwoosh. He did not know what the top symbol represented and was not in any of the ancient Drow books he had.  When asked about the item being cursed, he replied that it might be, or that it might be trying to awaken, or using the “sucking” to power its magic.  It was very old and details could not be determined.

When Vladimir expressed his concern that they wondered if it was dangerous.  The reply gave them some feeling of comfort.

“He does not look worse for wear, if it is drawing something from him, he is not showing any symptoms of it.  He is not aging, not fatigued, not anything. It is hard to say it is cursed at this point because there is no impact.”

After some additional small talk, they departed the hidden room and then the inn heading to the shrine.

The other group of everyone else had wandered outside.  It was hot and humid.  It was much worse than yesterday.  The weather continued to bear down upon them.  There was not a breeze, or anything else to break the heat. They headed north to the Mellikho Stoneworks, hoping to find out more about the men in the stone masks.  Upon entry to the quarry, they were greeted by the banging of metal on stone with over a dozen men working with a middle-aged woman screaming instructions at them.

Albaeri Mellikho

With some conversation on how to approach the group, Avery and Angelica split off from the group to head to the bakery everyone had passed on the way here.  The rest went further into the quarry. The woman that had been yelling was not happy with the intrusion and when asked about any oddities, she derided them about anyone in stone masks.  She told them it was just her quarry miners being weak and not wanting to work at night.

When Fogo pushed, she told them about an old treasure in a cave in the hills near town.  She told them to go explore and adventure there and leave her alone.

Arriving at the bakery, the wonderful smells of fresh bread and pastries filled the air.  They were greeted by a rat looking man. The selection was amazing, and after purchasing, it all tasted great.  When asked about anything strange happening, they were told about the Tarnlar children that had been chased away by an old dwarf from Lance Rock claiming that there is plague there, and then about the Mhandyvver’s children having talked to a ghost somewhere in the hills.  Mangobarl dismissed both as just children’s fantasy and games they were playing.

Mangobarl Lorren

All three groups completed their various conversations and met in the street.  Agreeing to meet for lunch later, Fogo left the group and headed into Haeleeya’s while the rest headed to the shrine seeking healing potions and perhaps some penance.

In Haeleeya’s, the store was clearly some sort of bathhouse as well as a dress store.  The room was filled with the smells of flowers from the many that were situated in the room. Fogo met the proprietress and with a few shared hand signals they moved in closer and began talking in soft voices.

Haeleeya Hanadroum

She was happy to find someone from the Enclave in town and questioned him about what mission he might be on.  She expressed her concerned about the unnatural weather, the change of behavior of several members of Red Larch, men in masks wandering around, people having weird dreams, and that there were  nearby haunted locations.

“Lots of things happening at once, like the supernatural just woke up”.

When asked about what might important, she told him that the children have been seeing most of the things, mostly because the adults are working, and the kids’ stories just scoffed at.

Everyone else was at the shrine and Imdarr was readily available. He was quick to go straight to Angelica and start talking to her. The party impatient about asking about purchasing healing potions.  Because of Angelica belonging to the Order of the Gauntlet, they were given a higher-than-normal discount, and most of them bought a few except Vladimir, who bought five. Imdarr also explained a bit more about the size of the River Dessarin and the fact that there are even pirates on the river.  Angelica did ask about her sister and wrote up a letter for her sister to be delivered.

Imdarr Relvaunder

The group then reconvened at the Blackbutter Inn. Ordering food and drink from Delilia.

Delilia Quelbeard

Gwendolyn brought out the drinks quickly and mentioned that she knew that they had met with her boss. She did not have too much more to add and went back to her bar.

Gwendolyn Venelli

The party discussed what each group had found.  A lot of the discussion was around what was found out about the golden statue.  They kept talking about wanting to test the magical powers of the statue, all of which would be casting damaging spells toward Fwoosh and hope that he is protected by the statue.

 After lunch one group consisting of Angelica, Fogo, ISAC, and Avery went to the shrine and the remainder group of Vladimir, Fwoosh, and Sky went to the smithery.

The group at the shrine were looking for toolkits for some of the party members, but not much was available, but Imdarr suggested the group head to the market that was open on then end of every ten-day.  They then headed that direction.

The other set of party members arrived at Tantur’s Smithery.  They were greeted by the dinging of metal on metal.  The heat of the forge made the day even more miserable than it already was.  A muscular family was working the forges.  On display there were a mix of weapons and armor, several of which were some of the best they had seen before.  The smith’s wife came out and after giving them some of the prices, the group was in shock for some time.  All the higher quality items were way out of their price range.

Eldras Tantur

Fwoosh seemed to have taken something from the conversations with the Laefra that triggered him.  With a few rude words he departed the smithery with Vladimir. When questioned about his attitude, Fwoosh revealed more about his history in Waterdeep and about how he had been kidnapped and forced to perform in front of nobles like circus freaks.

Both groups came together as they were all heading to the market.  It was an interesting mix of vendors having anything from used weapons, fresh fruits and meats, junk, and finally pickles. Oh, those pickles.  While shopping, the group heard some loud and raucous laughter coming from a large half-orc.  He seemed to be manning a booth selling pickles.


ISAC was looking for someone to purchase used weapons, and there was a booth for Ironhead Arms run by another half-orc.  Nothing was new, most were in mediocre condition, but he was willing to purchase and weapons and armor without too many questions.  What was most interesting was a set of axes he had on display.  While not the best of ironmongering, they were in fine condition.  Battle axes, great axes, and some others less important ones.  It was these that got Vladimir’s attention and to some extent horror, as they brought up his memories of the Iceshield Orcs from his past.  It seems that these axes, were from these same Iceshield Orcs.

Feng Ironhead

It seems that the Iceshield Orcs are in the valley, mostly to the east of the Sumber Hills.  They like to raid the farms and steal from where they can. For a final stop, the party went to visit the pickle stand.  The vendor was a very happy and friendly half-orc.  He did not really pay attention to his sales very much, and he seemed to be much more interested in just having fun and talking with people.  He offered dill, sweet, jalapeño pickles, and his extra special pickles.

Peppers with the Extra Special Pickles

While they were all chatting, Sky witnessed someone sneaking by and steal some of the pickles.  When confronted the thief tossed the pickles at Sky and ran off.  When asked about it, Grund claimed it was okay since it was just his friends that were playing pranks on him. Several members of the party bought pickles and when asked about his name:

“My name is Grund.  My mother gave me that name.  That was the sound that she made when she gave birth to me.”

It was at that point that Sky decided to sample one of the extra special pickles.  It went in easy enough, but it did not take long before Sky was writhing in pain on the ground with foam coming out of his mouth.  ISAC had to carry Sky back to the Blackbutter Inn.  As they walked back, everyone was reminded at how awful the weather was.  It was hotter than before, and the air was not moving at all.  The stillness was as bothersome as the heat. ISAC went to the room to retire early while Sky went to the outhouse where he had his own personal religious experience while the extra special pickles had worked their way out.  Fogo and Avery made their way to Helm at Highsun leaving behind Vladimir and Fwoosh at the Inn.

Fogo and Avery were on the hunt for some of the miners from the quarry.  While the Helm was busy and full, they were able to find a set of four that they recognized.  Avery headed to the bar to watch, and Fogo went to visit the miners. At the bar, Avery continued his delving into different ales. The bartender was a slender gentile looking man.  Avery was more concerned about watching the action with Fogo than a conversation with the bartender.

