Before heading to bed, the group met in the one four-person room they had rented and had Yllanys work through and identify all the items that they had collected that were magical.  There were many interesting items, but it was the Vail of Lich Essence that Yllanys was fascinated by, and shortly after identifying it, went ahead and consumed it making him slightly more intelligence but less charismatic and a bit weaker as well.  But he was happy with the intellectual growth. The remainder of the items were distributed to the different members with what each one was interested in.  There was also a pile a creeping magic items that the Ghoul Queen had, especially three magic books that had different effects and allowed odd spells to be prepared.

The group spent a fair amount of time discussing on where they should sell most of their treasure.  There were arguments about whether they would sell the Dwarven gear to the Dwarves or have Dancer sell them to his contact.  It took a couple of hours to figure which pile would be sold to what group of people.  The Dwarves would get all the Dwarf stuff, all the creepy items, gems, jewelry, and other mundane gear would go to Dancer’s contact, and all the weapons and armor to Feng. This led to a series of questions and answer between ISAC and Dancer with ISAC not understanding who or what Dancer’s contact was, or what they represented, and Dancer trying to answer in the most oblique way possible without ever lying. In the end, ISAC just had to trust Dancer and his contact.

With the loot split up the party went to their rooms.  Within the next hour, Dancer snuck out and headed to the bakery for a quick meeting with Jepos. He brought all the gems and mundane items with the hopes that Jepos and his contacts would be able to purchase the items, admittedly at a discount. He was able to see Jepos’s new office.  It semes he had paid the Dwarves to add on a stone addition to the bakery where Jepos could live and conduct his business. The two of them talked about the Moathouse and how horrible it was, as well as the nastiness of the swamp. Jepos made an offer for the stuff dropped and Dancer asked about if any Goggles of the Night were available, and hopefully enough to cover all those in the party that could not see in the dark. Jepos offered to get four of them for 6,000 gold, but it would take at least five days to get them to Red Larch. Putting the deal on hold until he could talk with the rest of the party to confirm the sell price as well as purchasing the goggles.

Jepos Copperhand

And with that, Dancer headed back to the Inn and a good night’s sleep, his first not in a tree in almost a week.

3rd of Flamerule of the year 1492

The next morning, before heading down, Vladimir took out his broken sword and cast Augury to find out if Bruldenthar was still alive.  Yllanys had shared that it seemed that the Dwarven sage new something about the cultists and that it might be more important to rescue him sooner. The crew then came down to get some breakfast and they found Imdarr waiting for them with someone new. He introduced Gila as his replacement and the new head of the Allfaith’s shrine.  The party seemed suspicious of Gila because of his severe looks and somewhat snooty attitude. After the introductions were complete, Imdarr led Gila away for further introductions and to show him the town.

Imdarr Relvaunder

Gila Keneufeld

After breakfast, the group broke up into three groups,  Ace, Dancer, Fwoosh, and ISAC heading to the clothier, while Angelica and Vladimir headed to Banmin’s, and Yllanys stayed in his room for some personal time and skin scratching.  Before heading back to his room, Yllanys bought some magic ink from Dhelosk, and the rest of the group bought some potions and healing pills.

Dhelosk Quelbeard

Angelica and Vladimir arrived at the Tomb Quarry and were able to be escorted into the shrine within.  Banmin was pretty happy to purchase the Dwarven gear, especially the ceremonial coins in which Banmin explained that these were the best offerings in a shrine and not just some random geared laid at the feet of the gods’ statues. Besides purchasing the gear, Banmin also handed over a few magical objects for the team as a reward for rescuing the Dwarves from the Moathouse.  Vladimir was also interested and anything that could help them in their adventures.  Banmin offered up some healing potions at a discount which were all purchased given they party was light on healing and the combats have been rough. When asked about Bryllyn Trollfist, Banmin relayed that she had gone up there to investigate the possibility of the remains of a Mithril mine, which would allow for superior armor and weapons to be made. With their business completed with the Dwarves, Angelica and Vladimir made their way back to the Blackbutter Inn for lunch and wait for all the other groups to rejoin them.

