30th of Kythorn of the year 1492

With their long rest over the party once again started strategizing about how they should move forward.  Dancer was very much in favor of going in the correct direction this time, while Vladimir thought that it might be better for them to move more quickly rather than slowly and quietly. After analyzing the situations, it seems that if they move slowly, it was increasing their chance of an encounter, and hanging around the dead bodies afterwards seems to cause ravening ghouls to those dead bodies.

After exchanging some gear to replenish arrow supplies, Dancer and ISAC checked out the charnel room to see if more ravening ghouls had come back for a meal, but it was currently empty of ghouls. Fwoosh grabbed a finger from the Ghoul Queen hoping that it might add in some sort of protection.  There was a brief argument on who would be chopping off the finger, Yllanys or Fwoosh, but it was resolved quickly with Fwoosh ending up with a pinky from her.

Setting out they followed a different path from last time hoping to get to the stairs they had only vaguely remembered. While they got a fair distance, it was inevitable that some ravening ghouls came across them.  The combat went fairly well until Yllanys Thunder Stepped and created a noise that was guaranteed to summon more of the toothsome monsters, and it did. When you use a spell that can be heard 300 feet from the source in a ghoul filled underground, it would draw in creatures from all corners.

Ravening Ghouls

Having a second wave did not prove difficult, but it was the continued fight that had the opportunity for additional reinforcements if not ended quickly enough. Moving forward quickly after the battle hoping to miss further ghoul reinforcements. For some reason, no further reinforcements showed up, maybe they had finally reduced the ghoul population sufficiently?

Moving forward they found themselves in the old ogre’s room, giving Angelica memories of being bitten a fair amount.  The room was still pretty stinky from the previous owner and all the current ones.  Every wall was pierced with more ghoul tunnels creating a situation where there was no real safe place to move through.  One of the paths to upstairs was adjacent to this room, but both the wall that had previous hidden the stairs and ladder was found to be destroyed and blocked with rubble and mud completely blocking any passage to upstairs from this location.

Dancer snuck ahead to peer into the next room where the stairs leading upwards were, and there he found a new ghoul that seemed to be on watch.  The room was filled with bails of dried grass and hay with two large lit braziers near the stairs with barrels of unlit torches in them.  This new ghoul while looking around occasionally seemed very focused on the stairs ahead of him.

New Ghoul

Unnoticed, Dancer snuck back to the party for them to choose the best avenue in attacking it.  Deciding that Dancer would make an assassination attack and then move back to the party, and they would draw it to them.  Once again, the Tabaxi proved to be more silent than that perception of the ghoul, he was able to get off his critical hit attack but was just not quite enough to kill it. Fleeing backward as the plan called for, they waited for the ghoul to come to them.  However, this ghoul seemed to operate differently and instead started screaming a horrific wail that seemed to be some sort of alarm or alert noise.  They could hear it run off into one of the tunnels escaping the room it had been in. While they were expecting this new ghoul, they instead received a small horde of ravening ghouls that swarmed out of every hole around them.

It seemed that every round brought in more ghouls to attack them, and the number did not decrease until after nearly a minute of combat when they managed to bring down the numbers and a lack of reinforcements allowed them to finally kill off all the little nasty ghouls. At no time did that new ghoul reappear.

Rushing forward to the room with the stairs finally allowed them to see the set up and that the entire stairs also seemed to be filled with dried grass and hay.  Knowing that the stairs went up for almost 80 feet, it was a huge chimney of hay.  The party figured it was some sort of ghoul defense against the spider encroaching on their space. Here once again they argued the merit of either clearing the stairs or just lighting it on fire, and once again, fire won the argument.  Backing off as much as they could, they Firebolted the hay in the stairs and watching it burn its way up.  Hoping that they would not be faced with any additional ghouls while waiting they prepared themselves to go up.  It took nearly half an hour for it to burn upwards as well as for the stone to cool sufficiently for them to travel on it.

Moving upwards the 80 feet they found themselves in a web wonderland.  The fire had managed to burn all the web near the stairs but did not seem to be enough to light on fire the majority of the web upstairs.  Making enough noise and disturbing the webs as they started to move forward attracted a pair of large spiders that attacked them.  In a desperate act, Yllanys opted for the Fireball option and burned the spiders as well as the majority of the web in the main hall.  This ignited a firestorm as it was sufficient to light the majority of the web on fire which even caused damage to the exposed party members.  Now they were able to look into the great hall, or at least those with some form of darkvision.

And this is where the session ended.