27th of Mirtul of the year 1492

With a long walk ahead of them, the party used the time to go over some of the things that have happened to them and to think about the contents of the different dreams, visions, and prophecies that they had received.

Dancer started off the conversation expressing concern about how the constable handled the capture Ilmeth. He thought that it was suspicious that Harburk and his deputies were not able to subdue and capture the combative Wheelworks owner.  There was some agreement, but Avery was the primary defender of the law in Red Larch and that he felt they were doing the best they could.

This was also when Avery brought up their relationship with Dhelosk, and that it would be very bad for all of them, especially him if they irritated the wizard anymore. This led to them discussing about how to better approach him in the future and be clearer with their communication, as well as not going back and forth with him on objects of interest.  It was also brought up that he might be one of the few sources of information related to the wider scale of things that are happening, from being able to give them some history, and general conversation on things related to the arcane. It was also brought up that Dhelosk is powerful enough to take away anything he might want if he truly wanted to. Vladimir suggested that they be much more deliberate in their discussions with him and come to an agreement on the topics before approaching.

Regarding Dhelosk, Vladimir expressed that they needed to find people that they could trust.  The constable and Dhelosk seemed to be the only two that they could approach. Dancer continued pushing more suspicion on to Harburk since he was still dissatisfied with the constable’s performance and aggressiveness with chasing the elders and the issues at hand.

They also discussed the statue and even though it has been helpful, they had some concerns because of the things that Dhelosk had warned them that could be happening. ISAC strongly defended the usefulness of the statue and that it has helped them survive more than once. Avery was concerned about the amount of power it had and was not sure if they should even be using it.

Ideas and concerns were being shared among the group when the cults were brought up.  They wondered if the cults were somehow connected or operating independently of each other, and that either option was equally valid. Vladimir brought up that the concept of elements is not only wrapped up with the cults, but also the prophecy they had found on the wall in Lance Rock. Their concern that all of that might be related and connected somehow and that they will need to investigate it further.

With what has been happening, then they needed to find the heroes that were mentioned in the prophecy. Since no one had copied it down they would need to go back to make sure they would be able to review the words more closely. Angelica brought up that they did not know if the prophecy meant them or someone else. ISAC asked about the dream Angelica had from her god, and she recited it to the group:

You stand at the edge of a vast, tempestuous sea. Dark clouds loomed overhead, casting an ominous shadow upon the horizon. The air crackled with electricity, and the sound of distant thunder resonated through the air. Istishia, appearing as a colossal figure wreathed in stormy clouds, reached out to you with a hand that sparked with lightning.

“Angelica,” the deity’s voice boomed, carrying a sense of urgency. “A tempest approaches, a tumultuous storm of great magnitude. It gathers strength, threatening to engulf all in its path. Heed my words, daughter of the tempest, for you are chosen.”

You feel a mixture of awe and trepidation, your scales tingling with anticipation. You bow her head, showing reverence to your deity.

“Seek shelter, Angelica,” Istishia commanded. “Gather your friends, those who have stood by your side in times of trial. Together, you must weather the storm that looms on the horizon. Trust in each other’s strength and find solace in the unity of your bond.”

As your deity’s words faded, the vision shifted, revealing Angelica standing among her loyal companions, their unwavering support evident in their eyes. They stood together, backs against the wind, bracing themselves for the impending storm.

“You are not alone, Angelica,” Istishia whispered, his voice gentler now. “Harness the power of water and ice that flows within you, for they shall be your shield against the coming tempest. Stand firm, weather the chaos, and emerge stronger on the other side.”

With those final words, the vision dissipated, and you awaken from you dream. You knew that your path was set before you, and that your destiny intertwined with the approaching storm. Determination surged within your heart as you vowed to gather your companions and prepare for the challenges to come. For in their unity, you would face the storm and emerge victorious, guided by the whispers of the storm god, Istishia.

She attempted to interpret the dream for the group.

“This seemed like a direct message from my god Istishia. It was more than a dream, more like a sending. That I needed to gather friends and allies to survive the upcoming storm and strengthen their bonds. I also saw the entire party together, minus Dancer standing together, and I should harness the water and ice elements to fortify herself.  Basically, gird our loins and get ready for the shit coming to us.”