Garlen Harlathurl

With the miners, Fogo offered up some ale in exchange for a conversation.  When asking about the rumors of men in stone masks, the miners explained after a drink or two that they were concerned about their boss, and that she was upset from the visit earlier in the day.  She was always angry but seemed more angry than normal from that visit.  They did not know what had been discussed with her, but she was not happy at all.  They then told Fogo that the men with stone masks started showing up around a month ago.  They would be there at sunset and chase the miners around, there was magic and just general scary things.  Why would the miners be willing to work with that?  Their boss seems to be upset when people ask about it.

“Strange looking masks, stone masks. Chasing us around.  Are they bandits? Are they ghosts? It’s just scary.”

At the Blackbutter Inn, Vladimir started off with a couple of bottles of strong alcohol, very strong alcohol.  Fwoosh watched in amazement as his friend was quickly finishing off the bottles.  Fwoosh tried to pry information out, and Vladimir explained about his past as a soldier and that a devastating ambush had killed most of his friends and had been conducted by the Iceshield Orcs. It had a profound impact on him.

Once the two from the Helm got back, they could see the poor condition that Vladimir was in, everyone there decided to bring him up to his room and head to bed.  Angelica was able to drag and or carry Sky up to his room where Sky was a bit delirious and walking funny from his experience.

Eventually the group was able to settle somewhat in the rooms and went to bed for the night.

11th of Mirtul of the year 1492

In the morning everyone was feeling well except Vladimir who had an excruciating headache and Sky who kept a hold of his buttocks to ensure nothing was leaking. ISAC approached Dhelosk for some sort of elixir to help the boys in pain. Creating a mixture of different colored liquids and some sort of pill, the smoking drink was delivered.  Once quaffed, both boys in pain felt a lot better.

After a hearty breakfast, the party got on the road south.  Searching for several miles for any possible trail they spent the entire day finding not very much except old hunting and creature trails, but nothing recent, nor anything that led them to believe that they found any bandit tracks. After almost a week of camping with Otis and his sons, the group was proficient in setting up camp, however it seems that Fogo might have been watching George a little too closely and the meal he cooked was just as poor as most of George’s were.  Once the meal was completed, they started their normal watch rotations with a small campfire being left lit.

It was very quiet as the watches went by until the second watch which was Vladimir and Fwoosh.  Neither noticed the gentle vibrations in the ground.  The dirt erupted around Avery as a large insect rose and grabbed him.  It just as quickly dove back into the hole it had come from.


It quickly became a mass of confusion as the players started jumping into the hole to save Avery followed by the other characters as they awakened and followed into the hole.  They were able to catch up before it ran off with its Avery dinner. The battle did not last long, but they discovered that the first hit upon it made it spew acid from the wound, that it was able to attack with both claws and a bite, and when riled up would also spit acid in a 30-foot stream at them.

There was a lot of yelling, dodging, and bravery, and they were able to kill it without too much difficulty.  However, to their horror, they discovered that upon its death, it exploded into a spray of acid in a 30-foot radius which was able to cover almost the entire party.  Still, they all survived.

And that is where the session ended.

Campaign Notes

It was an interesting day in Red Larch.  The group got to experience different tastes, experiences, and the smells that went along with them.  They finally started hunting down the bandits moving down Cairn Road working their way along the south side of the road first and planning on covering the north side on their way back. Who knows what they will be encountering. Well, someone does and he is not telling them.



Woodcarver’s Tools

  • RAW Cost: 1gp
  • RAW Weight: 5lbs
  • Items: Carving Knife, Chisel, Mallet, Saw, Gouge
  • Crafting Restrictions: None
  • Mundane Item Crafting: All non-slashing weapons, Laminar Armor**, several pieces of adventuring gear.
  • Magic Item Crafting: Wide list of wooden items
  • Artwork Creation: Can create carved wooden artwork such as statuettes.
  • QA Artwork Bonus: None
  • Structure Building: None
  • Adventuring Utility: Can create simple ad-hoc weaponry out of just wood.

Default Blueprints

If a woodcarver has a sharp object, they are useful in creating many different common items.  They can make the following at start:

  • Wooden weapons
  • Laminar armor
  • Common adventuring gear

Skill Usage

  • Arcana, History: Your expertise lends you additional insight when you examine wooden objects, such as figurines or arrows.
  • Nature: Your knowledge of wooden objects gives you some added insight when you examine trees.
  • Repair: As part of a short rest, you can repair a single damaged wooden object.
  • Craft Arrows: As part of a short rest, you can craft up to five arrows. As part of a long rest, you can craft up to twenty. You must have enough wood on hand to produce them.

Woodcarver’s Tools Basic Use Difficulty Table

Craft a small wooden figurine10
Carve an intricate pattern in wood15


For much of the crafting for this skill set and tools, just use the Mundane Crafting rules unless there is something specific that the character wishes to create outside of the normal things.


Titles: The Water Lord, King of the Water Elementals, God-King of Undines

Portfolio: Elemental water, purification

Domain: Destruction, Ocean, Storm, Travel, Water

Worshipers: Bards, elemental archons (water), sailors, travelers

Istishia (pronounced: /ɪsˈtɪʃiɑː/ is-TISH-ee-ah[1]) was the neutral primordial deity of elemental water and purification. While other powers governed oceans, pools, streams, storms, or simply those that had business with the water, Istishia was far more abstract. The Water Lord was mutable and dynamic, representing constant change with an essential constant at its core, the god not of any specific body or state of water, but the water itself.

Istishia is the elemental embodiment of water, but not any specific formation or body of water (unlike Umberlee who governs the oceans and ocean storms, Eldath who has dominion over pools, springs, and waterfalls and Valkur who strives to protect those who travel the waves). He represents the essence of water itself, the nature of slow change over time, and the ability of water to enact change.

He is one of the four elemental deities worshiped in Faerûn but, like all but Kossuth, has a very small following. He cares only slightly for his followers and is almost predictable in his incomprehensible and alien unpredictability. Most mortals consider his actions incomprehensible and like the other elemental lords he is almost indifferent to his own worshipers.


Istishia was depicted in a wide variety of forms ranging from a drop of rain or ocean wave to a water weird or gigantic water elemental. When he manifested, it was as a 40​ to ​60 feet (12​ to ​18 meters) tall, 20​ to ​30 feet (6.1​ to ​9.1 meters) thick, column of water. This form maneuvered effortlessly over or through any obstacles in its path, its movements sounding life the surf pounding on the shore and was known to divide into several parts in an effort by the Water Lord to confuse his enemies. When he spoke, his voice was at once the sound of rushing water, a babbling brook, and a gentle rain.


Istishia was a slippery, dispassionate power whose reasons and logic were incomprehensible to most. He provided an atmosphere for life and provided a vital resource yet would not grant the life itself and cared not how his gifts were used. He was relatively aloof towards his own followers, ignoring and favoring them seemingly on a whim, so alien, uncaring, and utterly random that his unpredictability was itself predictable.

Divine Realm

Though Istishia did not have a court in the conventional sense, and despite his follower’s belief that he encompassed the whole Elemental Plane of Water, he did maintain a distinct divine realm on that plane within the Great Wheel cosmology called Sea of Timelessness.


Istishia had ties to deities with a relation to water, but no strong relationships. These included the likes of like Deep Sashelas, Eadro, Eldath, Persana, Shekinester, Surminare, Trishina, Umberlee, Valkur, and the Water Lion. Of these, he worked loosely with Sashelas, Trishina, and Eldath to maintain the life cycles of the sea. Conversely, he had no interest in Umberlee’s storms of Valkur’s sailors.

Istishia opposed Kossuth in every way. He sat back and watched the struggle of the archomentals of water, Ben-Hadar and Olhydra; presumably he would intervene if one would achieve a real chance to get control of elemental water.


Istishia was worshiped by sailors, pirates, water Elementals, water genasi, some aquatic elves, and others who felt a bond with the ocean’s destructive power.

