22nd of Kythorn of the year 1492

Evening was upon the party and their discussions at an end, it was time for their somewhat normal watch schedule. The Dwarves took the wagon while everyone decided on the large tent Fwoosh has been carrying around. Dancer did not waste any time before starting to denigrate the Dwarves they had rescued calling them useless and ungrateful, and when the rag wearing Dwarves asked what he expected from them, he was unable to give them an answer and just hand waved them off.

At the same time, Yllanys ran off outside the camp into the wilderness looking for truffles, at least he claimed as much. After a couple of hours, Yllanys came back with some tubers and herbs that could be used to help spread the food out, but they were a bit short, and while Dancer was willing to share with the party but refused to share anything with the Dwarves.

The long days and constant combat must have had an impact since across the board seemed more interested in the fire and the camp than watching around as watch normally required.  Luckily nothing came out of the dark and all the watches passed without any incidents, although during his watch, Dancer was able to hunt down to very fat hares that would add to their food stocks for the next day.

23rd of Kythorn of the year 1492

In the morning, the Dwarves took on the task of getting the hares cooked while Dancer and Ace left the camp looking for game to help resupply their diminishing food supplies, but nothing was found near the camp. Fwoosh wandered about around and was scavenging around looking for eggshells but settled for a few rocks that looked like eggs. The camp was packed up and they got on the road.

Not having Fogo doing their food gathering and hunting, Dancer and Ace tried their hand at the hunting while on the road.  Dancer was able to bag a large doe that was easily going to supply enough food for the entire group for quite some time. At some point they passed by where they had been ambushed by the bandits, and she could clearly see where they had come from further into the foothills to the north.

It was about late afternoon when Fwoosh spotted a group of figures approach in the distance.  As they got closer, it was clear that they were Dwarves, and most likely miners from the way they were dressed and equipped. Preparing for combat just in case, Fwoosh went invisible using Razor while Dancer hid as well as he could in the underbrush. Once the Dwarves spotted the wagon and party, the Dwarves started moving directly toward them until it was clear that there were nine Dwarves with one leading them from the beginning.

“Hey, where are you guys headed?”

“Hail friends, we’re, uh, just making our way toward Red Larch.”

“Ah, that damn place, they are not hiring miners right now. They brought their own contingent from their own town. So, we’re off looking for a new place to go mining. Supposed to be abandoned quarries all over these hills. So, see if we can find something. You guys haven’t found one, have ya?”

“Um, you’re asking about abandoned quarries? I’m not sure, I’ll ask my companions.”

“We, we haven’t found any abandoned quarries in the area, um.”

“Just the two in town in Red Larch.”

“Yeah, we had a contract with Mellikho’s, but damn bitch ran off somewhere.”

“Oh, oh, you were contracted with her before?”

“Yeah, she had hired us to come down and do some mining, now she not there and obviously our contract’s no longer good and the new girl taking the place didn’t like the looks of our gear and sent us on our way.”

“Tell us about this one, tell us about her, do you have a name or anything, what does she look like?”

“The one that hired us or the one that sent us on our way?”

“Well, just so that we know who you’re talking about, how about both?”

“Oh, there is Mellikho, that old woman in charge of the northern quarry in Red Larch.”

“Albaeri Mellikho?”

“That’s her name. I think we’ve met her once or twice. She had run off after some mysterious events that took place in town. Oh, the other was Bryllyn Trollfist and she’s an ugly Dwarf, she was.”

“I think we met her briefly as well.”

“They said they don’t want to do any mining right now; it might disturb the little tomb underneath the town or something.  Where the hell are we supposed to find some work.”

The conversation ran on longer as Yllanys attempted to get them to expand out their operations and include craftsman, but they would have none of it. The party tried warning them of the dangers of the Sumber Hills and that there were many monsters and even giants.  None of it seem to surprise or worry the Dwarves. The Dwarves gave a little more background on themselves but seemed to be eager to get back on the trail. They exchanged names with the Dwarves, and just before they departed, they were warned about bandit ambushes, and that the party had been recently ambushed just further up the trail. That seemed to be of some interest to the Dwarves and then they headed out leaving the party behind to start heading back to Red Larch.

Once the Dwarves had some distance from the party, ISAC started relaying information about Mellikho and how he thought she was part of the Earth Cultists and that there were several other of the elders in town that were all tied to them and the tomb under the town. There was a bit more conversation about the happenings in town and a little more of what they knew. It was not much afterwards that sunset was upon them, and they settled down to camp once again.

