With the combat over and the party licking their wounds, many of them just short of unconsciousness.  Sending Dancer and Skinny forward with Olga following closely, they explored the nearby hills.  Once on top they could see the hidden camp from the ambushers on this hill as well as the one on the nearby hill.  There were a couple of tents on this hill and two sets of tents on the other.

Moving to the tents, the first proved to just be a two-man tent with normal gear in it, but the second two-man tent on the other side of the hill was of much nicer quality and inside was filled with a very high-quality cot, blanket and pillow, and three chests.  Two medium, and one small highly ornate one. Deciding that investigating and going to the other hill was looking for any additional ambushers that might have been left behind.  The other hill had a set of three two-man tents and a single eight-man tent that doubled as a place to rest as well as the dining hall.  The ruins on both of the hills proved to be some sort of Dwarvish Motte-and-bailey fortification with a collapsed stone bridge between the two hills.  All that remained was ruins and rubble.

All the campfires had been put out, but were still warm, and the food on the table in the dining area was still somewhat warm. It seemed that the ambush had been organized somewhat quickly as the characters came down the robe. There were many boxes of barrels of supplies, and on one side of the hill they noticed some hoof and claw marks on a clearing on the second hill.  After investigating more, the figured out that it might have been the Feathergale Knights on their hippogriffs had told them when the party was coming down the road.  This had lined up with them having spotted the flyers earlier in the day.

Inside the building on the second hill contained more supplies as well as some sort of altar.  Yllanys was able to identify it as belong to something from the elemental plane of water, but not specifically who. With their investigation finished, Olga started eating the food on the table while it was still warm, and they waited for the rest of the party to catch up to them. There were not any ambushers left and the camp was empty.  

Dancer, Fwoosh, and Ace went back to the nicest tent to examine the chests.  Fwoosh was easily able to remove the traps and unlock the traps on the two medium chests which the first was filled with coin, perhaps a pay chest, and the second with potions and scrolls. The ornate chest proved to be more difficult as Fwoosh set off the poison needle trap which put Ace and Fwoosh into a near death state requiring immediate attention from the party to heal and bring back to consciousness.

Once everyone was healed up to some minimum amount, Dancer was able to open up the ornate chest and inside was two clear orbs safely cradled within.  The chest had been constructed to keep them safe from any harsh shaking or even being dropped.   There were also three letters that had a fair amount of interesting information.

Letter from Gar Shatterkeel

Letter from Shoalar Quanderil

Letter from Thuluna Maah

The party grabbed all the different loot, coins, and other gear that they had found in the camp and on all the dead ambushers and had Yllanys check for magic.  The orbs as well as the armor the priest had been wearing were magic.  While the rest of the rest of the group prepared a meal from what had been left behind, Yllanys used that time to slowly identify the magic items.  The two orbs were some sort of Elemental Orbs, created to hold elementals to be released upon throwing them on the ground, but both were in an empty state waiting for an elemental to be captured.  The armor was something partially made of some type of icy metal giving superior protection as well as resistance to fire and cold.  He also could see that the newly acquired dagger that Fwoosh had found was also magical, but at this time he did not want to know what it was.

Vladimir was very happy to see some replacement armor since his plate.  Using his time to unattuned to his magical maul he was hoping to be able to attune to the armor soon afterwards, however, it seems that he could not unattuned to that artifact.  Moving on to removing his axe instead and waiting for the attuning to the armor the next day, the group settled down for the night. Concerned with being tracked further, they went over different options on how to possibly avoid the detection as they continued south.

The party then spent the next several hours reviewing the new letters and comparing the information with older letters they had found and what clues they knew.  They come up with abandoned a dozen different plans and discusses where they should go to next.  It seemed that Womford was getting attention from the pirates and probably the water cultists.  Dancer pushed for continuing to Bargewright Inn and gather information before jumping into anything new yet.

Except that Fwoosh, ISAC, and Vladimir were unable to stand watch and had been stuck in some sort of nightmare the entire night.  

11th of Flamerule of the year 1492

In the morning, the three were tired, and the golden statue seemed to have migrated between ISAC to Vladimir taking his one open sloe for a magic item making him very sad. Settling for his old splint mail in place of this plate that had been heavily damaged by the shark-toothed swords of the reavers.  Both ISAC and Vladimir described their dreams which were somewhat similar in that they were sliced by air, burned by fire, buried by earth, and drowned by water.

With some of the group tired, and the rest ready to push forward they were eventually able to arrive at Bargewright Inn.  While on the way they saw several flights of what they thought were Feathergale knights coming to watch them, and then either flying back north and some south toward their destination. Arriving just before dark and before the gate closed, they made their way to the entrance.  It was here that Olga mentioned that it might be better for her to head off another errand.  She reminded them that she had told them that she had gotten into a bar fight the last time she had been here, and one of her opponents had been someone Feston Bargewright and had somehow plucked his eye out during the fight. So, off she when to Goldenfields to run some errands while the rest went in Bargewright.

At the entrance they saw a man that they were told was a Feston Bargewright was commanding a group working on something but occasionally seemed to be distracted and then snapped back to his work. Dancer gave him a look and then they all headed to the Old Bargewright Inn.

Feston Bargewright

The Old Bargewright Inn was a huge building with a couple of towers on the wings exceeding five stories and the main building the middle standing four floors high. Inside there was a very large dining room to one side, and on the other a bar able to hold at least 100 and almost filled to the brim. At the front desk they were met by a half-elf who introduced himself as Nalaskur Thaelond and the innkeeper of this place. Getting some information about the town and the services at the Inn, they took several rooms with Dancer taking a solo room and the rest sharing two-person rooms.

Nalaskur Thaelond

On the way to one of the rooms to make plans, a shadowy figure stepped up to Ace and whispered in his ear.

“The river whispers of hidden flames, and the old water bears new secrets.”

And then vanished again to the shadows.  Ace attempted to chase but did not find him anywhere. Back in their rooms they reviewed more plans again, and what they should do next.  The plans went from trying to disguise themselves as the reavers that had ambushed them, or to run around asking questions everywhere, when Dancer pointed out that they should consider being more discreet and quieter in their questioning and get a better lay of the land until they have a better idea of what is happening, and that starting here in Bargewright would make the most sense.

And this is where the session ended.