Rassalantar was a hamlet and caravan stop on the Long Road, just north of Waterdeep in the Sword Coast North region.  Many a traveler has come upon the quiet village of Rassalantar and taken comfort in the soft beds and rich ale of the Sleeping Dragon, a cozy roadside inn. Few pay much attention to the walled farms and grazing sheep around the town, and fewer still take notice of the ruined keep hidden among the stand of trees west of the village. Yet Waterdeep has long maintained a large contingent of its City Guard here, using a nearby barracks as the base for outriders who infrequently patrol the road north as far as Amphail and south to Waterdeep.


The small community consisted of six walled farms. They centered around a spring-fed pond which drained into a stream and emptied to the east into the Stump Bog, a sprawling, desolate marsh haunted by monsters. To the west of the farmhouses, a narrow patch of trees known as Keep Woods masked the ruins of Rassalantar’s Keep, and to the east of the pond was the Sleeping Dragon.


Since Rassalantar was under Waterdeep’s protection, sixty guards were stationed in the barracks just off the road behind the Sleeping Dragon inn. The fighters were outfitted in chain mail with shields and fought with spears, longswords, hammers, and daggers. The Waterdeep soldiers patrolled the Long Road from the gates of their city to a cavern a half-day’s ride north of Amphail. The guards were rotated back to duty in Castle Waterdeep once a month. The officers, on the other hand, do not rotate, because they were veterans who knew the surrounding country very well. The local captain was Gheldarm Tassor (LN Human Fighter/6), and he is assisted by two sergeants, Blaskos Ulraven (LN Human Fighter/4) and Timmer Longschal (LN human Fighter/4).


Long ago, the warrior Rassalantar built Rassalantar Keep to the west of the present settlement. The ruined keep was used by traveling vagabonds, doppelgangers, and hungry monsters as a place of shelter. In 1370 DR, the hamlet of Rassalantar was under the protection of Waterdeep with guards patrolling as far north as half a day beyond Amphail.