When coming up with goals that each of them had, Dancer reminded them that they still potentially had bandits to clear out. When he was told that they also had a treasure map, Dancer was excited to go after those places and was confused why they had not already gone there. There was some argument about the party not really pursuing coin when Dancer reminded them of their loot aggressiveness in the tombs. ISAC guided the discussion to answer the question, “What is Evil”.  Vladimir was a bit unsure how to best define it, when Dancer asked if what they are facing is out to hurt friends and family, and if so, then it is evil.

It was also questioned about what the statue wanted, or if it had wants.  It seemed to be of an element source same as the cultists but was perfectly able and maybe even willing to operate against them implying that the entire situation might be more complex than they thought, or that there were multiple agendas that they were facing.

In parallel to these discussions, Dancer finger talked with Fwoosh about going into Ilmeth’s house later tonight and not let anyone know until their mission was complete. Fwoosh was ready for action later once everyone had gone to sleep. With everyone opening up about their personal thoughts, the different members started sharing what each of them had for personal goals. This led them reviewing what they should be doing in the near term, as well as determining where they should set up a base of operations.

Finally getting back to town and to the Blackbutter Inn, Dancer and Fwoosh headed off to bed early intending on getting up early for some undercover reconnaissance. Fogo and ISAC also headed to bed while Angelica, Avery, and Vladimir went over to the Helm at Highsun. The group that went to the Helm met the distinguished Garlen Harlathurl who was bartending there.

Garlen Harlathurl

Enamored with the menu, everyone ordered their drinks with Angelica and Avery ordering full bottles for themselves. There was some small talk around the Elders in town and their actions. Garlen seemed surprised about what they had done.  When asked about the constable, Garlen had only good things to say about him. He did bring up his failed business in Waterdeep and that he had done poorly there as a merchant and moved here as a retirement job.  A few times during the conversation a much larger man came from the cellar to bring up casks, bottles, and other things and would have a short quiet conversation with Garlen each time.

Justran Daehl

With the long day coming to an end, they all headed back to their rooms at the Blackbutter Inn for evening.  Winding down a bit, the three of them all chose to read and work on their journals.  Vladimir read his romance novel, Avery made notes in his journal, and Angelica continued reading about Mirabaran Dwarven lineage and the convoluted way that dwarves wrote about their hereditary connections was quick to put her asleep.  It did not take long before they all finally went to bed.

28th of Mirtul of the year 1492

Waking early and before sunrise, Dancer and Fwoosh met at Ilmeth’s Wagonworks to scope out the place and see if they could find anything important left behind.  Leaving Fwoosh outside as a lookout, Dancer went in and moved through the building looking for an office and perhaps a bedroom.  Going through the workers bunkroom quickly and heading upstairs, it did not take long for Dancer to find the office.  It had already been ransacked with papers strewn all over the floor, the drawers dumped open, and the bookcases emptied on onto the floor.  

While looking around carefully, Dancer did notice that there was a spot under the desk that looked a bit odd.  When he was not able to open the spot, he moved the bookcases in front of the windows to hide any light they might need and brought Fwoosh back to get it open, and he did so easily.  Inside was a small chest, and a pair of books. They took the items and before closing the hidden spot, Dancer filled it with a bunch of the papers from the floor.  They then headed back to their rooms to get some more sleep, but before Fwoosh headed to bed, he snuck over to ISAC and stole the dagger they had found in the tombs and hid it in his bag.

Later in the morning as everyone was getting ready, ISAC approached Fwoosh and asked what he had been doing in his bag.  Fwoosh in a very convincing tone said he was looking for ISAC’s maker’s mark and that he thought that ISAC might have put it in his bag. Before heading down, Dancer looked at what he had collected from Ilmeth’s.  The two books appeared to be some sort of accounting books but were written in such a way with abbreviations and summaries that it was impossible to figure out quickly. He failed to open the chest and would have to wait for Fwoosh to open it for him.

With everyone downstairs they got a breakfast, and with some whispered words from Dancer, they went back up to Dancer’s room to investigate what they had found.  Avery took the two books to see if he could inspect them more closely, and Fwoosh opened the chest quickly.  It contained two pouches of coins, a small silver emblem of the Drow Earth symbol, and a note which read:

“Shipment came through fine, material passed. Payment coming soon as well.”

It did bring up the topic of if the elemental cults were related to each other or not.  The fact that they had multiple coins with different Drowish elemental symbols.  Even though all the representations were different, they thought they were probably related. The group went to check out the tannery to see if Fogo could recover any of his material he had left there to be processed.