Ace attempted to start reading the very large pile of nautical books but gave up quickly and gave them to Angelica who seemed to be at peace ready very boring books. While the party was setting up camp and trading storied with the Dwarves listening in, the Dwarves took the doe that Dancer had caught and cooked it up for everyone.  It seemed that today was Fwoosh’s hatch day, or the day he managed to escape from his egg.  This is the day that Kenkus celebrated when counting birthdays.  He involved everyone in the celebration and explained its meaning to the group.

In the distance the sound of a Firebolt being fired repeatedly could be heard.  As the group got ready for combat, Yllanys came back into camp. He claimed that he had been shooting some bothersome lizards and nothing else was out there. Fwoosh wanting to add to the chaos for his hatch day, threw up a Zone of Truth around the party to get the games started. Some of the interesting points that came out were:

  • Angelica: Explained some of where she was from and that she had spent the last decade in Waterdeep with her sister.
  • Vladimir: When asked about Yllanys leaving the camp all the time, He expressed that he had been concerned that Yllanys’ rash had been getting worse since he was always rubbing his butt. He suggested seeing a cleric for some magical relief.
  • Dancer: Was also a bit upset that Yllanys was being secretive outside of the camp and that he was having trouble trusting him especially since they have only known each other for a few days and was concerned with all the resources that had been dropped into him.
  • Yllanys: When asked if he had served Bugbear, he clearly stated that he had not served any humanoids.
  • Ace: Had a lot of concern about eating anything he could speak with, and then was confused when it was brought up that Speak with Plants, Speak with Animals, and even Speak with Dead exists, which caused him to slink off and sulk in a corner of the camp.

With the meals and stories over, they settled down for the night having their normal watches.  With being so close to Red Larch, the number of wildlife encounters proved to be minimal, and nothing disturbed any of the watches and the night passed peacefully.

24th of Kythorn of the year 1492

The camp arose to the strange smell of Yllanys cooking something in a pan over the fire. It seemed he had gathered some lizard eggs and made a nice crunchy omelet for Fwoosh. Packing up and getting on the road, the party was able to safely make it to Red Larch by mid-day.

Not having been in town for a while, the group promptly split up into two groups. Vladimir, Angelica, and Dancer all went to the Tomb Quarry, formerly known as Mellikho Stonework’s before the Dwarves bought it out.  But it also contained the only safe entrance to the Tombs where Banmin Glehuruhr resided. The others, Ace, Fwoosh, ISAC, and Yllanys all headed to the Blackbutter Inn to get some rooms and a nice meal.

While dropping off the wagon, Dancer briefly chatted with Grafaerd Ulamoira with finger talk and was told that he had kind of deciphered Ilmeth’s accounting books.  Dancer indicated he would be back later for that chat and then headed off with the group going to the Tombs.

 Grafaerd Ulamoira

At the Tomb entrance they were met by a pair of Dwarf guards and when told of the groups purpose, one went in to check with Banmin, and with that approval ushered them all into the large room under the sinkhole where Banmin waited for them.

Dwarf Soldier

It was evident that a lot of work had been done to the room, the originally rough walls had been carved out to be straight and many pillars built to support the ceiling and they could see that the ceiling itself had been reinforced and the hole that had been there was slowly being closed off as the room was worked upon.  When the group approach Banmin, he seemed happy to see the Dwarves that the group had with them.

Banmin Glehuruhr

“Are these some of the delegation?”

“Yup, some of them.”

“Do you know where the rest of them are?”

“We have a few suspicions on where they might be. Well, more than suspicions, a few good leads.”

“Sorry we couldn’t send anything, but you know we sent a unit to the Ruined Moathouse to take a look at it.  We haven’t heard anything from them yet.”

“Yeah, it might have, uh, there might be some wildlife in there that they had to deal with.”

‘Wildlife? Well, there’s a good 25 of them, so they should be doing fairly well.”

Banmin then began welcoming the Dwarves that had arrived and asking for how they have been, they seemed happy with the party except for one-person, which Banmin was able to infer that they were less pleased with Dancer.  He then sent them off with some of the other Dwarves.

“Well, if you can get more of them.  We sent notice to Mirabar and so hopefully they’ll be sending something down for you.”

“That would be great.”