Banmin Glehuruhr

The second group of Ace, Dancer, Fwoosh, and Angelica headed to the Tarnlar’s Clothiers.  Dancer had run off to the bakery to collect his normal order of three dozen bear claw pastries and met them within. Halvor was within and ran over to ISAC who had spent enough gold to purchase a very nice set of clothing whereas the rest did not and were therefore ignored. ISAC was shuffled off to a fitting room for the next hour while Halvor fretted over him and adjusted the clothing as needed.  While the rest were waiting, Maegla came out and helped Ace with his much less expensive order.  It seemed she was used to her husband’s eccentric behavior. Fwoosh ordered a new mask made of nicer leather and better quality than his hand stitching.  Dancer ordered some well-made traveler’s clothes, and then they all waited for ISAC to finally be released from the clutches of Halvor.

Halvor Tarnlar

Maegla Tarnlar

Finished with their clothing purchases, the four then went to Feng’s to sell all the captured weapons they had.  Dancer purchased every possible arrow in stock, and was able to find three very special arrows, ones that when shot would allow him to teleport immediately to the shot location.  Good for immediately closing with a foe, escaping, or maybe even being able to sneak into a place.  It seems they had been repatriated from an Orc chief by some adventurers. For more arrows, Feng suggested that Dancer head to Thelorn’s Safe Journeys for wood and craft his own.

Feng Ironhead

Fwoosh led the group over to the Sundry store and getting a dozen bear claws from Dancer, he proceeded to hand them out to the children. A few small sundries were purchased the group including a lantern by Ace, and some cards by Fwoosh. Fwoosh shared a card he had found, the death card that had mysteriously appeared in his hat one night.  Endrith knew it was out of some sort of fortune telling deck, but if Fwoosh could supply a copy he would ask about it with his merchant friends in Waterdeep. ISAC was looking for incense and a brazier for some future magical purpose.

Endrith Vallivoe

From there the group headed to Thelorn’s and then to the smithy doe Dancer’s order of arrow parts.  Once those errands were completed, they went back to the Inn for lunch with the rest. While getting lunch, ISAC headed up to his room for the secret ceremony.  Unfortunately, it filled the room with the incense and seeped into all the linen and bedding in the room making everything smell very strongly irritating all of his roommates.

Angelica, Ace, Fwoosh, and Vladimir headed to the Allfaith’s shrine where they met Lymmura who was handling the affairs there by herself while Imdarr was giving Gila a tour of the town. The four of them purchased what healing potions were available trying to fill up their healing needs.  She mentioned that they also had several divine scrolls that seemed interesting to Vladimir which he then also purchased many of those.  She asked about Fogo since she had the book of worship for Mystra.  This led Vladimir to asking for a copy of a book about Savras, the god of divination. She explained it would probably take a ten-day, but a copy could be brought to Red Larch.

Lymmura Audarhk

From here they made their way to Harburk’s office except for Fwoosh who headed back to the Inn. Fwoosh showed Gwendolyn his death card and she did not seem to recognize it in any way. He then went to his room and really did not like the smell in the room.

Gwendolyn Venelli

The other three at Harburk’s could see that what used to be a makeshift office, had been outfitted more officially.  A real counter had been built in the room with a large deputy standing behind it.  They could see that cells had been built in the back of the area to hold prisoners.  The deputy called for Harburk, and he came out to chat with the group.  They turned in the bandit quest and received the reward for that assignment. Vladimir smoothed over any grievances with Harburk, and they were accepted. He talked about his wife, who was now the mayor and that she was interested in having a town hall built in town to help handle the increased population and concerns in Red Larch.

Harburk Tuthmarillar

Asking about any new items, Harburk gestured to a bounty board and suggested that they look there often for possible bounties.  He also asked about the Dwarven books that had come from the delegation.  He queried about where they came from, and if they party had followed up with any of those clues and inferred that it might be good to pursue those clues. He also reminded Vladimir that Captain Briiathor Alougarr had been waiting for a message from him about the bandit issues. It was back to the Blackbutter before dinner and time to review what had happened with the rest of the party. It was then they discovered that ISAC had filled the room with his incense.  ISAC let Gwendolyn know and for a small fee, she sent up one of the kitchen goblins to take care of it.  He spread out some sort of powder that seemed to suppress and then remove the smell that had inundated everything within.

The group extended their rooms for an additional ten-days thinking that they might stay in place for a while, or at least waiting for the Dwarves to get healed.  A quick dinner that the Helm and some carousing with the Dwarves ended the day for most of them.  Dancer, ever the night kitten, snuck off to see Jepos to finalize their deal on the gems and jewels and putting down the gold for the masks. He asked Jepos about Gila and was curious about why a bigwig from Waterdeep was here.

“Since I am in town, I am available if your need anything done.”

