21st of Kythorn of the year 1492

Several hours was used to discuss when and how they were planning on crossing the river again.  They were concerned about the pirates coming back and figured that daytime would be the best so that they would all be able to see any ships approaching as they crossed.

After storytelling and truth and consequences completed, they party did their normal routine of watches, except there was a problem.  It seems that Yllanys and Dancer had wandered away from camp and did not come back in time for the first watch.  Angelica did a Sending to Yllanys hoping to find out where he was.

“So, we are getting ready to do our watches and uh, we cannot seem to find you anywhere, um, but Fwoosh was kind of walking…”

The incomplete message as a shock to Yllanys who was not familiar with this magic and was not sure why Angelica’s voice was in his head replied out loud.

“Woah, what, what is this going on. Um, I’m, I’m just about done with what I’m doing I’ll be back as soon as I can…”

Angelica informed the group that he thought that Yllanys was being polite and had wandered away from the camp for a huge poop. It was not until the end of the first watch that first Dancer arrived and shortly afterwards from a different direction Yllanys also arrived, but with a warm pot of stew and mystery meat.

The rest of the watches all passed without any issues.

22nd of Kythorn of the year 1492

Getting an early start the group started across the wide river. Angelica cast her Water Walking twice to cover everyone in the group. The party was very careful in watching for any coming ships or any other threats that might be approaching. It was wise to be wary, but unfortunately the threat that did approach can from below them.

The 12 of them were moving carefully across when a 40-foot wide electrical struck knocking out all the dwarves, and almost taking out a couple of the party members. Large shadows approached from below and fish-type of people began attacking from below.

Fish People Warriors

Fish Person Caster

The battle was fast and dangerous.  With many members of the party falling unconscious at different times, they all managed to survive, although one of the five Dwarves that had been accompanying them took too much damage and died while floating on the water near them. The group was able to murder what appeared to be the four fish-men warriors, but the caster fled at some point.  Combat was difficult, particular when the opponents were underwater, and the caster was able to come and go from their visibility while staying deeper under the water.

 Angelica pulled out a scroll of Revivify and brought the dead Dwarf back to life before the body had time to cool. Trying to move more quickly across the river carrying the Dwarven members that were still not recovered, they managed to make it somewhat safely across the River Dessarin once again. It was not difficult to find their old trail back to their wagons and Vladimir was very surprised that their four horses were all still alive, hungry, and thirsty, but still alive.

Harnessing up the wagons and starting the journey back to Red Larch, the group began to find their way home. Traveling to an area just passed where they had found the shallow graves, they found a nice place to camp that was off the main trail hopefully hiding themselves to a certain extent.  The only item of interests was that at some point during the day, they were shadowed by flying creatures high above them.  Not knowing if they were just large birds, or perhaps the Feathergale Knights the group showed an overall lack of interested.

It was during the trip that Yllanys brought out the diary he had found in the church at the pirate keep.

Diary from Pirate Keep

Diary from Pirate Keep, Part Two

ISAC also used this time to discuss and describe his dreams of the portal, and how he thought that the statue had somehow locked it.  There was also the disconcerting thing that seemed to happen when certain creatures died nearby ISAC, and small colored balls of light floated from the dead bodies to the statue.  In this case, small blue balls of light floated out of the dead fish-people.

While the discussions were going on, Fwoosh and Ace repeated loss at cards to the Dwarves leaving them a couple of gold less than they started.

With something that had specific dates, they tried to start correlating different pieces of information and places they had been to attempt to get a better idea of the bigger picture of what has been happening.

And this where the session ended.