Potter’s Tools

  • RAW Cost: 10gp
  • RAW Weight: 3lbs
  • Example Items: Wire Clay Cutter, Brushes, Ribs, Ribbon, Wire End, Needle, Boxwood Tools
  • Crafting Restrictions: Need access to a heat source, preferably a furnace. Somewhat DM dependent.
  • Mundane Item Crafting: Barrel, Bell, Bottle, Flask/Tankard, Jug/Pitcher, Pot
  • Magic Item Crafting: Small list of utility items. Some solid home-brew potential here. Very DM Dependent.
  • Artwork Creation: The main reason to pick up this kit. Can create valuable artwork that sells quickly due to high demand.
  • QA Artwork Bonus: Selling Products takes half as many days to find a buyer.
  • Structure Building: N/A
  • Adventuring Utility: N/A

Default Blueprints

Potters are useful in the creation of many things that are needed in everyday life and are always in great demand. They can make the following at start:

  • Barrel
  • Bell
  • Bottle
  • Flask
  • Tankard
  • Jug
  • Pitcher
  • Pot
  • Plates
  • Common things made of claw or baked earth.

Skill Usage

  • History: Your expertise aids you in identifying ceramic objects, including when they were created and their likely place or culture of origin.
  • Investigation, Perception: You gain additional insight when inspecting ceramics, uncovering clues others would overlook by spotting minor irregularities.
  • Reconstruction: By examining pottery shards, you can determine an object’s original, intact form and its likely purpose.

Potter’s Tools Basic Use Difficulty Table

Determine what a vessel once held10
Create a serviceable pot15
Find a weak point in a ceramic object20


For much of the crafting for this skill set and tools, just use the Mundane Crafting rules unless there is something specific that the character wishes to create outside of the normal things.