“Right now, it’s just kind of earning our favor.”

“You know we literally brought one of these guys back from the dead. Just saying.”

“How long was he dead.”

“Like, he was dead.”

“It didn’t cost us.”

“He was dead less than a minute.”

“He was dead.”

“There’re different costs if he’s dead for a minute and then there’s dead for a day, and then there’s dead for ten years or 100 years. Obviously, he wasn’t dead for 100 years.”

“Not quite, he was dead for a minute.”

“So, he was dead for a minute. Okay, hold one, here is a scroll. There, that should cover the cost of what you did to bring him back.”

“Thank you, it is appreciated.”

“Yeah, we’re appreciative of people who are also kind.”

“Yeah, I’m appreciative of people who like respect good work.”

“Speaking of good work, it seems like you guys are doing a very good job at securing the sinkhole and shoring that up for the town.”

Well, we’re hoping it should be done soon.  It should be done about the 15th of the next month.  We’ve got another two ten-days, and it should be finished.  The hard part has been making sure nothing was undermined.  It looked like the whole portion of the street and some of the buildings were going to go down if we didn’t do that first.”

The conversation moved to the Dwarves they had met on the trail and were told that not all Dwarves were hard workers and good Dwarves to work with. Banmin further explained that there they had sent Bryllyn Trollfist up along the Larch Road to seek out an abandoned quarry and mine.  It is supposed to have Mithril deposits. He told them that she should have been arriving any day now if she was not already there.

He continued to request that additional members of the delegation get rescued.  Vladimir explained further what they had seen, and that there was what appeared to be a fortified monastery in the Sumber Hills but was too well guarded for them to approach yet. He used this as an opportunity to request some of the Dwarves to assist, but Banmin was adamant that until the unit that went down to the Ruined Moathouse returned, there was little he could do to help. Dancer suggested that they could go down and help the Dwarves at the Moathouse, then would they be able to assist in the monastery assault? Banmin agreed that it would be very possible.

Leaving the underground temple, Angelica and Vladimir headed off to the Blackbutter Inn, while Dancer headed to the Galloping Wheelworks and to get information from Grafaerd. Once there he fingers talked with all the workers confirming his surmise that everyone at the Wheelworks belong to the Zhentarim.  He and Grafaerd talked about the ledger, and Grafaerd expressed his respect and hatred for Ilmeth since it seemed that it was more of an accidently cypher, rather than one on purpose.  It seemed he had his own form of shorthand, but even that was not consistent.  Grafaerd was able to figure out a basic flow of good, but not any specific people or organization, only that there were multiple supplies that dropped off goods at some storage location, they were then moved through the Wagonworks and then ended up in the hands of four different endpoints.  There was one low volume, and very high value supplier that delivered very few items but did deliver items to each of the four endpoints and each transaction seemed to be measured in 10’s of 1000’s of gold pieces.  The exact amount was difficult to decipher, but all of the items supplied were always labeled as DO.

Diagram Showing Flow of Supplies and Destinations

With that completed, Dancer headed to his favorite establishment in Red Larch, the bakery for some bear claws. He was disappointed that most of them had already been purchased and Mangobarl explained it seems that someone really had been pushing them and the popularity had increased.  Dancer then made his way over to the Blackbutter Inn and to his room, and finally be able to get some quality time in the bath.

Angelica and Vladimir made haste to the rooms and were looking forward to the baths. They passed Yllanys who was in the dining area working on the remains of a meal.

Mangobarl Lorren

The other group at the Blackbutter Inn, managed to procure several rooms, baths and some food. Upon entering they were greater by Delillia and Gwendolyn.  When asked about Fogo and Avery, the girls were told that they had gone home because being an adventurer was a dangerous job and was too much for them. Ace introduced himself as a poor replacement for the two. ISAC then also set up for an appointment with Dhelosk in the morning. They group split up into the different rooms to drop off stuff as well as take a warm bath and get clean after being on the road for so many days.

Delillia Quelbeard

Gwendolyn Venelli

Yllanys came back down soon afterwards since he had not had much to eat today and ordered a large meal.  Sitting close to the fireplace he thought it wise to light it on fire with a Firebolt.  The small explosion of wood startling those in the dining room and Gwendolyn was quick to smack him on the backside of his head. Although he was contrite, she seemed to be fairly irritated.  It was then that Dancer zipped through the main area but stopped by leaving a bear claw for Yllanys.  It was quickly divided in half, and some given to the goblin that was cleaning up the mess, and the other half to Gwendolyn in an attempt to appease her.  He then also headed to his room.