Centers of Worship

Calimshan had several important shrines and temples to Istishia. The city of Keltar had a shrine known as the Steps of Istishia that was built thousands of years before the 14th century DR. The city of Calimport had the massive, seven-story Palace of the Cresting Wave.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Istishia is worshiped by Sailors, Pirates, Water Elementals, Water Genasi, some Aquatic Elves, and others who feel a bond with the Ocean’s destructive power. Like all the elemental lords, Istishia is relatively unfeeling toward his followers on Abeir-Toril. His reactions are utterly unpredictable and thus, in an odd way, predictable in their unpredictability. The reasoning behind Istishia’s actions is incomprehensible to most of Faerûn’s inhabitants, including his worshipers. The alien and uncaring stance of Istishia and the other elemental lords has led to the mistaken impression in the Realms that they are only lesser powers and their followers merely oddball cultists.

The Water Lord’s faith has four major sects: the Church of the Magnificent Storm, the Church of the Sacred Sea, the Church of Watery Paths, and the Church of the Eternal Transformation. These sects work together with each other, though disagreements have been known to occur. In general, the Istishian faith is constantly evolving, and new sects are diverted from or absorbed by old ones as the decades pass. The church uses a unified ranking system so even members of different sects know their relative positions.

The Church of the Magnificent Storm believes in the cleansing power of Istishia. In its eyes, Istishia washes away the impurities of both the land and sea and purifies the air. “Stormers,” as they are known, always try to be present during thunderstorms and other severe weather.

The Church of the Sacred Sea believes that large expanses of water represent the body of Istishia. Its members pray for calm seas and to protect both ships and port from the Water Lord’s power, but they also call upon the oceans to deliver Istishia’s wrath against those who oppose the church.

The Church of Watery Paths believes that the rivers and streams of Toril represent the far reach of Istishia’s power. Its members view rivers and streams as the veins and capillaries of Istishia and point out that no place on Toril is not shaped in some way by water, even if it is shaped by the absence of water.

Finally, the Church of the Eternal Transformation believes that just as water moves from one state to another yet remains eternally present, so life moves from one state to another yet continues. Life exists on terrestrial bodies like Abeir-Toril on the Prime Material Plane and across the many planes of existence, and when life ends on one plane it is merely transformed to a form more suitable for its existence on another. All the universe is therefore symbolized in the water cycle.

Most Istishian priests minister to the needs of the faithful in one region or are attached to a particular shrine, temple, or holy site. However, the church believes that those who remain in one location and are immersed in the same company for too long become stagnant, so all Istishian priests move on to new postings on a rotating basis (so that all priests are not traveling to or learning new positions at the same time). In general, a priest serves in one locale for five years and rotates to a new posting at the anniversary of the closest major holiday (Midwinter, Greengrass, Midsummer, Higharvestide, or the Feast of the Moon) to the date at which she or he became a full priest. Postings may be extended by petition from a priest or his or her congregation for year-long periods until 10 years of service at one locale is reached. At that point, a priest must move on to a new post. Postings are overseen by the prestigious Elder Oversight Committee, and most of the church politics in the Istishian faith surround the actions of the Oversight Committee or attempts to influence its future actions. The life-long appointments to the committee are fiercely fought over—when such positions open due to death or retirements.

Keeping waterways pure and clean is one major goal of the church, and this responsible long-term goal has made the Istishians one of the more easily accepted elemental “cults” to visit a town. Wantonly polluting rivers, streams, seas, and oceans is considered an insult to Istishia, as well as likely offending several other nature and water deities.

Other ongoing goals of the church are better communication among the aquatic races and between the aquatic races and surface dwellers. Many Istishian priests dream of a day when all water dwellers can be united in their goals and efforts underneath the benevolent guidance of the church. That this goal is utterly unachievable and presupposes the extinction of numerous major faiths seems not to sway them from clinging to it nonetheless—nor does it mean that they hold any malice toward other primarily aquatic faiths.

Istishian temples are well-known for crafting excellent pottery. Using water, Istishians priests mold clay to a desired form, dry the new pots in the air, finish them with fire, and (often) use them to carry water or other liquids. The interactions of the elements are demonstrated in making pottery, as is the mutability of water and its final triumph.

Worship in Zakhara

On the continent of Zakhara, Istishia was called one of the cold gods of the elements. As those were seen as uncaring for human affairs, they were considered opposed to the Land of Fate’s pervasive culture of Enlightenment. Few Zakharans were willing to worship a cold god to gain power.


Priests of Istishia dress in blue-and-green robes with coral decorations for ceremonial occasions. Exact decorations and garment construction are not mandated by the faith, but shaded or rippled dying, graceful embroidery or bead work, or layered construction are often employed to convey a water theme. The wave of Istishia is usually carved into a gemstone incorporated into a medallion, a brooch, or a ring. Often the gemstone is jade, emerald, malachite, aquamarine, or water opal.

Adventuring priests are free to wear whatever clothes they deem appropriate, though they are fond of wearing items in white, blue, green, and blue-purple hues. The use of armor heavier than chain mail is frowned upon by the church and forbidden to water walkers.


Novice Istishian priests are called Searchers. After completing a series of at least three one-on-one courses of learning (a sort of apprenticeship in the faith) with Istishian senior priests, novice Istishians become full priests. In ascending order of rank, the titles in general use by the priesthood are Essential Servant (full priest), Spring of the God, Tidal Messenger, Cephalin, Full Flood (senior priest), Monsoon, Oracle (head of a temple or large shrine), Grand Oracle (senior or elder head of a temple), Stratus Primae (leader of a region’s temples and shrines) and Delphine Regent (hereditary leader of the faith). A priest who has slain or soundly defeated an enemy of the church (usually a high-ranking priest of Kossuth or a fire-based creature of power) may add the honorific “True” to the beginning of his or her title. Specialty priests of Istishia are known as Water walkers.


Priests of Istishia tend to establish shrines on the shores of bodies of water. Large temples exist primarily in port towns and cities. Other Istishian houses of worship are entirely under water and so inaccessible to most surface dwellers and uncommented on in their history or lore, though such Istishian holy sites have figured prominently in the oral and written histories of the aquatic races. The typical Istishian temple is of quarried sandstone or marble in clean, elegant lines and usually sits out on a pier or next to the water or incorporates a great many streams, ornamental pools, and fountains to make water a vital part of its landscaping.


Each morning priests begin their day with a quiet prayer said in Istishia’s name over a drink of water, and each night ends the same way. Spring tide and neap tide are celebrated with festivals by the church. During these festivals new members of the faith are dedicated to Istishia by being boisterously tossed into the sea or a lake or by diving into fountains or pools. Surface-dwelling communities of the faithful are often visited by water-dwelling emissaries from Istishia’s aquatic churches during these fetes, and underwater churches in turn host surface-dwellers through magical accommodations.

Waveriding is the ritual that Istishian specialty priests celebrate upon reaching a level of skill great enough to summon a water elemental from the Elemental Plane of Water. This ceremony is preceded by an hour-long responsive reading and chant, after which the elemental is summoned. The elemental then carries the celebrant on a long ride on the waves of a large body of water. When it returns with the priest celebrating the ritual, the elemental is tossed garlands of flowers, gifted with drafts of fine wine, and given beautifully crafted pieces of jewelry, pottery, or sculpture to carry back to Istishia’s realm as it leaves. While giving thanks for a drink of water. Spring tide and neap tide are celebrated with festivals that involve the boisterous tossing of new converts into water and a great deal of diving. Visitations between surface-dwelling churches and aquatic branches of the faith are common at such festivals.