No amount of knocking seemed to get Ulhro Luruth’s attention, nor get him to answer the door. With that failure on hand, he went back to the Blackbutter Inn to work another kitchen shift with Xaasz. Stopping into the Sundries store looking for some more notebooks, Endrith was quick to point out that they had bought them all yesterday, but did have some new romance novels that had come in.  Promising to buy more later, they went to their Inn waiting for Dancer.

Endrith Vallivoe

Once everyone was together again, minus Fogo who was on kneepads learning cooking from a Goblin, everyone else headed out to Lance Rock and copy down the blood written prophecy. The trip was uneventful as was copying the scrawl on the wall. Nothing seemed to have changed since they had been here last.

In the realm wh’re destiny int’rtwines,

a bodement f’retold, through ancient signs,

of elemental l’rds and prophets four,

at which hour chaos awakens, the w’rld to expl’re.

The elemental l’rds, fi’rce and unbound,

earth, air, fireth, and wat’r, profound,

with allies by their side, prophets of might,

seeking dominion, to vanquish the lighteth.

Air l’rd’s prophet, with partisan hath raised high,

earth l’rd’s prophet, war picketh to defy,

fireth l’rd’s prophet, dagg’r ablaze,

wat’r l’rd’s prophet, trident’s gentle gazeth.

Togeth’r those gents gath’r, darkness their guideth,

their weapons, unknowing, holdeth secrets inside,

keys to the gateways, wh’re chaos is b’rn,

to saveth the w’rld, a quest might not but beest sw’rn.

But h’roes shalt riseth, their spirits untamed,

to visage the prophets, their destiny unclaimed,

with courage and val’r, those gents’ll hurlyburly the odds,

to reclaim the keys and confronteth the gods.

Through treach’rous battles, those gents’ll striveth to succeedeth,

to slayeth the prophets and fulfill the decree,

to seize the weapons, the keys those gents conceal,

unlocking the pow’r to mendeth and to healeth.

With each fallen prophet, a key is revealed,

a grise clos’r to vict’ry, the darkness repealed,

sealing the gateways, wh’re chaos runs deep,

rest’ring the w’rld from et’rnal catch but a wink.

The h’roes, chosen, their hearts int’rtwined,

unit’d those gents standeth, their purpose defined,

harnessing the weapons, the keys yond ignite,

those gents sealeth the gateways, rest’ring the lighteth.

And so, the bodement shalt cometh to passeth,

a testament to the h’roes’ val’r and class,

f’r those gents possesseth the strength to defy,

to safeguard our w’rld, until the endeth of timeth.

Rememb’r this bodement, etch’d in l’re,

a tale of triumph ‘gainst the elemental roar,

embrace the h’ro within, alloweth thy spirit ignite,

to protecteth our w’rld, pres’rving its lighteth

Looking over the writing that was now flaking off the wall, they began discussing some of the content as well as some of their other experiences. Vladimir pointed out that they seem to be looking for four prophets, and they had some kind of magical weapons.  The priests that they had already met were probably working for these prophets.

Deciding that what was left of the cobbled together dragon skeleton might have some value, they used an old ratty carpet to carry the skull back. The skull was proved to be very fragile and continued to crack a little with each step they took, but they were able to get it in some condition back to their Inn.  When asking Gwendolyn about it, she suggested that they store it themselves until Dhelosk was available in the morning.

Gwendolyn Venelli

Dropping it off in one of their rooms so they would be able to attempt to sell it to Dhelosk in the morning. Wanting some dinner, everyone except Dancer headed to the Helm. Dancer stopped into the bakery to meet with Jepos. Asking about what has been happening in town and about some of the people they had encountered, Jepos seemed open in sharing.

“It was an interesting thing.  I am newly arrived and so it was not something we were aware of. In talking to Mangobarl, the town has been changing in the last several years. Things have been getting more suspicious and people acting out, but with a small rural community that happens sometimes.”

When asked about the Zhentarim in Red Larch.

“Oh, I am only here because of the group you are with. We had known the banditry was happening more, and I was sent out to look it over, which was that Ruined Moathouse.  Your group seemed kind of interesting.  The Zhentarim did not really have anything here.  Mangobarl is just a local contact, almost every town has a contact, it does not mean he does anything. He’s not a thief, he’s not a thug, he’s nothing, he is just a baker that owes us a favor.”