Several hours later everyone headed down about the same time and met in the dining room for a meal. Only Ace was in a conundrum as he was afraid to order anything since anything could be spoken to it seems.  Yllanys used this opportunity to try and get in Gwendolyn’s good graces again. An hour of cross-flirting between Gwendolyn and Yllanys ensued. When he mentioned that he had come from Mirabar, it seemed to get her interest more than anything else.

With everyone at the table, Dancer shared the flow chart he had gotten. The group then spent the next couple of hours planning their time for the next day, and what to ask Dhelosk the next day. They broke up and headed to their rooms since it has been an exhausting week and sleeping in a real bed was hard to resist. Dancer on the other hand headed back to the bakery hoping to meet with Jepos. While there he placed an order for five dozen to be ready in the morning. Meeting with Jepos he asked about if Jepos had any other understanding.  The strange thing about the whole situation was that nothing related to this has gone through any of the Zhentarim channels.  There seems to be some sort of competing organization operating and working in place.  He did reiterate that the storage place was odd, especially since they had never worked with the Zhentarim, but the fact they had magical vaults was very surprising.

Jepos Copperhand

And this is where the session ended.

History Lesson

Good evening gentlefolks and cretins.  I am your host Dr Weedlebucket.  Professor Bourgh-Ettin seems to still be lost in some dark evil forest.  Hopefully he will survive such that he is able to return so I can go back to my more valuable research and not have to instruct those that care less or are unable to learn basic topics Now that I have your attention, we will move on to our topic this week.  The Elemental Plane of Air.

The Elemental Plane of Air was an Inner Plane or Elemental Plane of the Great Wheel cosmology and the World Tree cosmology models. After the Spellplague, the Elemental Plane of Air collapsed into the Elemental Chaos, mixing with all the other Inner Planes. Air is one of the four elements and two energies that make up the known universe and therefore of keen interest to cosmologists as well as spell casters that wish to harness and wield the raw power of the elements.


According to the Great Wheel cosmology model, the Elemental Plane of Air could be reached via the Ethereal Plane, an adjacent elemental plane, or by an elemental vortex. If traveling through the Deep Ethereal, a blue curtain of vaporous color indicated the boundary of the Plane of Air’s Border Ethereal region. Once in the Border Ethereal, a traveler could observe the Plane of Air and be detected by its denizens. Using the spherical model, this plane was adjacent to the para-elemental planes of Ice and Smoke and the quasi-elemental planes of Lightning and Vacuum. Elemental vortices could occur wherever a high concentration or nearly pure form of an element was found and could be temporary or permanent. A vortex to the Plane of Air could manifest in the eye of a hurricane or in the clean, crisp air atop a high mountain, for example. There was a vortex to the Elemental Plane of Water called the Waterspout not far from the djinn city/palace called the Citadel of Ice and Steel. Temporary gates could be created by the plane shift spell or the abilities of high-level druids.

In the World Tree cosmology model, the Astral Plane connected all planes with the Prime Material Plane and the Ethereal Plane was only used for journeying between locations on the Prime. The Elemental Plane of Air was not connected or coterminous with any other elemental plane. The spell astral projection could be used to reach the Plane of Air via a pale blue color pool. Additionally, the gate and plane shift spells could be used to open a temporary portal to this plane. To reach the plane in this manner required a tin fork tuned to the note of A as a spell focus.


The Elemental Plane of Air was filled essentially completely with air but had various impurities that tended to form pockets or bubbles in the otherwise pure atmosphere. Gaseous bubbles included clouds of every type, fog, steam, mist, smoke, poisonous clouds, and acidic vapors; also, the rare intrusion of elemental fire which is flame without fuel. Liquid impurities were usually water or water-based and tended to form floating spheres when not buffeted or frozen by the winds. Solid matter could be found here, from dust, ash, salt, or sand, to chunks of earth approaching the size of a large asteroid. The larger chunks were often brought into the plane by intelligent beings and were very likely to be inhabited or formerly inhabited. As described by the Great Wheel model, a traveler with a guide could approach the boundaries with the para- and quasi-elemental planes: where the whiff of smoke eventually became hot, thick, and choking, or the tang of ozone soon lead to heavy storms with arcs of lightning in all directions, or the temperature dropped until flakes of snow, crystals of ice, and lumps of hail finally became a wall of ice, or the light faded to gray and the air thinned out until there was nothing.

