24th of Mirtul of the year 1492

Evening was rolling in quickly and no one wanted to be wandering around outside while dark, however Fogo’s insistence on poking dead bodies would be causing a delay. With many skeletons and a few zombies standing up and starting the assault, it did not take long for Fogo and ISAC to run screaming for help away from the room.



The rest of the party was able to respond with Vladimir taking the lead to block the hallway and bottlenecking the undead from coming further down.  Deciding that retreating and with the prisoners should be smarter than trying to fight the creatures in place.  The three former prisoners with Dancer grabbing the children they quickly ran outside the cave. When having retreated halfway outside the cave, the party back around and started engaging the undead once again.

Grafaerd Ulamoira


Gef Rilisk

With Dancer repeatedly asking what was happening, and left unanswered, but the weak and slow undead were easily killed off and reduced to moldering piles. Reuniting outside they started making their way back to Red Larch. Halfway back to town tremors started up again shaking the ground and everything around them.  This time it was a bit more severe as they could hear the slight roar of the earthquake around them.

On the way back Grafaerd was chatting with the group.  He had been out here seeking his fortune using an old map he had found in a book hidden in a library in Waterdeep.  Realizing that he was over his head and should pursue a safer profession, he handed it over to the group as a reward for saving him.

Map from Grafaerd Ulamoira

Vladimir started briefing Dancer about some of the things they had faced, especially the Bleeding Eye group and their connection with bandits.  He included his favorite enemy, the Iceshield Orcs and that they were detestable in general.  The bandits have been preying on merchants, the orcs and Uthgardt on smaller undefended settlements, and that there were some other cult groups in the area. When Fwoosh started explaining about their golden statue, everyone, especially Angelica tried to shush him from speaking about it too much. Fogo was quick to talk about the unnaturalness of the weather and some of the odd microhabitats. Dancer was happy to let the party know that he was a bounty hunter and sent out to collect a bounty of 1000gp on Oreioth, the necromancer’s heads.

Oreioth (Necromancer)

The merchant was also forthcoming about the different vendors in Red Larch.  The Wheelworks was run by a drunkard, Grund was a great pickler, but not too smart, the Swinging Sword was the nicest Inn, and that the Helm was the place where all the locals hung out at night. Continuing their way back to town, the tremors did not seem to have damaged anything and they made their way to Harburk Tuthmarillar office. The two little girls were reunited with their parents which made the family whole once again and much happier than before.

Harburk Tuthmarillar

The group started describing what happened but once he got to the Ruined Moathouse, they decided that it might be better to talk among the party first and explain everything tomorrow to the constable, especially since Harburk seemed to be a bit frustrated and unhappy that bandits have a castle nearby.

Funding Grafaerd some gold, both he and Dancer were able to rent rooms from Gwendolyn Venelli.  The entire group sat down for a meal getting a little rest and good food before heading to bed. Delillia was as surly as usual, but it did not take much long for the food to arrive.  Fogo headed to the kitchen for his training with Xaasz.  He put on his knee pads and headed on back.  Consumed with curiosity Dancer followed into the back and was greeted by the small group of goblins in the kitchen making all the meals.

Gwendolyn Venelli

Delillia Quelbeard


While at dinner, the party began describing more about themselves and they got a little more information about Dancer himself. He explained that he was tired of adventuring alone and waking up on top of zombie piles.  Giving some background information of each other Dancer as he shared a little more about his history. Heading up to bed, Dancer left for the night.  Gathering everyone in one of the rooms, Vladimir had an internal discussion with the party about Dancer and how to have him involved.

The discussion veered toward some of happened in the caves.  That the statue seemed to have swallowed a ball of light that had flown out of the image of the eye after the vision they all had.

25th of Mirtul of the year 1492

With everyone in bed, Dancer made sure he got up before sunrise and head to the bakery in town.  Knocking on the door he was able to gain access with a certain amount of finger talk with Mangobarl Lorren.  Bringing him back and having him speak with Jepos, dancer informed them of his task completion. Requesting his reward, Jepos suggested that Dancer come back at sunrise to collect the reward. Jepos also offered a chance to shop at the black-market store that they were running in the bakery.