“No, I came to town to follow that group.  They seem to be doing some interesting things and I suggested that we learn more about it.  You here were a surprise to me, and the other one, I was not expecting him here either. Neither one of you were assigned here.  Now there are many of us, which is sort of interesting.”

Dancer, ever ready to pick on the constable, asked about him as well.

“I have not dealt with him directly but from Mangobarl and some of the others, he is just a part time law man here, who does not have much of an official position and is the husband of the butcher. The town sees him as the law, but his authority is limited, most of these small towns are run a group of elders, which are those that got caught. His authority came from them.

When asking about the constable morals and competency.

“Well, I think they made sure he did not involve him, because you can look at his actions around the sinkhole.  He argued against them and allowed your group to go in the sinkhole, which they did not want at all because it exposed the crimes they committed.  I think he is just busy and does not have time.  He is not an investigator.  He is just the local law and reprimands those get drunk in public. He is just a small-town sheriff that he has not been trained for this and was just selected because he is former military. He is probably one of the more honest people in town.”

And looking to see if there were any missions for him, Jepos revealed something interesting.

“No, but I think that the Zhentarim will be moving in little more heavily into this town.  That weird things are happening here usually means an opportunity for money. In fact, we will probably buy a business here or something. Give us more chances.”

Dancer shared his concern about Dhelosk.

“Oh, he is an interesting one. I have been trying to do research on him and it has not been an easy thing. But I do know that Dhelosk is not his real name. There is a lot of magic around the Blackbutter Inn. They all came into town three or four years ago.”

Checking in about the tanner.

“He has not been out of his house since the sinkhole, but I did hear that Albaeri ran away sometime last night or this morning. So, the tanner is the only one left, well, except the storage guy.  But there does not seem to be any evidence, and he has seemed to have avoided it all. He has been trying to help the constable gather evidence against the others.”

Dancer expressed his concern about keeping the Zhentarim presence from the party, especially with Fwoosh and wanted to know how bad it would be if they were revealed.

“Well, one of them has links to the Harpers, one of them has links to the Lord’s Alliance, and one to the Order of the Gauntlet. Two of the three are goody-two-shoes and would not appreciate us and would probably try to burn us out of town.”

“Fwoosh is an interesting thing.  He met one of our executives in town, and for whatever reason took a liking to him, and gave him his ring, and if Fwoosh comes by we are supposed to assist. I do not know what the executive’s thought was. Fwoosh has told the rest of the party that he was just given the ring on the way out of town, and that he does not even know what the symbol means and if they have not done anything at this point, it is unlikely they would in the future if he does not talk about us too much. If the baker gets burned, I can always find a new place.”

“We will be expanding our presence here soon; I am just waiting for word to come back from Waterdeep. In fact, I think a team has already gotten to the Bargewright Inn. The concerns have been the bandits, they are not ours. If you could capture some, that would be great.”

“The Ruined Moathouse, I just got a report about that. It seems to be completely covered with ghouls and giant lizards at this point. Something about an extra-large spider living in the main courtyard and filling it completely with webs.  There seems to be a huge ghoul warren underneath it.  Without whatever was keeping them from it, they seemed to have flooded the entire basement area.”

“But the bandits, there seems to be something guiding them and we just do not know what it is, some force.  They have proved to be a bit more organized than bandits should be, and there have been far too many of them.  Taking out some of the wagons they have was more like a military exercise than bandits. I had seen some of the soldier types at the Ruined Moathouse, but your friends did not really share much about them.”

Jepos Copperhand

The remainder of the party headed to the Helm for drinks and good food. As usual, the Helm was filled with local Red Larchers. It was there that Vladimir shared more about his past and family, that he was the fourth of nine children and some about his least favorite sister Olga.  He also talked about how he joined the army and met Benny. With Dancer joining them, Avery went back to the Inn to work on the ledgers and study them in greater detail. The rest ate, drank, and attempted to listen in on what the locals were talking about.

There was a lot of discussion about the elders, and that two of the elders had run away.  Some grumbling about Ilmeth having gotten killed. Gaelkur ran off the same day the sinkhole showed up, as if he knew it was going to be bad.  Everyone is wondering what is in the sinkhole.  They have heard that there is Dwarven Tomb.  There was some talk of bandits along Cairn Road. There were several complaining about the Iceshield Orcs and Uthgardt barbarians attacking farmhouses and that the Samular knights were attempting to defend as well as they could. There was also a lot of local gossip that had little relation to what they were interested in. There was an odd rumor about Thorsk Thelorn, that he had been a mercenary and has treasure buried under his house.

