Spell Creation

Creating spells can be a laborious and difficult process for any mage.  Without a proper amount of research, it is very likely that the result will blow up in their face, potentially killing them, or worse, making them the laughingstock of the wizarding world. There are two costs that must be paid, the first is the minimum number of Research Points and when the spell is created, there is a gold cost which is the creation of the scroll with the new spell.

Research Points Base Cost

The Research Points required is based off the spell level being researched.  The more powerful the spell, the more research is required to create it.  Below is a table outline the amount of Research Points required for the different levels.  The amount required is the same no matter what school or casting type the researcher might be. The cost can be calculated as the spell level times itself times ten.  This creates the base Lore Cost.


Spell Level 5 equals 5 x 5 x 10 == 250 Research Points

Spell Creation Research Point Cost Table

Spell LevelEquivalent RarityResearch Point Cost
7Very Rare490
8Very Rare640

Existing Spell Similarity Discount

If there is an existing spell that the crafter already knows that the new spell is based on, or is similar enough, there can be as much as a 50% discount on the amount of required Research Points.  The final percent is determined by the DM but can never be more than 50% of the total cost.

Spell Creation Completion

At any time after enough Research Points have been collected, the spell caster may attempt to complete the project. There is not any benefit spending more research points than is required, they will just go to waste.  The Research Points that will be used for completing the project are spent and lost and are not recoverable.  The creator must make either an Arcana or Religion skill roll depending on if the spell is either an Arcane or Divine spell. No other modifiers or advantage chances can be applied to this roll.  It can only be a straight roll. 

If the roll is equal to or greater than the listed DC, the spell has been created, but it is not yet in the person’s spellbook or can be prepared.  During this creation process a scroll is created with the new spell upon it. Upon failure the creation fails, and the character must start again, but is given a 50% discount for the cost of the Research Points for the next attempt.

Artificer/Cleric/Druid/Paladin: The spell is now considered within your available spell list that you may prepare from daily. The spell is only available to the character and not to anyone else if it would be available unless the spell is donated to their deity (cleric, druid, and Paladin), or published via some mechanism so that others could access it.

Bard/Ranger/Sorcerer/Warlock: Once the character levels and can either change out a spell, or acquire a new one, any of these casters can select the new spell.  The spell is not available to any other of that class unless the character does something that publishes it or releases it to a wider audience.

Wizard: The wizard can immediately copy the spell into their spellbook after spending the proper amount of gold for magic ink and the time it would take to copy it.  The spell is private to the wizard unless they take some action to publish or release it.

Spell Creation Success Table

Spell LevelDC For SuccessGold Cost