If you had to describe the Elemental Plane of Air in a single word, it would have been “blue”. The very substance of the plane seemed to radiate the magnificent sapphire hue of a clear summer day on the Prime Material Plane. Visibility was twice what the best conditions on the Prime could allow, unless of course something obscured vision. Weather was the primary natural hazard in this plane. The winds were normally light to moderately strong throughout the plane but could intensify into tornadoes, maelstroms, and hurricanes with powerful lightning. These extreme weather events were common, and when other elements got caught up in the storm it could produce pounding rain, blinding snow, pelting hail, freezing sleet, and storms of choking smoke, biting sand, burning ash, scalding steam, or searing fire. The worst of these was the maelstrom, a toroid-shaped tornado that could last for decades. Being caught in one was like being in a violent dust storm and death was only a matter of minutes away unless the victim was able to achieve great speed (escape velocity), perform an act of great strength or receive outside assistance. Spellcasting was impossible within a maelstrom.

Although mostly empty the Plane of Air is never still. Strong winds and air currents crisscross the plane, dragging the other intruding elements around with them. The temperature also differs across the plane from the hot, desert-like winds filled with chocking smoke which blow from the Plane of Fire to the freezing hail and snow flurries from the Plane of Water.

Gravity is strange in the Plane of Air. Since there is no ground there is no “down”. However, any creature entering the plane will subconsciously choose a down direction and immediately begin falling in that direction. Inanimate objects on the other hand will float stationary unless pushed around by the many winds of the plane.

Portals: Elemental vortices are usually temporary and in the Plane of Air this is especially true. They occur where there is a strong force of air which is usually at the eye of a large storm or in the center of a tornado. Very occasionally permanent portals could be found somewhere with unusually pure air however any pollution of these sites would lead to the portals closing.

From the Ethereal Plane curtains into the Plane of Air border region have a flickering white or blue color.


Invisible, and yet the most common denizens of this plane were the elementals themselves including aerial servants, invisible stalkers, and wind walkers. Unless magic was employed their outlines were only vaguely visible if dust or debris were caught in their bodies. When made visible, air elementals were usually large wispy beings with aerodynamic bodies and wings or propelled themselves by forcing air through their bodies and using fins for maneuvering. Others, sometimes called animentals, mimicked the shape of Prime Material animals and monsters.

Immigrants to the Elemental Plane of Air included the djinn, some jann, mephits of the air, dust, and ice subtypes, and arrowhawks. Reported sightings of other creatures included beholders, belkers, cloud giants, devas, hippogriffs, ildriss, pegasi, skriaxit, specters, sphinxes, sprites, sylphs, vapor rats. and genasi.


Effects on Travelers: The Plane of Air is not immediately deadly to interplanar travelers. The temperature of the plane varies although it is generally cool but not dangerously cold. The greatest danger is the difficulty of movement as there are few solid surfaces. As discussed above any creature entering the plane subconsciously assigns a down direction and (unless they have the power of flight) begins to fall and will continue to fall forever unless their path takes them near a large earth mote which they may collide with. A flying creature can move through the Plane of Air freely although the strong, unpredictable air currents can be hazardous. In theory someone with sufficient metal discipline and experience of the plane could train themselves not to choose a down direction or to consciously change their down direction allowing them to travel in a series of falls. This is a risky and difficult method of transportation as there is no way to control speed and momentum rapidly builds up making sudden stops impossible. Fortunately, the high visibility generally affords plenty of warning before collisions. Guides to the Plane of Air are often very experienced in teaching this method of transport making them invaluable for first-time travelers.

If a traveler manages to reach an enchanted, floating earth mote, then survival is possible and can even be quite easy. The largest earth motes are the size of large islands and have entire ecosystems sustained by rain-bearing winds from the Plane of Water giving plentiful food and water for a traveler. Most earth motes move around, pushed by the strong winds and are difficult or impossible to steer making navigation difficult without a guide.