The order of Istishian crusaders is known as the Cavaliers of the Seven Seas, whose members are natural water-breathers, and the Cavaliers of the Ever-Changing Truth, whose members are natural air-breathers. Istishian crusaders guard holy sites, escort emissaries of the faith, and pursue the ongoing feud against the church of Kossuth on a personal level.

Mystics of the faith belong to the Order of Cryptic Transformational Purity. The symbol of this order is a human shape changing into a fish. Because this symbol looks somewhat like a merman and the name of the order itself is so lofty, mystics of this order are often referred to colloquially as “fishtishians” or “the Water Lord’s fishmen”—much to their chagrin.


Everything is interconnected and cyclical. Water always triumphs, for earth dissolves through water, fire is extinguished even by steam, and air becomes clouds and then rain, completing the eternal cycle. The Water Lord is the great equalizer and leveler of the elements, acknowledging change but holding to his essential nature. Do not try to be what you are not; rather, excel at what you are and carry this message of personal excellence to the world. Be flexible but not unreasonable. As the rains flow down to the ocean in the folds of earth and not up mountains, so do the truths of Istishia spread throughout the land through their natural routes, not through rank force. The mysteries of life are to be enjoyed and puzzled over but realize that some answers do not come in this world, but rather in the next. Realize that the cycles of life are mirrored by the cycles of fate; be prepared to pay the price or reap the reward for the actions of your past or your future.

Appearance, Manifestations

Istishia has manifested many more times than he has sent an avatar to the Realms. Any significant source of water is viewed as a manifestation of the Water Lord by his faithful. Rivers, lakes, and streams are all viewed as sacred, as are the oceans and seas, fountains, rain, and even puddles. Istishia sometimes sends servant creatures from the Elemental Plane of Water such as water elementals, nereids, marids, and tritons to do his bidding or aid followers. He also sends water creatures such as fish, dolphins, whales, octopuses, or even the leviathan. The discovery of water when drilling for a well or when in a barren land is viewed as a sign of Istishia’s favor.

Relationships & History

Istishia is one of the four elemental lords who seem to stand apart from history, unchanged by the passage of time. He has ties to other gods concerned with the element of water, including Deep Sashelas, Eldath, Valkur, and Umberlee, but no strong relationships. He opposes destructive Kossuth at every opportunity.

Session 9, Prelude

14th of Mirtul of the year 1492


A most feeble utterance from Fogo to get the action started.  With only Fogo and ISAC in the room, the combat quickly became a bottleneck as they moved further in and allowed the ogre to move to the doorway and prevent any of the rest to enter the room.  This severely limited the party’s ability to gang up on the Ogre and did not allow all of them to display their powers to their full extent.  It became a battle of slow attrition on both sides.


An added wrinkle was added in when they discovered that the Ogre was able to heal itself by grabbing a character and taking a bite.  This proved difficult for Angelica who was grabbed twice for a munch and some healing for the Ogre.  Sky was able to summon from within himself and several astral arms appeared around him allowing him to strike over and around Angelica providing some additional support, but just not quite enough.  Eventually after the second bite, Angelica was tossed unconscious into the room behind the Ogre so he could move on to the next snack.

It was then Vladimir’s turn to also suffered a small chew, and it was when he was about to be grabbed a second time and smokey ghostly figure of a thin man with glasses and a large smile appeared in front of him and blocked the blow. The figure disappeared after that and left Vladimir a bit shocked.


The Ogre was somewhat quickly dispatched after that point and the party tended to their wounds and started pestering Vladimir on what had happened.


Going through his feelings and what happened, Vladimir felt sure he could replicate what happened.  Concentrating he focused on his thoughts and feelings and tried to bring Benny back again.  But nothing appeared in front of him. Benny was gone and had saved him once again.  Until that is, a hand was on his shoulder, not very heavy, but carrying a great weight.  As he turned around, he could see the smokey and wispy Benny once again standing behind him.  They were once again together, connected through Vladimir’s growth and strange powers he was able to demonstrate.

 Just seeing his old friend, even as this wisp of something, made Vladimir feel better, like something settled in his heart.

Searching the room, Fwoosh was able to notice a shabby clock in the stained Ogre bed that seemed to be of higher quality than the rest of the rags. There were several remains of arms and legs on the side of the bed. It seemed that the Ogre enjoyed late night snacking while resting, although his snacks were from parts of people.

Taking a short rest to allow the group to heal a little and prepare for whatever might be found next. They dragged the remains of the Ogre to the front of the door to the south leaving the door to the west somewhat uncovered. Angelica used her Ring of Biting Retort to insult and then apply healing to Fwoosh which made him feel a little hurt and healed at the same time.  Deciding that the larger Ogre room was better for a rest, everyone spread out with Fwoosh diving into the nasty, stained, and smelly pile of clothing in the corner where the Ogre used as a sleeping area.

Once everyone had a little rest and additional healing they moved on to the doors. When inspecting the two doors to the west and south, Fwoosh heard a very faint voice from the south door.

“Help me.”

“Help us”

While checking the south door, ISAC discovered that the door had six heavy latches hidden in the door frame that were not visible from a distance.  ISAC was able to muscle one open.  Concerned that there might be something bad on the other side, Fogo started looking for anything magical and noticed that the cloak that had been found was magical, and when looking around further, he also noticed that the shield and sword they had found upstairs were also magical.  When peering at the south door, nothing magical was seen. Vladimir was excited to be able to replace his Ogre chewed shield, but when attempting to work the items through their paces, he found that they were resisting his use of them.  He would have to spend at least an hour focusing on them to gain more insight.

Girding their loins and shaking their bravery awake, they started opening more of the levers to get the door open.  After a fair amount of time, Vladimir was able to finally open all the levers and pull the door open.  Everyone was ready for action, but to their surprise, inside were two beaten humans and a scrawny gnome.  Piled in the corner were more arms, legs, and torsos that had been ripped off more humans.  This was the Ogre’s larder. The smell that wafted out was pungent and sickening.  Blood, offal, and body parts made for a ripe sensation.  Looking inside Vladimir noticed that the two humans had small insignias on the clothes.  They were people from the Ammakyl family. It seems they had found some of the missing merchant train.

“Help us, food, water, hurry, the Ogre is going to come.”

“Don’t worry, the Ogre is dead.” Replied Vladimir. Fogo rushed in and gave them some Good Berries to give them a little healing and food.

“There should be over 30 of us, there is a prison nearby here. The Ogre just pulls some of us out and eats us.”

Requesting assistance from the party to help find the remainder and help them get home. Only after mentioning the possibility of a reward, was Fwoosh a lot more motivated to assist. It seems that they had been ambushed on the Long Road and then knocked unconsciousness. The party was also informed that they had been attacked by at least 40 bandits.  Their wagons were filled food, arms, and armor.

With the healing and food, the gnome approached Fogo and gave him an iron ring and told him that he could seek help from other gnomes in the valley if he showed them this ring. Avery was able to determine that these rings are made through some alchemical means and given to their benefactors when something extraordinary was done for them.  The gnome clans had a unique ring for each area where they lived.  Using another alchemical substance, the gnomes could identify any specific ring.

With a tremendous amount of effort, they were able to bring the three former prisoners up the stairs and finally the ladder.  With them being very feeble and weak, it took a lot of effort and time to bring them upstairs. They were moved to one of the rooms with a door in the corridor. Planning to rescue the rest of the prisoners and then making a run for Red Larch to drop them off and then finishing their exploration of the Ruined Moathouse, Vladimir realized that if there is an organization here, they will either reinforce and set up ambushes, or just leave and take any clues with them.  Understanding that this was their best time to complete their mission and waiting would not be good in any way.

