25th of Mirtul of the year 1492

After the combat, they decided that they need to keep moving quickly.  Heading east through the last room they had cleared, it led to a hallway and at the end of the hallway was an old man whittling sitting on a bench. Baragustas Harbuckler, a retired carpenter was quick to start begging for mercy even before the party got to him.  After some interrogation they were able to determine that he was not only a believer like many others, was quick to name many of the other believers, and was somehow involved with the murder of the men from the other room. He attempted to convince the group to not go further east into the tomb of the delvers.

Baragustas Harbuckler

“Aerego, Albaeri, me, Braelen the boy who is over there, Elak, Ilmeth, Marlandro – but he is kind of shifty, think he has been, well, donno, Rotharr who is Braelin’s father, and Ulhro the tannery guy.”

He did mention that when the stones move, they would cause bad luck and the earth would move.  He also let them know that the stone masked men and the mephits had just come by a couple of minutes ago and had instructed him to say stay where he was found. He also talked about the Earth Priest gave them instructions on the interpretation of when the stones did move.

“From time to time, the great stones change position when no one is watching. That is how they talk to us. They show us signs of coming danger and warn us when we make bad choices.”

“The believers sneak in at night, they take the tunnel in and wear the cloaks to hide themselves, they just come in and worship at night and talk about things like how to keep others out.”

Dancer was convinced that he was not telling them all the truth that he had and had lied in several places when telling his stories. Stealing all his wealth and even his wedding ring from his dearly departed wife, the party imprisoned him in a cage near Grund, who was still sulking naked in his cage. Moving forward the opened the last door to the east finding one of the largest rooms so far filled with large stones all covered in runes much like they had seen previously.

It did not take long for four stone masked men to run and engaged them.  With some sort of sorcerer taking potshots at them, the group was quickly at a disadvantage.  Just when they seemed to have gained some control of the combat, the sorcerer ran forward and created some sort of seismic ripple that shattered the floors, walls, and ceiling of the hallway they were fighting from.  It was only some quick action by the few outside of the hallway that allowed them to kill the earth priest.

Stone Masked Men

Earth Priest

Searching around did not discover anything, so they collected their prisoners and moved back to the first room where their attention was gathered to the hole in the ceiling and Harburk yelling down asking what had happened.  They had been down in the hole for a couple of hours at this point.  He had instructed Braelen to head down the tunnel and the deputies had collected him and had left a guard at the end of the tunnel. The party exited the tomb out of that same tunnel.

Harburk Tuthmarillar

Trying to explain what they had found, they brought Harburk down while giving him details that had found out, especially about the elders in town and that they had been responsible for several murders.  Dispatching his deputies to gather those named as well as Grund and Baragustas back to the constable’s office.  Harburk took off to take care the investigation.

And this is where the session ended, and the Prelude has been completed.

Campaign Notes

The Tomb of the Moving Stones has been completed, although there are still a couple of areas that still need to be explored.  The Earth Priest has been killed, and the elders rounded out.  The Prelude is completed.