A prominent landmark near Red Larch, Lance Rock is a slender stone monolith that juts up out of the plains a few miles west of the Long Road. It stands only about 50 feet high, but the land nearby is flat and open, so it can be seen from miles away on a clear day. Lance Rock is made of granite that doesn’t match any other stone nearby and looks like it was dropped from the sky-which it was. Long ago, Claugiyliamatar, the ancient green dragon known as “Old Gnawbone,” took the enormous stone from the Sword Mountains and dropped it on a rival red dragon. The red dragon’s bones are long gone, and few but Claugiyliamatar know the origin of the stone.

This cave complex was originally occupied by different groups of bandits over the years.  It was not until Oreioth took it over did it start being more than a temporary camping area for those avoiding the law.  It has been expanded to have the large open area and subsequent tunnels.  While the large area is used for mass undead rituals and experimentation, the back tunnels are for Oreioth’s real passion, getting the dragon skeleton up and moving.


Lance Rock was located about 15 miles southwest of Red Larch and stood on an open plain. It could be seen from miles away when the weather was clear. It was gray granite, had nothing noticeable growing on it, and leaned to the east at about 30 degrees from vertical.