Heading back down, the group moved to the west door in the Ogre room hoping that it led closer to the prison cells and the remainder of the prisoners. Having found out that that there were wandering Bugbear guards, Fogo warned everyone that they are nasty creatures and master of ambushes.  Everyone needs to keep on their toes and watch out. Opening the west door, they found it filled with odds and ends covering the floor.  Any attempt to move across the room would most likely make noise and would have been a wonderful warning for the Ogre if he had been alive. The party seemed to make the most of it and stomped on much of the junk on the floor, with only a few tripping and falling on their faces.

Opening the other door, they could see cells lining the west wall of the corridor heading to the south and an opening on the east wall halfway down of the southern corridor, and to the west was a staircase going up with piles of boxes lining the entire west wall. Splitting the group up with Sky and ISAC heading south, and the rest waiting for something to happen.  Which it did.  As Sky came to the opening there were a group of Zombies that waiting were for them, which then also signaled for some to come out of the one open cell and additional ones behind the southernmost pillar.  All the Zombies were wearing the Ammakyl uniform.


As Sky seems to frequently do, he ran into the room with the Zombies to engage them leaving ISAC in the hallway. Activating his astral arms, he applied some additional damage.  It did not take long for him to be knocked unconscious and once again turned into smoke and reappear naked elsewhere in the torture chamber. The rest of the battle moved to the hallway and the rest of the party was able to start engaging.  Benny made several appearances since every time he showed up a Zombie would whack him.  The Zombie elimination seemed to be going smoothly except that they did not actually fall.  Angelica informed everyone that unless they are killed with magic or a direct hit to their head, they would not die and be able to continue to attack indefinitely. With that information the group was eventually able to kill off the zombies with Fwoosh killing one most spectacularly by tossing a playing card through a Zombie’s head.

Once the Zombies were cleared out, they started exploring the torture chamber and the cells across the hall.  A heavily tortured Ammakyl merchant was found hanging in the room who was carefully brought down and healed with a good berry.  It did not help much with his overwhelming wounds, which included broken fingers, amputated toes and fingers and many broken bones throughout his body. When exploring the cells, they found four men and two women in three of the cells.  All were battered and in poor condition.  The women seem to be most wary of all the men in the party and were quick to take cover behind Angelica, the only female in the group. When questioning the Ammakyl merchants they found out that there were also some Ghouls that occasionally came and grabbed prisoners as well.

Avery, Fogo, and Fwoosh moved over to the stairs and the boxes on the west wall of the more northern hall.  When walking past the stairs Avery noticed a ledge above the stairs with some Green Slime on them.  These slimes would have been difficult to see on the way down and could easily drop on top of anyone unaware.

Green Slime

While Avery was observing the slime, Fogo and Fwoosh were inspecting the boxes, most of which had the Ammakyl symbol upon them, but more importantly, there were a pair of doors hidden behind the piles of boxes.

And that is where the session ended.

Campaign Notes

The group killed the mighty ogre Lubash with only a few pieces missing.  Many prisoners were rescued, but what will they do with them.  It seems everyone has forgotten that is much below freezing outside and all the prisoners are weak and barely able to walk.

Lord’s Alliance

The Lords’ Alliance is a shaky compact of aggressive political powers concerned with mutual security and prosperity. Fighters and sorcerers are prevalent among alliance agents, and they are often glory hounds seeking personal recognition. Most agents are lawful or neutral; in the courtly circles of the lords, those who don’t follow the rules seldom last long. Trade along rivers and roads links the cities of the Lords’ Alliance, so its operatives eliminate threats to that trade as soon as they appear.

Customization Options

Customization Options

The combination of ability scores, race, class, and background define your character’s capabilities in the game, and the personal details you create set your character apart from every other character. Even within your class and race, you have options to fine-tune what your character can do. But this chapter is for players who-with the DM’s permission – want to go a step further.

This chapter defines two sets of rules for customizing your character: multiclassing and feats. Multiclassing lets you combine classes together, and feats are special options you can choose instead of increasing your ability scores as you gain levels.


Multiclassing allows you to gain levels in multi pie classes. Doing so lets you mix the abilities of those classes to realize a character concept that might not be reflected in one of the standard class options.

With this role, you have the option of gaining a level in a new class whenever you advance in level, instead of gaining a level in your current class. Your levels in all your classes are added together to determine your character level.

For example:

If you have three levels in wizard and two in fighter, you’re a 5th-levei character.

As you advance in levels, you might primarily remain a member of your original class with just a few levels in another class, or you might change course entirely, never looking back at the class you left behind. Vou might even start progressing in a third or fourth class. Compared to a single-class character of the same level, you’ll sacrifice some focus on exchange for versatility.

Multiclassing Example:

Gary is playing a 4th-level fighter. When his character earns enough experience points to reach 5th level, Gary decides that his character will multiclass instead of continuing to progress as a fighter. Gary’s fighter has been spending a lot of time with Dave’s rogue and has even been doing some jobs on the side for the local thieves’ guild as a bruiser. Gary decides that his character will multiclass into the rogue class, and thus his character becomes a 4th level fighter and 1st – level rogue (written as fighter 4/rogue 1).

When Gary’s character earns enough experience to reach 6th level, he can decide whether to add another fighter level (becoming a fighter S/rogue 1), another rogue level (becoming a fighter 4/rogue 2), or a level in a third class, perhaps dabbling in wizardry thanks to the tome of mysterious lore he acquired (becoming a fighter 4/rogue 1/ wizard 1).

Further details are in Chapter 6 of the Player’s Handbook.


A feat represents a talent or an area of expertise that gives a character special capability. It embodies training, experience, and abilities beyond what a class provides.

At certain levels, your class gives you the Ability Score Improvement feature. Using the optional feats rule, you can forgo taking that feature to take a feat of your choice instead. Vou can take each feat only once unless the feat’s description says otherwise.

You must meet any prerequisite specified in a feat to take that feat. If you ever lose a feat’s prerequisite, you can’t use that feat until you regain the prerequisite.

For example:

The Grappler feat requires you to have a Strength of 13 or higher. If your Strength is reduced below 13 somehow-perhaps by a withering curse- you can’t benefit from the Grappler feat until your Strength is restored.

All the possible Feats are available for Players to choose for their characters except the Lucky Feat.

Homebrew Feats

As the Campaign progresses more Homebrew feats will be discovered and made available to the characters.


Extensive and continuous training in complete darkness or in some cases with the aid of blindfolds, have allowed you to hone your remaining senses to a razor’s edge. This specialized combat training has granted you the ability to perceive your surroundings in ways others couldn’t begin imagining. Must have proficiency in Perception.

  • You develop blindsight up to a range of 20 feet.
  • Your blindsight can only work in a setting where your character can use his other senses, like hearing and smell.
  • You gain advantage on Perception checks relying on hearing and scent.

Eldritch Empowerment

You learn two Eldritch Invocation option of your choice from the warlock class. If the invocation has a prerequisite of any kind, you can choose that invocation only if you’re a warlock who meets the prerequisite.

End Him Rightly

You have mastered a little-known sword technique. As an action, you can unscrew the pommel from your sword and throw it at a creature within 20 feet of you. When you do so, you make a ranged weapon attack against it using your Strength modifier (you are proficient in this attack). On a hit, the target takes bludgeoning damage equal to 1d4 + your Strength modifier and must make an Intelligence saving throw with a DC of 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Strength modifier or be stunned by the impracticality of your tactics until the end of your next turn. The pommel lands within 5 feet of the target, and you have disadvantage on all attack rolls made with the sword whose pommel you unscrewed (due to it being imbalanced) until you pick it up and use an action to screw it back on.

Requires proficiency in at least one kind of sword.