Flora and Fauna: The fauna of the Plane of Air can be divided into two groups: those that live freely in the air and those that live on the surface of earth motes. The latter category mostly consists of animals from the Material Planes which have been transported (either accidently or deliberately) to the Plane of Air and now live there. The native creatures dislike the solid ground of earth motes and prefer to live on the air currents. These creatures include air elementals and animentals – beings made of air with a variety of shapes from living tornadoes to mimics of Material Plane animals (mostly bats and birds). These creatures are generally invisible but collisions with elemental motes of steam, smoke or dust can lead to them having a hazy outline.

The most notable intelligent inhabitants are Djinn with cloud giants also being common. Both species commonly build castles either atop clouds floating on the air currents or on earth motes. Beyond these species most common species from the Material Planes can be found somewhere on the plane, usually on an earth mote.

There are no plants in the air currents. This does not affect the elementals as they do not eat but can be challenging for other flying creatures. Again, any food must be obtained from earth motes where plants similar to those found on the Material Planes can be found.

Border Regions: The Plane of Air borders the Planes of Fire and Water via the para-elemental planes of Smoke and ice respectively. Where the Plane of Air borders the Positive Energy Plane the quasi-elemental Plane of Lightning occurs. At the boundary with the Negative Energy Plane the quasi-elemental Plane of Vacuum can be found.

Locations within the Plane

As mentioned above most of the Plane of Air is a vast, empty expanse of blue sky with few landmarks. The only places with solid ground are the earth motes however these also move around, either pushed by the wind or moved by the magic of their inhabitants making finding them difficult without a guide. Some notable locations are described below.

Borealis: Borealis is a magnificent spherical structure built around a vortex linking it to the Quasielemental Plane of Radiance. Extending from the core of the palace are nearly a hundred spires. These heights reach over 1,000 yards and makes the whole of it look like a spiky sea urchin or dandelion seed. No two spires are identical in color, and the whole of the color spectrum is shown. The palace appears to be made of stained glass, but the chant is that the panels are actually solid light. No one knows what magic could even be employed to do such a thing. At the same time, no enemy has even as much as cracked the place, making it clear it is much stronger than it looks.

From a distance, Borealis lights up the sky with a blaze of shimmering colors. These ripple and scintillate, producing a spectacle more wondrous than any display of fireworks or pyrotechnics. The inhabitants are not native to the Plane of Air. They are nyth, radiant creatures akin to the will o’ wisp. Normally, these are solitary hunters that roam their domains seeking prey. Here, however, where Air meets Radiance, they instead have gathered in large numbers.

It is said that others dwell at the heart of this structure, and the nyth merely act as guardians. Plane walkers who have hung about have never seen any guardians other than the nyth, however. Visitors are neither welcomed nor turned away. As long as they stay to the top of the spires and do not attempt to go to the heart of the structure, the nyth are happy to leave visitors alone. At the first transgression, however, the nyth will tear the intruder apart.

The Citadel of Ice and Steel: The Citadel of Ice and Steel is the capital city of the djinn and seat of power for the Great Caliph. The city is built into a large mote of ice and earth which has been shaped by winds to form a smooth oval. This mote is constantly falling although the direction of the fall is determined by the Great Caliph and can change according to their whims. The entire city consists of palaces, gardens and mansions inhabited by noble djinn and their servants. There is no industry or farming carried out within the city although taxes are collected, and tributes sent to the Great Caliph are received within the city. The buildings of the city are all incredibly beautiful being designed to flaunt the wealth and power of the djinn who construct them. Around the citadel there are several smaller motes. Some of these moves with the citadel and contain administrative buildings or the residences of some djinn and other creatures who are unable or unwilling to live in the citadel itself. Other motes are temporary, often the homes of local caliphs who have business at the citadel. The arrival and departure of these motes are carefully monitored to avoid any collisions between motes.

Along with the many motes of earth that around the citadel there are also fleets of airships filled with the caliph’s soldiers who are on constant alert for any threats to the city. These soldiers also act as police and guards for the vast wealth stored within the citadel.

The city receives few visitors that are not djinn or other air elementals. The constant freefall of the citadel means creatures that cannot fly have a lot of trouble moving through the citadel. When such creatures require a face-to-face audience with the Great Caliph, they are provided with a djinn accompaniment who manipulate the winds to allow the visitor to move around whilst within the citadel.