Mangobarl Lorren

Jepos Copperhand

Departing for a few hours Dancer went back to the Blackbutter Inn.  In the morning, Dancer went back and collected his bounty as well as a dozen beaver tail buns.  Passing Fwoosh heading to the same direction to purchase some bear claws, they all eventually met in the dining room of the Blackbutter Inn. A struggling tired Fogo wandered down still wearing his knee pads and his apron, which was covered with blood and fruit juice. He decided to head out to the bath at Haeleeya’s and then come back once clean. When Angelica came down, it seemed that she was a bit out of sorts since she had been disturbed by a dream that consumed her.

You stand at the edge of a vast, tempestuous sea. Dark clouds loomed overhead, casting an ominous shadow upon the horizon. The air crackled with electricity, and the sound of distant thunder resonated through the air. Istishia, appearing as a colossal figure wreathed in stormy clouds, reached out to you with a hand that sparked with lightning.

“Angelica,” the deity’s voice boomed, carrying a sense of urgency. “A tempest approaches, a tumultuous storm of great magnitude. It gathers strength, threatening to engulf all in its path. Heed my words, daughter of the tempest, for you are chosen.”

You feel a mixture of awe and trepidation, your scales tingling with anticipation. You bow her head, showing reverence to your deity.

“Seek shelter, Angelica,” Istishia commanded. “Gather your friends, those who have stood by your side in times of trial. Together, you must weather the storm that looms on the horizon. Trust in each other’s strength and find solace in the unity of your bond.”

As your deity’s words faded, the vision shifted, revealing Angelica standing among her loyal companions, their unwavering support evident in their eyes. They stood together, backs against the wind, bracing themselves for the impending storm.

“You are not alone, Angelica,” Istishia whispered, his voice gentler now. “Harness the power of water and ice that flows within you, for they shall be your shield against the coming tempest. Stand firm, weather the chaos, and emerge stronger on the other side.”

With those final words, the vision dissipated, and you awaken from you dream. You knew that your path was set before you, and that your destiny intertwined with the approaching storm. Determination surged within your heart as you vowed to gather your companions and prepare for the challenges to come. For in their unity, you would face the storm and emerge victorious, guided by the whispers of the storm god, Istishia.

She relayed parts of it to the rest of the party. Given that still had time before needing to visit Harburk, Avery was able to go through and identify all the different magic items they had collected but were just using a baggage until now.  The most interesting item was the Lantern of Equivalent Exchange.

Lantern of Equivalent Exchange

Once all of that was complete, it was time to go see Harburk at the Swinging Sword to meet breakfast so they could explain what has happened more leisurely and in greater detail. The constable was waiting for them with his six heavy-set part-time deputies and butchers sitting nearby.  As they approached Harburk they were greeted by Kaylessa Irkell the owner of the Swinging Sword. Ordering some drinks, they settled down to finally have their conversation with Harburk.

Kaylessa Irkell

Taking time to describe and explain that they had discovered a swamp southeast of here and as they entered, it started to freeze over.  In the middle was an old dwarven fortress, the Ruined Moathouse.  Within were many bandits and other creatures allied with the bandits even including an ogre. There were some thoughts considering the possibility that the necromancer and the bandits were working together since there were zombies in the Moathouse, although there were also bandit zombies in Lance Rock.  Their story only got stranger when they described the Ice Hag, and finally that there were what appeared to be soldiers in the Moathouse.

Harburk started to describe that there were stories, rumors that there was a giant dwarven city complex underneath the Sumber Hills, but there was not any proof. They also informed him that they still had not visited all the possible bandit locations and that there might be more. They also updated the constable about the changes in Amphail, and that there was now a Lord Warder in charge who had brought a unit of soldiers with him. They also expressed their concern about the hippogriff riders they had seen. He mentioned to them that there was something about a place called Feathergale Spire in the hills somewhere, but he did not know exactly where that was.

It was then that the building began to shake.  A loud roaring could be heard with creaking and groaing of buildings here and around them.  Harburk jumped up and ran to the door.  They could hear all the screaming outside, and people panicking.  A giant sinkhole had opened out outside in the street.

“The children, they fell.  Someone please help us.”

And this is where the session ended.

Campaign Notes

They thought that with the rescue of the children their adventure was coming to a point where they might get some rest, but now there was a sinkhole in town and more children to rescue.