You have taken the art of cooking to a new art level.  No longer will you look at ingredients like a normal person.  You now have new eyes and a mind that always churns thinking of what could be turned into a recipe and a meal.  This path is not one followed by mere chefs, but those whose life of adventure and search of new and unique food allows you to excel beyond “just cooking a meal”.

You immediately gain the following abilities:

  • Increase your Constitution or Wisdom score by 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • You gain proficiency with cook’s utensils if you don’t already have it.
  • As part of a short rest, you can cook special food, provided you have ingredients and cook’s utensils on hand. You can prepare enough of this food for several creatures equal to four + your proficiency bonus. At the end of the short rest, any creature who eats the food and spends one or more Hit Dice to regain hit points regains an extra 1d8 hit points.
  • With one hour of work or when you finish a long rest, you can cook several treats equal to your proficiency bonus. These special treats last eight hours after being made. A creature can use a bonus action to eat one of those treats to gain temporary hit points or heal equal to your proficiency bonus.
  • You can cook what would normally be poisonous dishes and make the editable.  The DC for success is eight + the CR of the creature to be eaten.  Success means the specific meat or vegetable is no longer poisonous and can be eaten safely.  Failure means that eat consumer of the food takes the CR in 1d6 damage.  Once the meal is cooked, no one knows if it is poisonous or not until eaten.  Upon a successful meal, the consumer of these meals gains a resistance to poison for as many hours of the CR of the creature eaten hours.  Only one attempt can be made per long rest.
  • Much like an alchemist you can craft wondrous creations, but yours are made of meals.  Given at least two hours and the proper ingredients you can craft many different, delicious, and powerful dishes. Some recipes might take longer to accomplish.


You’ve always hated leaving anything to waste and have always made sure you get the most out of any situation.

  • You gain proficiency in the harvesting kit and the herbalism kit.
  • You ignore any penalties for harvesting a creature that died a particularly violent death.
  • Both appraising and harvesting a creature take half the time than it normally would.

Tool Expert

You have honed your proficiency with particular tools, granting you the following benefits:

  • Increase one ability score of your choice by 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • You gain proficiency in one tool kit of your choice.
  • Choose one tool kit in which you have proficiency. You gain expertise with that tool kit, which means your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make with it. The skill you choose must be one that isn’t already benefiting from a feature, such as Expertise, that doubles your proficiency bonus.

Town Drunk

You have been drinking for years and have gotten used to the effect of alcohol.

Once you have this feat you gain the following benefits:

  • Tipsy and Drunk are now the same level (1/2 your intoxication level)
  • You no longer have disadvantages until you reach Wasted.
  • You gain a +2 to reach the “Blackout” stage.
  • You won’t get hungover if you don’t pass Drunk.

Upgrade Familiar One

Minimum Level: 8

As a wizard you have explored and developed new techniques on how to best train and increase the usefulness of your familiar.  This feat gives you three more familiar points to spend on your summoned familiar.

Upgrade Familiar Two

Minimum Level: 16

Continuing where you left off, you have been able to calculate the exact amount of spirit and magical energy it takes to upgrade your familiar again. You can spend another three extra points on your familiar.

Upgrade Pact of the Chain Familiar One

Minimum Level: 8

Much like the wizard spells of upgrading their familiar, the warlock can do the exact thing, but using different methodologies.  Communing with their patron and instead of requesting additional power for themselves, they request it for their familiar, which will convert their current familiar with a Stage Two version.

Upgrade Pact of the Chain Familiar Two

Minimum Level: 16

Requirement: Upgrade Pact of the Chain Familiar One

Continuing the tradition and power allotment, the warlock begs their patron for yet more power for their familiar creating something that is far more than a familiar and something short of a real monster.  Some of these would give dragons a pause.  This feat allows the Chain of the Pact to grow into a Stage Three familiar.  Note that Upgrade Pact of the Chain Familiar One must have already been chosen.


Perks are like feats, but in a lessor sense.  They can alter how a character does something, but the low-level Perks will mostly add in a new flavor to the play.  These are rewarded to the characters at specific points of the campaign, such as when a new major chapter has been completed.  They are awarded to the party by the gamemaster at the appropriate time they decide.


Minimum Level: 6

Class Requirement: Bard

Adoration. When a creature using one of your bardic inspirations dies, you can, as a reaction if you are not restrained, begin a standing ovation. Illusory roses, confetti, and underwear appear around the creature as if thrown from an adoring crowd whose rapturous applause can be faintly heard. The creature rolls the bardic inspiration die with advantage (it rolls two dice and chooses the highest result).

Once you use this perk, you may not do so again until you finish a short or long rest.


Minimum Level: 3

Through the thorough understanding of yourself and the attunement of magic items, you can attune to one additional item than normal.


Minimum Level: 3

If you hit a creature with a melee attack on your turn, you do not provoke opportunity attacks from that creature until the end of your turn. Once you use this perk, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.


Minimum Level: 6

Class Requirement: Paladin

You instinctively know where a patient’s tension is being held. The divine touch of your hand can temporarily relieve these pressure points, bringing a welcome bliss.

Massage. When you expend at least 5 points of your Lay on Hands, you can give a brief, gentle, but expert massage. The recipient has advantage on its next attack roll, ability check, or saving throw. Once you use this perk, you cannot do so again until you finish a short or long rest.

Cantrip Sage

Minimum Level: 3

Choose one cantrip you know that deals damage. When you cast that cantrip, you can forego the damage roll and deal maximum damage instead of rolling. Once you use this perk, you can’t use it again until you finish a long rest.


Minimum Level: 6

You have Resistance to Acid damage.


Minimum Level: 3

When you roll a Dexterity (Stealth) check made to hide and you have disadvantage on the roll because of the armor you wear, you can choose to remove the disadvantage and make a straight roll instead. You can’t use this perk to gain advantage on your Dexterity (Stealth) roll in any way. Once you use this perk. You can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.


Minimum Level: 3, Prerequisite: No climbing speed

You gain a climbing speed of 20 feet.

Cunning Movement

Minimum Level: 3

You razzle-dazzle an opponent that is adjacent to you sufficiently such that one ally of yours who is adjacent to you and the opponent gain an additional attack against that opponent at the cost of your action. Once you have used this Perk, you cannot use it again until you finish a long rest.


Minimum Level: 3

You catch yourself instinctively finding the center of gravity of items you hold, often balancing them on a single finger.

Centre of Gravity. Choose any weapon with which you are proficient. Until the end of your next turn, that weapon gains the thrown property (range 20/60) and gains a +1 bonus to attack, and damage rolls you make when you throw that weapon. Once you use this perk, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.


Minimum Level: 6

As a reaction, turn any Critical Hit against you into a normal Hit. Once you use this perk, you can’t use it again until you finish a long rest.


Minimum Level: 3

You may add 1d4 to any Insight checks or Charisma saving throws. Once you use this perk, you can’t use it again until you finish a long rest.

Escape Artist

Minimum Level: 3

Your pursuers swear you bathe in grease; no one can keep their hands on you.

  • If you add your proficiency bonus to an ability check made to end the grappled or restrained condition on yourself, you can instead add twice your proficiency bonus.
  • When you escape a creature’s grapple on your turn, you can immediately use your bonus action to attack the creature you escaped.

Once you use this perk, you may not do so again until you finish a short or long rest.


Minimum Level: 6

You have Resistance to Fire damage.


Minimum Level: 3

You can ignore 1 level of Exhaustion (you will not die until 7th level).


Minimum Level: 6

Class Requirement: Rogue

For short bursts your movement is so quick it leaves a blurred after-image.

Quickstep. When you use your Cunning Action, you can take the Dodge action. A blurry after-image of your movement is left in your wake until the start of your next turn.

Once you use this perk, you cannot do so again until you finish a short or long rest.