“We might need you to correct something in Bargewright Inn.  It is a big center for of ours. We have several places there, and the owner is one of ours as are many of the employees.  There has been some sort of issue there.  Some sort of vying for position there of late between the captain of the guard and the owner, as well as some sort of rumor of a man-bat.  I do not have anything solid right now, but I should in a day or so.”

“It might be a little tricky for me to convince the rest of the guys.”

“Well, there is a lot of other things going on too, so that would help you.  Besides we would not send you down there to be in house, but to clean house.”

“I am just saying it might be a tough little tough sell to say ‘Hey, let’s go down to Bargewright Inn, I have some people I need to take care of.’”

“I am sure we can make a better excuse than that, something like investigating the man-bat.”

“Sounds creepy cool, thanks.”

Dancer headed back to his room and Fwoosh took his turn sneaking over to visit Jepos for some conversation.

“Have you heard anything from the information I had requested over a ten-day ago?”

“I think we found the mansion of the Collector, but it is empty.  It was completely cleared out. There was supposedly some sort of power struggle between the daughter and the mother.  The daughter has only been seen wearing a mask, and now she has completely disappeared as well.  We do not where she has gone, but she left with a huge amount of gold and her followers.  There has been the occasional rumor of sightings of your friends, but all of it has been second and third hand.  They all were wearing the same type of clothing, something like a uniform, or circus clothing that was similar.  The mansion has been emptied for at least a month at this point.  It was made completely clean.  Even divination magic failed, and one mage even had his head explode when he looked a little too deep.  The mansion was connected to a huge underground area but was sealed off from the rest of the Waterdeep underground.  It looks like it might have been interconnected at one time.”

“Wow, that was a lot.  I’ll tell my friends and we will see what we can do.”

Describing the hooded figure that had stabbed and killed ISAC, Fwoosh asked if that was at all familiar, and Jepos had not heard of anyone like that.  Fwoosh was also curious about the ring and amulet he had been given when leaving Waterdeep.  

“That was an executive and for some reason he liked the color of your feathers. He is not someone I can ask questions of, so why he stepped in, I do not know, but he is at least three or four levels above me in the hierarchy.”

“Sounds good, well if a message comes and he is looking for a bird, I’ll do whatever he needs.”

“The executives do that sometimes.  They come across interesting people and want to give them a chance and see how they grow and then reel them back in.  That could be what he is doing here. But it is dangerous for me to ask those questions.”

“About the Collector’s daughter, what kind of mask is she wearing?”

“She has this mask, but it is all third hand, but that it looked like her face was completely scarred like she had been burned or something.”

“That sounds pretty accurate.”

“I did get the impression thought that she is now in charge.  Before it has been her mother, and we do not what happened to the mother, but the girl is in charge now.”

“Well, I always appreciate our time Jepos, if you need anything let me know.”

“There might be something later on for you to help Dancer convince your group to visit Bargewright Inn.”

Fwoosh then also went back to the Blackbutter and his room for the evening.

4th of Flamerule of the year 1492

The following day passed with small errands being run, but the party mostly trying to rest.

5th of Flamerule of the year 1492

The 5th should have passed similarly, but in the morning Fwoosh found a mysterious envelop hidden in his pocket.

Mysterious Envelope

Opening it revealed an odd poem.

Poem Letter

Which read:

“In the carnival’s heart, where magic danced in the air,

There fluttered a light, so delicate and fair.

Bound to a wheel that spun with grace,

He was the centerpiece, in that fateful place.

The crowd watched in awe, as the showman took aim,

His reputation built on his deadly game.

With a flourish, he threw, his confidence keen,

But tragedy struck, in a scene so serene.

A gasp from the crowd, as time seemed to stall,

For the blade found its mark, but not on the wheel at all.

The light that once danced, so vibrant and bright,

Was extinguished forever, on that ill-fated night.

In the silence that followed, a lesson was learned,

Of the danger when trust and caution are spurned.

The carnival mourned for the joy that was lost,

A reminder of the line that must never be crossed.

So, remember the tale of the spinner of dreams,

And the thrower whose aim was not as it seems.

In the realm of wonder, where fantasies twirl,

Lies a warning: not all that glitters will unfurl.”

Fwoosh relayed the contents of this letter to the rest and explained what he had learned from Jepos without mentioning Jepos by name. The weather was warm and cloudy.  Except the clouds were all blood red as far as they could see.

And this is where the session ended.