With what they knew, they started planning their next set of actions, and where they should be heading to.  Hunting bandits seemed high on several of their lists, but as long as there was loot, everyone was interested, especially Dancer and Vladimir. They planned on hitting the haunted tomb first and work their way around Red Larch through the different locations keeping Red Larch as a safety point, they could run to if needed.

With their next sets of days planned, out the group went back to the Blackbutter Inn and went to bed for the night. Before getting to bed, Avery informed them of what he had found after spending several hours on the ledgers.  It seemed that Ilmeth had been using some type of cypher on the ledgers and it was beyond what Avery could figure out.  He would need something more to go on to work it out.  This surprised everyone since they had only thought of Ilmeth as a drunken and poor woodworker.  They did not expect this level of sophisticated work from Ilmeth.

Before Fogo got off his shift, he did see the goblins making something several times that was not meal related.  They seemed to be working on herbs and plants and then taking those results to Xaasz where he did something else with those components. Fogo was not sure what they were doing because he had never seen anything like this previously.

29th of Mirtul of the year 1492

Before anyone got up, Dancer went to the bakery to get his bear claw baking lesson.  While not a complete failure, his bear lumps were tasty, if only for the first inch until you got to the raw dough.

Later in the morning, they met with Dhelosk at the front desk and brought down their dragon skull for him to examine. He did not seem to be very impressed, nor seemed to have some for it, but he did bring out Xaasz who did offer up some platinum for the skull and mumbled something about grinding it up for something he was working on.  Xaasz did comment that it seemed that all the magic in the skull had already been consumed which is why it had such little value and why it was so brittle.

Dhelosk Quelbeard


While negotiating with Dhelosk about the skull, they party also checked in to see what magic items and potions Dhelosk might have one hand.  Fwoosh bought a pair of googles that would also him to see in the dark as well as a cloak that is able to change its color and form to almost anything.  Fwoosh was very excited about having a color changing clock. Avery was convinced to purchase a hat of wizardry giving him something a little more than he had. Fogo somehow resisted the magical staff of birdcalls.  It was a very tough internal battle Fogo went through, but somehow managed to convince himself he did not need it right now.

When asked about what kinds of things he was interested in for his research, Dhelosk answered that he would more things related to inter-dimensional space.  Putting big things in small spaces. He seemed disdainful of Dwarven magic but was interested in Drow magic much more.

Wanting to head to the haunted tomb, they realized that they did not really know where it was and that they should probably go ask for directions from Minny’s daughter. Heading to the poultry store looking for Pell and find out more about what they might be facing.  They convinced Minny to allow them to speak to her daughter about the tomb.

Minthra “Minny” Mhandyvver

Her daughter had found a stone door in the side of a hill, and that door was cracked open.  She had gone inside and there was a ghost inside that talked to her. It was a glowing person in there, but she was not able to tell if it was a human or not.  There was another stone door within and when she went to look at it, the ghost told her she was not allowed to go there and that she should go home. She had a nice conversation with the ghost and then it shooed her on her way.

Before departing, they took a quick peek at the tannery, and they found a deputy guarding in front of the door.  When asked about what had happened, they were told that Ulhro Luruth had committed suicide in the last day or two.  Still wanting his stuff Fogo asked the condition of any of the work inside and was further told that Ulhro had spiked all the tanks, and anything left there had been ruined.

And this is where the session ended.

History Lesson

Here we are with another session of the history of the savage frontier.  This is your host David Bourgh-Ettin, and this week we will be looking deeper into the Kryptgarden Forest.  Last week we talked a bit about the creatures making history, and this week we will investigate the forest that old Gnawbones resides in. It has a history that goes back at least to the minus 230rd century.


Named after Southkrypt, this small forest is believed to be the second-most-powerful source of the evil that pervades the dwarven ruin, the first being the Sword Mountains lying just north. The eastern outskirts of the forest are often used by the inhabitants of Westbridge for hunting purposes, even they don’t delve farther than a few hours walk into it.


Kryptgarden Forest, also known as Tsordvudd, was a small but ancient and foreboding forest on the Sword Coast North in northwest Faerûn and one of the so-called the Moonwoods of the North. It was a site that once housed long-lost realms of the elves and dwarves.

“Dark times have come to Kryptgarden. May gods and heroes end the corruption on this day!”