Minimum Level: 3

Your walking speed increases permanently by 5 feet.

Full of Life

Minimum Level: 6

You have Resistance to Necrotic damage.

Gorilla Technique

Minimum Level: 6

Class Requirement: Monk

For fleeting moments, you find yourself able to interact with objects just beyond your physical reach. Your aura visibly glows when you channel ki and seems to extend far beyond the reach of your arm.

Long Strike. Until the start of your next turn, the reach of all your unarmed strikes is increased by 10 feet.

Once you use this perk, you cannot do so again until you finish a short or long rest.


Minimum Level: 3

You gain the instinctive knowledge of how to properly season, prepare, and cook food. Any dish you make is guaranteed to be delicious and filling regardless of whatever foul ingredients went into it.  Add an additional 1d6 to any cooking rolls you make.

Hard of Hearing

Minimum Level: 6

You have Resistance to Thunder damage.


Minimum Level: 6

You have Resistance to Psychic damage.


Minimum Level: 6

You have Advantage on all Death Saves.


Minimum Level: 3

Choose one 1st-level spell you know or have prepared that regains hit points, such as cure wounds or healing word. When you cast that spell at its base level, you can forego the healing roll and cause the target to regain the maximum number of hit points possible from that spell. Once you use this perk. you cannot use it again until you finish a long rest.


Minimum Level: 3

When you roll Hit Dice for healing you may re-roll any 1’s or 2’s rolled. You must keep the new result. This effect is retroactive to previous rolls.

Impalement Arts

Minimum Level: 3

When you attack with any thrown weapon, you can treat a roll of 19 or 20 on the d20 as a critical hit. Once you use this perk, you can’t use it again until you finish a long rest.

In the Darkness

Minimum Level: 6

You have Resistance to Radiant damage.


Minimum Level: 6

As a reaction, you may give an attack against you Disadvantage. Once you use this perk, you can’t use it again until you finish a long rest.


Minimum Level: 3

When you attack with a short bow, longbow, light crossbow, heavy crossbow, or hand crossbow, you can treat a roll of 19 or 20 on the d20 as a critical hit. Once you use this perk, you can’t use it again until you finish a long rest.

Master Swordsman

Minimum Level: 6

Your expertise with the blade is unmatched and few rival your skill.

  • While wielding a sword, when you take the dodge action, you can use your bonus action to make a single melee attack at disadvantage.
  • While wielding a sword and attacking at disadvantage, you can choose to ignore the disadvantage and instead attack with advantage. Once you use this feature you must complete a long rest before you can use it again.
  • When attacking with a sword, you can choose to deal bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage, rather than the normal damage type. You must choose the damage type of the attack before making the attack roll.

Material Caster

Minimum Level: 3

Whenever you cast a spell that has a material component that is consumed by the spell, and the material component has a gold piece cost, such as revivify or arcane lock, the material cost for the spell is reduced by 25%. For example, revivify would require diamonds worth 225 gold pieces, rather than 300 gold pieces.

Once you use this perk, you can’t use it again until you finish a long rest.


Minimum Level: 6

Class Requirement: Cleric

Endow Grace. As a bonus action you can cause a beam of light to shine down on a target you can see within 60 feet. For the next minute, it gains a +1 bonus to all attack rolls, skill checks, and saving throws.

Divest Finesse (Evil-aligned variant). As a bonus action you can cause a beam of darkness to shine down on a target you can see within 60 feet. For the next minute, it gains a -1 penalty to all attack rolls, skill checks, and saving throws.

Once you use this perk, you may not do so again until you finish a long rest.

Polar Bear

Minimum Level: 6

You have Resistance to Cold damage.


Minimum Level: 3

You learn one additional language of your choice. You can choose this perk multiple times.


Minimum Level: 3

Using materials available in your harvester’s kit, you can extend the life of harvested items. Choose one harvested item and double it’s time to expire.  Only the remaining time left for the expiration is doubled.  Once a material has been preserved, it can no longer be affected by additional preservation efforts.  

Only one material’s expiration can be extended per long rest.


Minimum Level: 3

You gain proficiency with one skill of your choice. This perk cannot be used to gain expertise with any skill. You can choose these perk multiple times if you choose a different skill each time.

Rite Master

Minimum Level: 3

Whenever you cast a spell as a ritual, the spell’s casting time is increased by 5 minutes instead of 10. All other requirements for ritual casting still apply.


Minimum Level: 6

Class Requirement: Wizard

When you prepare your spells for the day, you can spend ten minutes preparing one ritual spell you know.  It appears as arcane script on your forearm.  Before you finish you next long rest, you can cast that spell using only its casting time, and without expending a spell slot.  When you do so, the script fades away, and you cannot cast it again using this feature until the next long rest.


Minimum Level: 6

You have Resistance to Lightning damage.


Minimum Level: 3

You find twice as much food from plants and dead animals upon a successful Survival check.

Shield Bearer

Minimum Level: 3

Sometimes others can benefit from your skill with a shield more than you could.

  • Your Strength or Constitution score increases by 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • You can choose to impose disadvantage on any attack of opportunity made against a creature within 5 feet of you.

Once you use this perk, you may not do so again until you finish a short or long rest.

Shield Use

Minimum Level: 3

When you are hit with a melee attack, you can use your reaction to add a +2 bonus to your AC, possibly turning the hit into a miss. You must be wielding a shield and you must be able to see the attacker to gain this benefit. The increase lasts until the end of the attacker’s next turn. Once you use this perk you cannot use it again until you finish a long rest.


Minimum Level: 3

When you hold position, your defenses become near impenetrable.

  • At the start of your turn, you can reduce your speed to zero and impose disadvantage on the next melee attack made against you before the start of your next turn.
  • When an effect causes you to move without expending your movement, you can choose to move half of the distance instead. Round down to the nearest 5-foot interval.

Once you use this perk, you may not do so again until you finish a short or long rest.


Minimum Level: 6

You have Resistance to Force damage.


Minimum Level: 3, Prerequisite: No swimming speed

You gain a swimming speed of 20 feet.


Minimum Level: 3

When a creature within 30 feet of you that you can see makes an attack roll, you can use your reaction to grant advantage on that roll. Once you use this perk, you can’t use it again until you finish a long rest.


Minimum Level: 6

Class Requirement: Ranger

You find yourself able to hone your senses on families of creatures and gain additional insights into the creature as you track it.

Tracker. You meditate for 10 minutes, focusing on one type of creature: aberrations, beasts, celestials, constructs, dragons, elementals, fey, fiends, giants, monstrosities, oozes, plants, or undead. For the next 8 hours, you have advantage on Wisdom (Survival) checks made to track creatures of that type.

On a successful check, you learn the following:

  • The direction the creature headed.
  • If the creature is aware of your presence.
  • The creatures approximate speed (in mph).
  • How long since the creature was last in this place.
  • If the creature is healthy, bruised, bloodied. or wounded (> 75%, 50-75%, 25-50%, or <25% of hit points respectively).

Once you use this perk, you cannot do so again until you finish a long rest.


Minimum Level: 3

You gain proficiency with one tool, instrument, gaming set or kit of your choice. This perk cannot be used to gain expertise with any tool, instrument, gaming set or kit. You can choose these perk multiple times if you choose a different tool instrument, gaming set or kit each time.


Minimum Level: 6

You have Resistance to Poison damage.


Minimum Level: 6

You have Resistance to Air or Wind damage. You have advantage to remain standing against any attacks that might cause you to fall prone.

Whip Master

Minimum Level: 3

A whip in your hands becomes a deadly weapon.

