23rd of Mirtul of the year 1492

Given that it was only about 3am, nothing was open including the Blackbutter Inn.  The front door was locked and all lights out.  There was not a single light in the town that could be seen.  The storm had just ended, and everyone was huddled inside their homes. Deciding that it would be better to seek some shelter nearby than to try and waken someone at the inn.  Moving the wagon and horses to the edge of town and off the road, they camped attempting to catch up on their rest.  It was snug in the wagon with everyone cuddling everyone else except. ISAC who did his sentry’s rest outside on the driver’s seat. Vladimir seemed very comfortable when using Fogo as his furry pillow.

With such a deficit of sleep the group slept in just past noon awakening to the sound of dogs barking and the general noise around rural farming and cattle areas.  Fogo started up the meal making while ISAC and Vladimir harnessed up the horses and got the wagon ready for departure back into town. Vladimir suggested they head to Waelvur’s Wagonworks and store the wagon and horses there while they are not needed.

While on the way to the Wagonworks, Fwoosh dropped out of the back of the wagon in such a stealthily manner, that everyone was able to notice and see him go.  It did not seem that anyone was worried or cared, so they continued to the Wagonworks leaving Fwoosh to his own errands.  Arriving at the Wheelworks, the place was not very busy and had several wagons in different conditions of repair.  None of which looked like it was excellent work, just marginal.

Chatting up the very drunk proprietor Ilmeth Waelvur they were able to rest some space for the wagon and horses for the next tenday.  Vladimir was able to do some quality bonding and was awarded some of Ilmeth’s prized drink, he homemade moonshine which doubled as paint remover.

Ilmeth Waelvur

While Vladimir and Angelica were wooing Ilmeth, the rest scattered into different directions.  Fwoosh had headed to Lorren’s Bakery, Avery, Fogo, and ISAC all headed to the Blackbutter Inn to secure rooms for the evening.

At the bakery, Fwoosh seemed to pass some sort of secret handshake and finger symbols such that Mangobarl Lorren recognized Fwoosh as belonging to the same organization that he did.  Asking Fwoosh to wait, he brought out his new assistant to work with Fwoosh directly.  Someone that Fwoosh new well and had seen somewhat recently.  After a little discussion, they parted ways, but not before Fwoosh bought a baker’s dozen of the bear claws.

Mangobarl Lorren

Jepos Copperhand

From here, Fwoosh went to Vallivoe’s Sundries for some miscellaneous gear.  It was a crowded shop run by a shy little man who seemed to employ many children as his helpers.  Sharing some of his bear claws, Fwoosh was able to make a very good impression.  Endrith Vallivoe was very friendly and seemed to enjoy his time chatting with Fwoosh as much as the children enjoyed getting some sweet pasties.

Endrith Vallivoe

While at the Blackbutter Inn, Fogo immediately went over to talk to Gwendolyn Venelli. He began trying to negotiate being able to talk to the chef of the Blackbutter Inn to get some cooking lessons to be able to improve on the camp meals he has been cooking.

Gwendolyn Venelli

Eventually, Gwendolyn led him to the kitchen where he was very surprised since all the counters in the kitchen were not even up to his knees.  Everything was at just over a foot and a half high. While he was looking around, he was greeted by four goblins.  Goblins dressed in white chef uniforms all wearing little white chef hats. After an introduction and some back-and-forth Xaasz agreed to teach Fogo cooking but required that Fogo go purchase a nice set of kitchen knives, a leather apron, and some knee pads, since everything in the kitchen was at goblin height and not built for the seven-and-a-half foot tall Fogo. At the end of the conversation Fogo departed, mentioned to his friends that he had errand to run, and then left the building to acquire what he needed to start his lessons.


Avery and ISAC stayed behind to check into the Inn for the evening.  Some attempted flirting by Gwendolyn was missed by ISAC, but they were able to secure two rooms they needed for the night. It did not take long until Vladimir and Angelica arrived and joined these two.  They then started waiting for everyone else to arrive.

Focused on his errands, Fogo visited the Chansyrl’s Fine Harness shop.  The person handling the front room was Phaendra Chansyrl and it did not take long for Fogo to express his needs, be given a price and that it would be available tomorrow.

Phaendra Chansyrl

Heading off to Luruth’s Tannery to see if he could find a buyer, or at least someone who could be able to experience dealing with odd skins that Fogo might collect.  Within was Ulhro Luruth, and older heavy man who clearly was not able to smell a thing anymore. Attempting to sell the giant lizard skin, giant poisonous snakeskin, and the heavy skin of the ogre. Ulhro agreed to attempt to work the reptile skins but did not promise anything would come out of it.  He took the ogre skin for the efforts and promised a discount if anything could come out of it later.

Ulhro Luruth

Moving on to the Tantur Smithery, Fogo was on his last errand, acquiring some nice kitchen knives. Surprisingly he met up with Fwoosh who was attempting to apologize for his previous behavior and was offering bear claws to Laefra to help with that. Both took care of their business and together went back to the Blackbutter Inn to meet up with the others.