Dala Silmerselve


The name ‘Kryptgarden’ arose from the dwarfhold known as Southkrypt Garden, which stood in the north. The forest was itself sometimes called Southkrypt Garden. The name also seemed to originate in the orc realm called Uruth Ukrypt, meaning “Home of Uruth” in Orcish, that rose in the Sword Mountains in the 10th century DR.


It was located east of the Sword Mountains. It lay just west of the Long Road and the village of Westbridge and north of Waterdeep.


It was an old-growth forest and local humans knew little of what lay within as of the mid-1300s DR. Kryptgarden was a hilly woodland was covered in a thick layer of foul-smelling fog. Parts of the wood had an unexplained reddish hue about the forest floor and the bases of the trees in the late 1400s DR. The forest contained many ruins of bygone dwarven civilizations.

Geographical Features

A portion of Kryptgarden south of Phandalin was known as the Crooked Forest because some of the trees there had been bent by ancient creatures that dwelled there to indicate paths through the forest. Following the passage of Volothamp Geddarm through the area, the forest received more visitors than it had in decades, disturbing several treants and blights.

A deep hole in the ground—known to some as “the orifice”—in the red forest east of the Sword Mountains led to the Underdark and a passage to the Hanging City of Dolblunde.

Flora & Fauna

Small game animals lived in the forest, but few larger creatures dwelled within, as they were readily eaten by Kryptgarden’s most fearsome predator, the dragon Claugiyliamatar.


Folk from Westbridge hunted animals along the eastern edges of the forest during the 1300’s DR but did not dare go deeper than a few hours on foot. They’d stopped by the late 1400’s DR after some of their fellows went missing. Some logging also went on around the edges in the mid-1300s DR.


During the era of the First Flowering, the forest that later came to be known as Kryptgarden was a part of the ancient elven realm of Illefarn, which was founded circa −22,900 DR. The surface-dwelling dwarves of the briefling flourishing realm of Besilmer, from −4420 DR to −4160 DR, also had borders reaching Kryptgarden Forest. When Illefarn fell circa −1100 DR, the elf realm broke up into several smaller states; of these, Rilithar encompassed Kryptgarden Forest.

The green dragon Claugiyliamatar established her lair within the Kryptgarden Forest in the Year of the Evening Sun, 1303 DR.

In the Year of the Warrior Princess, 1489 DR, the Five Factions all gathered in the forest to deal with the rising threat of the renewed Cult of the Dragon. The cult’s Green Dragon Mask was recovered from the lair of Claugiyliamatar in Kryptgarden Forest. Old Gnawbone herself was injured while blows were struck against the Red Wizards of Thay, the Cult of the Dragon, and the Zartruss hobgoblin clan.

Rumors & Legends

Kryptgarden Forest was reputed to be one of the sources of the evil that lurked in the ruined dwarfhold of Southkrypt, and only the second most powerful of them after the Sword Mountains. In the mid-to-late 1300s DR, rumors swirled of another dwarven citadel in the hills at the heart of Kryptgarden, but these were unconfirmed.

At that time, a crazed adventurer was discovered in the plains west of Red Larch, on Kheldell Path. Supposedly the only survivor of a nine-person adventuring company, he rambled on about a strange citadel in Kryptgarden, one that housed insectoid creatures that walked upright, wielded powerful magic, threw weapons that slew a man at 500 paces, and could camouflage themselves so well they could only be detected by smell and tracking, suggesting it was a supernatural power. Moreover, he had unexplainable burns on his arms and back and had no possessions on him. However, this man was a known to be a lair by 1370 DR.

In the 1300s DR, King Witchthorn had a relationship with the Adarbrent noble family of Waterdeep. For decades, the family sent its firstborn child of each generation to pledge an oath to Witchthorn. The children performed an unknown service to the king by their eleventh year and in exchange the family businesses and their homes were protected by secret fey guardians. This arrangement was unknown to all but the eldest son and daughter of each generation.

Campaign Notes

A fairly low impact session, and the characters finally started to compare notes on the things they have seen, like the dreams and other portents that have fallen on their heads.  Consequences are still impacting some of the members of Red Larch and the town has still not settled down.  The group has begun to discuss setting up a base, whether it is in Red Larch, Lance Rock, or even the Ruined Moathouse, they have not yet decided what might be best for them.  Planning on finishing off any lingering items around Red Larch seems to be next on their agenda.