  • When you hit a large or smaller creature with a whip, the creature’s speed is reduced by 10 feet until the start of your next turn.
  • Whips you wield gain the light property.
  • The damage die of whips you wield increases from 1d4 to 1d6.
  • You gain a +5 bonus to BDSM.

Session 11, Prelude

15th of Mirtul of the year 1492

The mid-morning started off some serious dialogue among the party.  ISAC had to get some information off his chest about what had been happening to him.  He explained that he is never asleep nor has ever needed to breath, but when the giant bug had ambushed him, his thoughts vanished for a period time, and then there was the dream.  A dream that made him feel suffocated and unable to breath, a unique experience for him.  And he too heard a voice speak out.

“I shall tear the breath from all of you, I will give you unending agony of being torn asunder and spread your blood and flesh over the wind”.

It was clear that the party had now dreamed of the four different elements, and something dire at the same time.  The conversation then veered around different tactics that they might want to employ the next time they got into combat, especially trying to control Sky’s need to run forward, something he himself did not seem to really understand why he did that.  Something deeper within him was the cause and anxiousness of that.

The discussion also covered the need to start using the members of the party to take care of the actions that they were best at, such as searching, trap finding, and other aspects of general exploration and adventure. Once the talks were complete, the group began moving forward again.

Sky was able to notice that the eastern most doorway seemed to have had the most amount of traffic.  Working carefully to not set off another alarm Vladimir and Fwoosh worked together to ensure a smooth and quiet entry into the area behind the door.  No trap, nor alarm was found, but a long corridor that went south and had a branch that went southeast just a bit passed the door.  They could feel cold air come from the southern passageway.

Hoping that this would lead to the exit, they skipped the southeastern passageway, but Avery did notice that it went about a hundred feet and ended in a door. As they creeped south, they found another junction in the corridor, this time one heading straight west into additional hallways. They were also able to see a staircase that would take them further down and south. Fwoosh was able to hear the faint sound of water splashing coming from the southern direction.

Wanting to be more thoughtful and careful with their actions and movement, Vladimir and Fwoosh headed down the stairs leaving the rest of the group further up the corridor and safely out of the way. Just past the stairs to the west, the passageway opened into a room.  It was not too large, but it was mostly filled with a large pool of water.  The pool was large enough to almost reach all the walls of the room.  The more horrifying sight was that there were 30 to 40 skeletons scatters around the room.  All in different positions, none had any remnants of clothing or belongs, as if they had been tossed into the different limited open spaces around the pool.

Thinking that whatever that was in the room, was not going to be pleasant, Vladimir decided that retreating was the best option.  While coming to that conclusion, Vladimir was able to notice that something very large was swimming in the water.  As he attempted to look closer, he noticed that it seemed to be a person on the top part and a long fish body on the bottom.  Nothing he had ever seen, nor heard of before. The swimming figure seemed to be chained to something in the water.

As they both turned around and began to depart, they heard a young woman’s voice calling out to them.

 “Can you not leave; I am trapped here. I am afraid they will come back and kill me. Can you please help.  I can help a little bit, but…. I am chained here by magic and cannot escape.”

“What are you?”

“I am a mermaid; these water worshipers summoned and trapped me here.”

“What is with all of these skeletons here?”

“There is a priest here, he sacrifices people here to his water god.”

Vladimir was strongly doubting her words and determined that there was just something wrong with her and what she had been saying but was not able to figure out anything specific, the mermaid seemed to be honest with him.

“Hold on, we will be right back”.

“Don’t leave me, you are the first non-worshipers I have seen here.”

“We will be back in just a second.”

Moving somewhat quickly, Vladimir and Fwoosh rushed up the stairs.  Discussing the issue with the group, Angelica was able to remember about other primitive god worshiping that might have had sacrifices like what was described.  The green glowing chains that held her there were an interesting point. Maybe if they could be removed, she would be able to return from wherever she had been summoned from. As a result, Vladimir pulled out his broken dagger to ask it for an Augury about trusting the mermaid.


Getting an answer that did not bode well, he suggested they just leave her there. With the rest of the party ready to drop her like a bag of dirt, they began discussing where to go next, when they heard another different voice behind them, from down the stairs. A haggard, creaky, and just old sounding female voice.

“Oh, my little lambs, you could have made this so much easier.”

What Vladimir and Fwoosh were able to see was an old woman approaching them. She looked like she was covered in ice, and as she approached, a freezing cold mist spread out over 30 feet from her decreasing the already cold temperature to something well below freezing.  Cold enough to start causing them pain and damage.

As battle broke out, anyone that entered or stayed in the misty area took damage.  The battle raged further up the stairs with the hag first engaging them with different ice spells and finally closing in to attack them with her claws.  With a fair amount of effort, the party was finally able to kill her.  Upon her death, the freezing area dissipated, and she melted into a pool of water.

Exploring the now unoccupied room, they were able to find a fair amount of coin, and using his innate Detect Magic, Fogo was able to find a magical stone lantern as well as what appeared to be a scroll case.  Avery looked at the scroll inside, and it was evident that what was contained on the scroll was some sort of arcane writing, but Avery would still require a fair amount more training and experience to be able to read or utilize that scroll.

Moving on to the southeastern angled corridor the party made their way to the door at the end of it.  While all the doors in this basement had been replaced with new and reinforced door, this was the first time they came across one that was so heavily banded in iron.  Even though there was a locking mechanism, the door itself was not locked.  Taking a cautious method of opening it, they group could see another door immediately to the north with the same reinforcements as this door, and a very long somewhat straight corridor heading directly east.

After a quick listen to the door, the party decided that going down the long corridor was a much better idea.  They began walking down that hallway, but it proved to be much longer than they expected.  After traveling over 400 feet and a slight slope upwards they stopped.  The party could feel that the further they walked the colder the temperature became.  Figuring that this was probably the exit, they then went back to that last door to ensure no one would be ambushing them from behind.

After preparing for entry, they opened the door to a group of soldiers who all immediately opened fired with their crossbows.  Attempting to position themselves more intelligently and tactically they cast several spells, while the group hoped that the soldiers would advance, but that would be in vain.  The soldiers, much better trained in tactics compared to the bandits, kept their distance and moved in and out of the far room for cover and only exposed themselves to fire their crossbows.

Knowing that they needed to close, the party rushed forward and engaged in melee with the men.  A slaughter ensued except for one brave soldier that managed to hold out for well over a minute.  The men in front were replaced as quickly as they were killed, and then the sergeants replaced them, finally a lieutenant entered the fight, and finally their boss who stood in the back tossing out damaging spells at the party.  At one point, he even managed to Banish Angelica to some remote realm.

But, even the heavily armed, armored, and spell casting boss was defeated but not before causing most of the party to have been wounded and several to be knocked out. Angelica at some point transferred back to this world without any difficulty except for falling on a large pile of dead soldiers.

With the battle over, the bodies looted, and everyone gathering in the room at the end of this hallway, they were faced with another heavy door to the east.  After a lot of chatter, they decided to start resting right here and not open that beckoning door.

This is where the session ended.

Campaign Notes

The group managed to get to the local boss in time before he departed this base for the next one.  If they had spent just a little more time and they would have missed out on a lot of things.  The ice hag was obviously feeling under the weather and did not fully execute all her powers but made for an interesting encounter.

Rivergard Keep


A small but strongly built castle on the banks of the Dessarin River, Rivergard Keep is one of the Haunted Keeps of the Sumber Hills. A taciturn mercenary lord named Jolliver Grimjaw and his band of sells words occupy the keep. They are repairing the old castle and protecting trade along the river from the depredations of monsters and bandits, or so they claim. In fact, Rivergard Keep is the secret stronghold of the Cult of the Crushing Wave. Grimjaw and his followers are the very outlaws from whom they claim to be defending trade.

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