Taifun, the Palace of Tempests: Taifun is an immense palace of stone built upon a great floating mountain near the Quasielemental Plane of Lightning. Here, where the air lashes constantly at travelers, this citadel looms like a warrior’s worst nightmare. The shipyards that surround it add to its impressiveness. Spreading out in every direction from the towering stone walls is a spiderweb of docks, and tied to these is dozens of airships. Both the aerial armada and the fortress are ruled by a powerful air genasi named Haalifith.

Most refer to Haalifith, who is an Air Genasi, as a “wind duke,” but it is the fact that his nonelemental parent was a storm giant that makes him especially terrifying. From the shelter of his fortress, he sends out his armies. Chant is that he has decided he is the only true wind duke and has set about the task of destroying all other Air Genasi. At first, he was considered a barmy, but now he is recognized as a very dangerous blood.

The Waterspout: The waterspout is a pair of elemental vortices linking the planes of air and water. The two vortices are always located around a mile above and a few miles laterally away from the Citadel of Ice and Steel no matter where the citadel moves to or which direction it falls in. The two vortices are 500 yards apart with a powerful column of water pouring out of the upper vortex and into the lower one. Around the two vortices there are usually many travelers headed between the two planes, especially those going to or from the Citadel of Ice and Steel due to its convenient proximity.

Divine Realms

Akadi, Queen of the Elementals, is by far the most powerful of the free-willed air elementals. In the scope of things, she ranks with many greater powers, though Yan-C-Bin, a chomental, has been challenging her power. She dwells within a great whirlwind called the Great Funnel that is large enough to swallow whole planets. This impressive force drifts about, moving on her whim, and all winds on the plane are said to originate from here. Those who are welcomed have nothing to fear from the winds. Those who are not are torn asunder by the winds.

Akadi is neither good nor evil. She is the mistress of the air and has little or no interest in anything outside her realm. Despite her centralist outlook on the multiverse, she is famous for her stormy temper and changeable disposition.

Bahamut was reported to have a citadel here as well as several locations in the Seven Heavens. Whether these were separate realms, the same realm that moved about, or realms that existed simultaneously in these places is still debated. After the Spellplague, The Lord of Dragons moved to Celestia.

Great Caliph Husam al-Balil ben Nafhat al-Yugayyim, the Master of the Clouds and Son of the Breezes, Commander of the Four Winds, Ruler of All Djinn, Defender of the Heavens, Prince of Birds, Storm of the Righteous, and many other titles had a realm called the Citadel of Ice and Steel here.

Chan: Like Yan-C-Bin, her evil foe, she is an invisible entity of softly churning air. The Princess of Good Air Creatures is the master of calm breezes and gentle sounds, though she can rage like a harsh wind or even a violent tornado when forced to. Her steady surveillance of Yan-C-Bin forces him to curb his activities or invite her intervention. Of course, this works both ways, so the two are in something of a cold war.

Chan spends most of her time in the Palace of Unseen Contemplation, her floating stronghold made of purest glass. Otherwise, she wanders the plane keeping an eye on Yan-C-Bin. Although not an actual power, as an archomental she boasts a large army. called the Silent One, she rules by reputation rather than word, her loyal servants executing what they believe her will would be. She is known as a gracious host, but not prone to spilling secrets.

Shu, father of Geb, resided here in a realm of balmy air and gentle breezes called Desert Wind. Brother and husband to Tefnut, Shu the Upholder is an intermediate power of the Egyptian pantheon. he has been charged by Ra, his father, with keeping the would-be lovers Geb (the ground) and Nut (the sky) apart. His efforts thus far have been quite good.

Those who reach the realm can only enter with the deity’s blessing. If he desires visitors, the way is open and inviting. If he does not, the aforementioned breezes become scalding, the motes sting like embers, and the beams hot enough to melt armor.

Yan-C-Bin, the Prince of Evil Aerial Creatures is naturally invisible. Only a slight disturbance in the air marks the passing of this archomental. He lives in a palace of solid air similar to Akadi but spends much of his time wandering the multiverse. All creatures that soar the skies of any plane know and fear him. The power doesn’t amass troops, but gathers small groups as needed and works in secret. His greatest foe is Chan, though their war is one of silent intimidation, rumor-mongering and covert operations. Truth is, they have never even met. Neither puts much stock in gathering armies, but some say on the day they meet, only one will walk away.

Campaign Notes

The party finally made it back to Red Larch and will be able to collect all the pieces of Lore that had been set in motion before they left.  There is also two sets of Plate Mail and a magic quiver.  Will they remember to buy enough food this time?