30th of Kythorn of the Year 1492

Getting some additional information from the Dwarves learning that their captain was upstairs somewhere, perhaps captured by the spiders and that he had a sending stone to communicate with Banmin back in Red larch.  They also explained that the upstairs area was completely filled with spiders, and there was one as large as a house.  They were also warned that all the spiders were poisonous, and the entire area was covered in spider webs making moving around very difficult.

During the discussion it came around to the types of ghouls seen.  They were told about larger ghouls that they had seen as they were captured.  When asked about the numbers of ghouls, the party was told that given that most warren extend for miles, they should just consider the numbers somewhat huge, but if they killed enough that it should suppress encounters for a period of time. The Dwarves also brought up that with the Ghoul Queen dead, the ghouls had less of a reason to migrate here and in fact had not seen any ghouls in the area where the queen resided except for some of the beefier ones that were summoned, given orders, and then sent out.  None of the ravening ghouls would come in except on the far side of the room where it was attached to the feeding hall.

Vladimir handed out food to feed the Dwarves since they had not eaten for a couple of days. Since all the Dwarves were fingerless, it required everyone to feed them.  Strapping on some long swords and shields to the stubby arms giving them some means of defending themselves when the party left to rescue the remaining ones upstairs. Getting the Dwarves settled into the cage which seemed to be the only safe place in the cavern, the party took a short rest trying to recover a little before heading out again.

At some point during the rest, Dancer was able to hear munching sounds coming from the room full of bodies and bones.  It was not constantly during the rest but came on and off as if groups of things came and went at different times. During the watch, the group discussed their options and what direction they should head to get upstairs.  Knowing that there were two entrances, they considered that the one that had a ladder with a room in-between the underground and the upstairs was probably not the best path if they had wounded Dwarves to bring back.

Once the rest was complete, Dancer snuck ahead to look into the feeding room and once again there was a group of ravening ghouls.  With the group deciding that it would be best to get rid of them before heading forward they engaged them in combat.  Trying to use the tunnels to their advantage and a judicially placed Cloud of Daggers allowed them to quickly kill all of the ravening ghouls that came running. Even with reinforcements coming out of one of the tunnels and ambushing Yllanys, they were still able to kill them fairly quickly.

Ravening Ghouls

At the end of the battle while they were figuring out what they needed to do next, Yllanys kept pulling at the skin on his face.  It seemed it was very elastic and stretching fairly fair when he pulled it. While the party thought it odd and Fwoosh volunteered to skin him they moved on.  Going through the tunnels until they were able to travel through the Dwarven built hallways.  Not trusting the tight tunnels, they felt that the wider carved hallways were a better choice, and it helped that they knew where they were going.  That is until they did not.

At a major intersection, Vladimir remembered that they should be turning right, but the party confused which hand was which and went left.  On the way, they encountered more of the ravening ghouls and eventually leading them to a tomb area that they had never been in before.  Waiting for them there were several regular ghouls and two larger tougher looking ghouls. Again, combat ensued with additional ghouls showing up in the middle adding to the chaos.  It was during this combat that Yllanys pulled on his skin hard enough to pull it off and summon his Arcane Epidermis which made all those that were watching almost vomit. It proved to be something very similar to Vladimir’s Echo, but more Arcane in nature. All of those too were killed and the party continued forward.  It was at this point that that Vladimir told everyone that they had turned the wrong way and that he meant for them to head the opposite direction.


But, given that this was something new to them, they decided to loot all the sarcophaguses in the area.  It proved to be enriching with a fair amount of treasure and even magic items.  They were a little disappointed that they failed to collect all the loot on their previous visit.  After emptying out all the tombs they thought that here was the best place for another rest, of which they got less than half of it when a ghoul worm came out a tunnel and attacked.  It had a great defense in that it would dive underground as an attack was about to hit, and appear in another location and attack, all as a reaction. It was able to swallow Angelica bringing her to near death before they killed it, and it vomited her up.

Ghoul Worm

All of this then led to a large description where Dancer was a proponent of departing with the Dwarves that they have, while some wanted to find a better place to hole up and rest, but most of the party still wanted to figure out the best way to rescue the rest of the Dwarves if possible. Deciding that they needed to rest somehow before venturing more into the maze of tunnels, they made their way back to Dwarves they had already rescued hoping that nothing had disturbed them.

As they passed through the feeding room, they did notice that there were additional bodies added to the room.  Something had dragged most of the dead ghouls to that room but did not venture into the room where the Ghoul Queen had resided.  Her body and the four Shield Ghoul bodies were still piled up where the party had left them, adjacent to the cage that held the Dwarves.

With the two groups rejoined, the party decided to attempt and rest again.  This time they elected for another long rest just a couple of hours after their last one. The repopulated Ruined Moathouse has proved to be more difficult than the first time.  As they started their rest, both Angelica and Ace were feeling a bit under the weather. They were able to complete the long rest and were ready to face the evils here once again.

And this is where the session ended.