1st of Flamerule of the year 1492

With the fresh singeing they decided that finding a place to rest would be the best choice and not explore too far right now. They also talked about how to move forward, and that fire seemed to be a valuable resource, but perhaps not using Fireball every time. Moving slowly to the old bandit room, they made their way through the great room and were able to see that the previously smashed door and ransacked room was still the same as it was before.

The previous entry to the secret door and ladder downward had been smashed and filled with rubble and mud, assumably by the ghouls to keep the spiders from the underground.  With a gaping hole in the wall, they were able to see a mass of spider webs outside.  They thought themselves safer than the great hall, since this room had been part of a stone tower and had stone ceilings whereas the rest of the ruins all had wooden ceilings.  Hoping ti was safe for a short rest, the party huddled together in a corner away from the hole leading to the outside.

While trying to recover, a huge swarm of spiders came into the tower room from the spider webs outside. It occupied a huge space and while it did not move that quickly, it was able to engage and start swarming many members of the party quickly and easily.  Dancer and Fwoosh retreated to the hall again knowing that they were limited in any damage they could apply, although Fwoosh did cover part of the swarm with some oil from his lantern.  With some judicious fire and magic and a lot of weapons swinging they were able to finally kill off all the spiders in the swarm. The party was further wounded from the wounds they had been carrying already.

Deciding that the staircase might be the safest, the moved slowly back toward the stairs leading down. Vladimir suggested that they move quickly to limit the giant spider from being able to attack them and ISAC concurred, but Dancer scoffed at the need to move quickly since the distance was so short. It was then that as they were moving through without much of a care, a gigantic spider leg stabbed through the wooden ceiling hitting Yllanys knocking him out.  The party started running with a couple of them grabbing Yllanys on the way.  Moving down the stairs to where they had stone between them and what appeared to be a gargantuan spider in the ruined upper floor. This assumption proved to be correct.  The spiders did not come down, and the ghouls did not come up.  It seems that they found a somewhat safe place, although fairly uncomfortable to rest in.

With a short rest behind them, they sent Fwoosh out invisibly to see if he could find the Dwarves, and if they were still alive after the burst of flame from the fireball having ignited all the webs in the keep. Moving from room to room he found more remains of spiders from the fire, and in the last room where the giant lizard had been he found a large pile of what appeared to be dead Dwarves.  While moving invisible in the halls and rooms Fwoosh was able to see the gargantuan spider moving above him and occasionally looking through the holes in the floor apparently searching for the intrudres.As he appeared within, he found seven of the Dwarves had been dragged and leaned against the walls on the fair side.  Guarding the Dwarves against the wall was a small bulldog.

Bulldog Guarding Dwarves

Feeding one of the Dwarves a healing pill he was able to get one conscious and aware.  Fwoosh was able to whisper and discuss the situation with the Dwarf while having him calm the guard dog whose named turned out to be Gruff.  Bringing the dog back to the party to introduce him to the rest Fwoosh then ran around exploring the remainder of the spaces to ensure there are not any other Dwarves in the ground floor of the Moathouse.

Now that they knew that there were several Dwarves still alive and needed to be rescued, they began their planning.  Realizing that the Dwarves were very wounded and would not be able to sustain any additional damage, especially from a gigantic spider, they planned on having the most of the party move to the great room and act as a diversion for the spider while ISAC moved quietly to the Dwarves, heal them sufficiently to have them be able to move, and then attempt to have them follow him back to the stairs while not being detected by the spider.

Most of the party ran out to the great room making noise and shining lights to attract the spider, ISAC made his way to the Dwarves.  Their plan was very successful as the spider above them focused on whomever was carrying a light as well as those making noises.  Attacking the stabbing legs when they could they chipped away at the health of the spider while it was successful in causing a fair amount of damage to those attempting to be a diversion.

Once the Dwarves were successfully moved to the staircase, the party moved the combat to the open courtyard to allow them to attack the spider more easily.  While it did provide easier access to attack the spider, it also allowed it to attack them as it leaped into the middle of the courtyard allowing it to engage everyone. While no one died, many members were knocked unconscious, and Angelica poisoned and paralyzed at one point.  As their attacks continued, it eventually was damage enough to cause it to flee from the keep.  With its gargantuan size it was easily able to climb the walls and escape quickly.

Gargantuan Spider

Disappointed that they were not able to kill it, the party was also relieved that it was gone, and their survival guaranteed once again. With the spiders seemingly gone, they spent the next hour collecting the Dwarves’ gear and buried the dead ones under rock.  Leaving the armor and shields, they took the weapons and personal items from the dead Dwarves to bring back to Red Larch.

And that is where the session ended.