27th of Kythorn of the year 1492

The heavy rains kept all the characters inside the tent eating a cold meal and huddling for warmth.  The heavy weather kept the wildlife away and the evening passed without issue.

28th of Kythorn of the year 1492

The morning brought a break in the weather with a slight chill, but no more rain.  Vladimir was moving a little slowly and relayed that he had gotten a message from his notebook first thing in the morning.

“Communication with Dwarves at Moathouse has stopped. Investigate and rescue if needed. Will help repair relationship and possibly give you forces to use against cultists.”

He then relayed a dream he had had as well last night.

“Beneath the shadow of yon ancient peaks, where whispers fill the chillèd air,

A band of dwarven soldiers wend their hearts oppressed by weighty care.

Through swamps that clutch with fingers cold, ‘neath skies of somber, dire grim,

Their path beset by perils manifold; their prospects verily dim.

Giant names, in silence utter’d, with lizards lurking, furtive, nearby,

And plants that breathe of death’s own shroud, instil their brave hearts with fear.

The mire, a sepulchre of eld, where light doth fear to tread,

With every step, their dread is swell’d, amidst the realm of dread.

Forth they press’d their fated course, to ruins stark and drear,

An ancient moathouse, now forlorn, where hope doth disappear.

The courtyard, open ‘neath the sky, a domain of webs did hold,

Where spiders, vast as towers high, their darksome nightmares told.

Some to venom fell, swift and vile, their cries but fleeting breath,

And others, in that ghastly pile, were snatch’d by silent death.

Yet worse than death, for those yet live, to darkness were they borne,

Where shadows whisper, writhe, and thrive, in the everlasting morn.

Beneath the keep, a warren lies, where light hath ne’er been shown,

The remnants of the band, with sighs, beheld horrors yet unknown.

Not beasts of fur, nor fang, nor claw, but hunger ever pure,

That stalks the halls with gaping maw, where screams do not endure.

In chambers damp, with walls that close, the captur’d met their end,

Their final stand, a fruitless oppose, in that eternal bend.

Yet legends speak of courage bright, that in the darkest den,

Of souls who’d brave the perilous night, to face the shadowed fen.

Hearken to this tale of yore, of dwarves so stout and brave,

Into the dark, the damp, the gore, where light and life doth crave.

And mark thee well, the toll they paid, in that fortress, rent and cleft,

For only through such sacrifice, are tales of valor kept.

Yet in the silence they remain, those taken by the night,

Awaiting brave souls to reclaim and bring them to the light.

Through swamp and ruin, spider’s lair, to where the shadows sup,

To challenge death, its lair to dare, and slay the nameless usurper.”

Which he took as collaboration of the message from this notebook and interpreted the message that the Dwarves might all be dead, but some could be rescued.  The group decided that while this was important, they should spend part of their day searching the area for the supposed bandit lair here. A fruitless four hours later they were fairly sure that there was not a bandit camp nearby, and if there had been it had been a temporary one to give them a batter location to attack caravans on the road which was very close by.

Moving to the northern part of the swamp and the secret entrance tunnel they had found when they departed last time they arrived at the edge of the swamp before dark, and not wanting to attract anything within the swamp moved off a couple of miles to the north.  Setting up camp was much easier with the less rough weather.  They got a hot meal and moved on to the watches.

With only half of the party having already been to the Moathouse, the newer members were interested in what the floor plan looked like and what they might encounter. They described the bandits, orcs, ice hag, cultists, zombies, and the giant ticks they had found.  They told them about the different secret passageways that existed and that it might be possible to use to get to different areas.  From Vladimir dreams they also assumed that they there were a great number of spiders and what seemed like ghouls infesting the keep.

It was during the second watch that Dancer and Yllanys were beset upon by four wights.  While Dancer was not surprised, the wights were able to close very quickly and engage Yllanys in combat. With a lot of yelling for the sleeping members, the four wights were killed off fairly quickly.  Only Fwoosh had great difficulty in waking up for the combat with his new magical pillow that allowed him to sleep very soundly.


29th of Kythorn of the year 1492

Finishing off the watches and catching a little extra sleep to make up for the interruptions they headed south to the swamp. When they left last the swamp had been frozen but now with the tempest storms the swamp was warm, humid, miserable, and much wetter and deeper than last time. Angelica was able to find part of the old wagon trail and they were about halfway through after a few of hours, just in time for a pair of swamp trolls to jump the party and surprising all of the except for the unnaturally alert Dancer.

Angelica took to the air while the rest spread themselves out to go for the attack.  This is one of the few times that Vladimir was able to shine.  His maul glowed with an evil light as he was able to demolish one of the trolls by himself and something reduced it down to number but a ragged desiccated troll sack. The party was able to take down the other troll but Vladimir with his blood raging went and smashed the dead troll which proved to be not quite dead and mashed it down, and when completed, it too was strangely sucked dry.

Swamp Troll

Moving on quickly, it only took a few additional hours before they were able to approach the tunnel entrance. Wanting to take a short break and rest the party found a clearing to have a short cold camp while Dancer climbed a tree to watch the tunnel entrance.  It was shortly after the rest started; he spotted several short figures at the entrance.  They were greyish and seemed reluctant to move into the sunlight.  Reporting back to the rest, Yllanys moved to the path near the tunnel and unleashed a fireball which was able to incinerate the whole group leaving the entrance clear once again.  Dusting himself off, Yllanys went back to camp and the group continued their rest.

Short Ghoul with Teeth

With their rest completed the group moved into the tunnel.  Expecting the tunnel to end at a set of doors they were concerned when they came across several new tunnels that seemed to be freshly dug.  While moving forward carefully, a group of the small ravenous ghouls ran out of the tunnel and began attacking. As they started clearing the hall, it seemed that the noise attracted more, and when ISAC fired off an Unstable Explosion it pretty much guaranteed another group arriving.  One of the groups that showed while fewer in number, were tougher, taller, and seemed more dangerous.


Many rounds of combat ensued with reinforcements arriving a couple of times, but they were finally able to complete the combat without causing additional ghouls from showing up.

And this is where the session ended.