At the Inn, Vladimir seemed to keep seeing things and after a bit of fun and time, they realized it was most likely Kieran the previously invisible friend of ISAC’s.  At least that is who they hoped it to be, otherwise they were all haunted.

Kieran (Glowing Spheres)

Kieran (Old Man)

Eventually the shenanigans ended and everyone except Fogo headed to bed.  Fogo headed to the kitchen instead to work the afternoon and evening in the kitchen.  Late that night after everyone was already asleep, Fogo slipped into one of the rooms, climbed into bed, and ended up being the big spoon to Vladimir’s small spoon.  Everyone slept very well that night.

24th of Mirtul of the year 1492

Sometime in the morning, the slightly exhausted crew got up, ate some breakfast, and Fwoosh purchased a much-needed magical hair of the dog to help with his pounding head.  Fogo took the opportunity to start a conversation with Dhelosk Quelbeard.  What little the party could hear; it seemed that Fogo was having a deep conversation about the nature of magic and the goddess Mystra. It lasted about half an hour before he seemed to be somewhat satisfied with where the chat ended.

Dhelosk Quelbeard

Avery and Fogo stayed behind so that Avery could have a short conversation with Dhelosk.  Avery wanted to purchase some spells to help fill out his spell book a bit as well as some magic ink to be able to copy the spells to his book.

Everyone else headed to the Allfaiths Shrine to collect some additional healing potions for Vladimir who has an addiction to them. Both Imdarr and Lymmura were engaged in attending to heavily burnt men and women.  The thunderstorm had managed to set on fire several of the buildings on the edge of town.  Those that could not be healed completely were brought here for care. Angelica finally received a letter from her sister. Avery and ISAC arrived shortly afterwards. It did not take much negotiation to acquire the things that were needed, and then everyone headed over to the butcher’s shop and hopefully the constable.

Imdarr Relvaunder

Lymmura Auldarhk

Arriving at the Butcher’s shop everyone filed in and waited for Jalessa to notice them. After a period of everyone just staring at each other, they finally asked for Harburk.  Buying some salted meats to placate Jaleesa, she directed them to the last building to meet her husband Harburk.

Jaleesa Orna

When the party arrived at the last building, they could hear a woman wailing inside.  Rushing inside to see what the source of the noise was.  Inside was a woman kneeling on the floor wailing and crying with another man keeping his tears back but attempting to placate the woman.  While difficult to understand, she seemed to be worried about her two daughters for some reason. Harburk stood in front of them speaking in a low voice to them.

Harburk Tuthmarillar

When Harburk saw the group come in, he told them that the woman’s daughter has been missing since early this morning.  They were last seen heading to the berry patch to the southwest of town, about an hour away.  The children had been excited about getting out since the storm had ended. He asked the group to go search for the little girls, one six and the other eight years old.

Running out in the direction directed, they were able to find the tracks of the little girls with a little help from Kieran.  Within an hour they had gotten to the berry patch, and it was evident that the girls had been here.  Their small baskets were overturned on the ground near the berry bushes, and many adult human sized shuffling prints were on the ground near them, and then leading further to the southwest. Concerned for their welfare, the group moved quickly following the obvious shuffling marks on the wet ground.

Within another hour, they had arrived at Lance Rock, a huge jutting stone from the ground, and straight to a cave entrance into it.  As they moved in, they could see some dead bodies near a passageway leading north.  When approaching, the dead bodies stood up and they were faced by some zombies.  They were dispatched somewhat readily, and the group moved further in.


They were concerned with the shuffling marks and the zombies that the girls might have been harmed, or worse, been turned into some undead like those they have been facing. While inspecting the zombies, they realized that some of them had clothing that resembled some of the bandits they had fought at the Ruined Moathouse. Before moving into the next room rocks were dropped upon them from above as zombies dropped from a ledge to ambush the party. Such low numbers of zombies were quickly killed off, but not before ISAC managed to use his golden statue to set off an explosion that covered the zombies as well has, he and Angelica. One of these besides having bandit and commoner clothing, one had a tattoo on his chest.


Moving deeper into the tunnels they came to a large room with a stone that was almost ten-foot square covered in wet as well as dried blood. It appeared that many people had died on that rock, and not for any obvious reason. Just a bit further, within another room they were shocked to see four zombies dressed in costume.  A bear, a trollop, a clown, and a tiger. It was such a shock that the zombies were able to close in and attack them in surprise. But four zombies were little effort for them to clear out. Continuing once again, one of the passageways lead to a much larger room, one with 40-foot ceilings and decorations only a sick and demented person would enjoy.  As they entered, a voice rang out.

“You dare to pit yourselves against the Lord of Lance Rock? Death is your reward!”

And this is where the session ended.

Campaign Notes

They finally got a little rest but have already been tossed into the next adventure.  The Lord of Lance Rock is looking at them right now.